6 Creative Ways to Get Moving

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If you were to do just one thing to reduce your odds of developing dementia, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity, science increasingly says it should be: Move more! Caregiver bonus: Exercise offloads stress and boosts mood, too. (Always check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness routine.)

Flash mobs

"Flash mobs" are viral-triggered activities in which strangers converge in one place to perform a particular activity, often a dance routine, which they've practiced together or separately. "Training mobs" is the concept's new spin -- groups that gather in the same way to spontaneously work out, showing up in a certain spot when given the signal.

Obviously a caregiver can't drop everything to participate on a moment's (or text message's) notice, but if your loved one is still active, it can be a fun, if unorthodox, activity to share now and then. Even assisted living centers have gotten in on the act with their own flash-mob dances.

Great for: Livening up your workouts, feeding spontaneity, trying something new

Start here: FlashMob America is a nationwide clearinghouse for these groups.

Want to see a flash mob in action? This group of women got together to flash mob for a cause:

Even retirement community residents have gotten in on the trend: