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Independent Living Reviews for Madison Estates

July 31, 2018

By Liz

I visited this facility

Everybody at Madison Estates was really helpful. I wasn't expecting to have a hotel type of atmosphere that I experienced, but it was very nice. I was more looking for apartment style living, not so much the hotel style living. The guy there was so cute and funny. Everybody seemed to be in a very good mood. He was very lively and just very charming. The residents were mostly ladies. The facility itself was nice. I really wasn't looking for a hotel type of setting, but it's still something up on my list. I got a very good feeling from it. He showed us the pool and they also have a big reading room.

February 15, 2018

By Tom

I visited this facility

We moved into the Madison Estates. It's part of Holiday Retirement. It's four years old, but Cable TV is part of the fee, and the size of the rooms are comparable to the others. The food is not excellent, but edible. The staff is competent and attentive. They have lot of activities, and a lot of the people participate. Their price is reasonable.

September 07, 2017

By Ginny

I visited this facility

Madison Estates made me feel like I was home. The staff was great. Everyone was very kind and helpful in answering all my questions. The room was very clean and large. It had a full kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator and a patio. They also had a pool. Cleanliness was great, too. The food was great. The location was good and close to everything, including my doctors.

March 30, 2017

By Vicky833561

I visited this facility

We visited Madison Estates. There were a couple of things that I thought looked rundown and needed some painting and some dusting. The people were eating lunch, and they were talking to each other. They seemed to be happy. Their room was great. It was furnished. There was a refrigerator and a stove.

March 29, 2017

By Marie808831

I visited this facility

Madison Estates had many similarities as in the other ones such as the activities and the chef prepared meals. The rooms were spacious and beautiful. If you have your furniture, you can take it, but if you don’t, they will provide some for you; they will furnish your apartment. The travelling and the sightseeing are also enjoyable. The staff is almost standing at attention, and they do their utmost.

January 31, 2017

By TM620316

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was the one that we liked the most. It was older, and I wanted a newer facility, but I liked the friendly community. It had a pool and a lot more activities than some of the other newer ones, like bingo nights, game nights, dancing, and music nights, plus sellers who came with jewelry, pots and pans, and things like that. We were more impressed that they had homes on-site and a main building that was off the ground; you had to get in the elevator to go downstairs to get out. I liked that they could decorate outside their door. It looked very homey. I liked the size of the rooms; they were quite big. They had a friendly bus driver who took them to the mall or to doctors’ visits. Everybody seemed to know everybody. I didn’t like that it was so old, but I liked it better than the newer places.

January 15, 2017

By Sandra833047

I visited this facility

Some things with Madison Estates seemed a bit dated. The person who we were interviewing with was overloaded or something because we had no less than 10 interruptions with either phone calls or people, and it was very frustrating because we are busy people, too, taking off time from our busy schedule. The other thing that stood out was when my husband asked, “What is your fire evacuation plan?” And she said, “Oh, your parents would just stand on the balcony and wait for the firefighters to come.” With several stories in the building, we didn’t think that was good. We didn’t check them any further. Everything seemed adequate, nothing stood out as spectacular or lacking. We had many interruptions that were too distracting to carry on a conversation or ask questions. The visit was ruined for us, so that needs to be something that they need to address. I could understand if there was an emergency, but these were not emergencies. I was put off.

Provider Response

Thank you, Sandra833047, for reaching out. Your opinion plays an integral part in our customer service, and we truly appreciate your taking the time to share this valuable, constructive feedback with us. Providing our seniors the best possible experience in their retirement is our number one priority, and we are so sorry to hear we fell short of that goal this time. That said, we appreciate very much you sharing this with us, and wish you the absolute best in your search. Thank you so much!

October 27, 2016

By Rose803382

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was a very nice place. The food was good because we stayed there for lunch. It was very nice. They were very attentive, and they showed us everything about the place. It was just a very nice experience.

September 30, 2016

By Visitor767124

I visited this facility

Madison Estatesis my top 2 facility. The rooms were nice; they had kitchens but they didn't have stoves. It was limited like a small area, and I think they had a pool. It's one of the better ones in terms of price for the facility.

Provider Response

Visitor767124, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback.

September 13, 2016

By Patrick574304

I visited this facility

Madison Estates has very nice staff. It wasn't a bad place, but it wasn't as nice as the other places. The accommodations and the building were a bit dated, and the environment was not quite as clean. It was old, and the carpets were not updated. There was a stale air to it, but it wasn't really dirty.

August 22, 2016

By Randy007038

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was very nice and clean. It was pretty much independent living straight across. It was an older facility, and it was a little dated, but the inside was quite nice and had a classic feel to it. The activities sounded good. The facility didn't lend itself to a lot of walking around other than circling the building and going around inside the building. There was a pool, and they offered some classes, so that was a plus.

May 22, 2016


I visited this facility

Madison Estates was very good. The staff was very courteous, took us around, and showed us everything. They had a gym, swimming pool, and common living areas where people can sit and play games and cards. The dining area was good and clean.

May 21, 2016

By JoanneOYXCO

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was very nice and clean. I did not like that it’s an older facility, and the hallway and the entryway into the apartment seemed dark. It just didn’t have the natural light that would make it seem like a cheerful place, but they were very friendly, nice and accommodating.

May 10, 2016

By Caring daughter in law1

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was very nice but the sales person was just really a turn off as he put a little pressure. The people there didn’t look happy and the walking was pretty spread out. They were unorganized and unprofessional.

Provider Response

Hello, my name is Katie, and I work for Holiday. I'd like to thank you very much for sharing this honest and sincere feedback with us. We are so happy to hear you find our community to be very nice, and would really like the opportunity to chat with you to learn more about your experience working with the person you mention. We would like to better understand what happened there so we can be sure to provide the additional necessary training. It's our sole intention to be nothing but friendly and helpful, and apologize you instead felt pressure. We will be sure to take and apply this feedback, but if you have additional feedback to share, please, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you so much --Katie

May 10, 2016


I visited this facility

I visited Madison Estates, which had been there since 1980. I loved the layout of the swimming pool and the architecture. The rooms were very nice, and I liked the location. The staff was very nice, very kind, and very welcoming. I would recommend it. I was very happy with the facilities and thought they were very nice.

January 19, 2016

By Joanne118963850

I visited this facility

The staff at Madison Estates was very friendly. It’s kind of a long way to walk to the dining rooms; there’s one on the third floor. I liked the storage options. You get big room, like a locker room, where you can have a space to put suitcases and Christmas decorations and stuff. I’m in my 70s, and I know there are younger people, but it seemed to me that the residents were more in their 80s. I would consider that place in a few years. They have an outside swimming pool and a green house that a group of high schools students took on as a project. It’s really nice for people who like to garden and get outside and sit. I have nothing negative to say about my visit there.

December 21, 2015

By Nadene

I visited this facility

Madison Estates is beautiful. The atmosphere there is pleasant, and I liked it. They showed us a one-bedroom, and it’s a little small. The food is very good there. I have no complaints.

November 22, 2015

By anonymous115963950

I visited this facility

I liked everything about Madison Estates. I met the activities director, and he’s very friendly. I liked the fact that the manager is on the premises. I intend to go back and have lunch there. If you travel, you can stay in one of their branches in different parts of the country.

November 15, 2015

By Eunice G.

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was very nice and they had a gym. I sat at a table with some of the residents, and they were able to give me a lot of information that you might not get from a marketing person. It was very pleasant. It had a nice swimming pool and a big room for activities. The dining room was very nice. You sit at the table with a menu that you mark what you would like to have, and they'll go fix it for you. It took a little longer than the other places because the food had to be made for you. The place didn't seem quite as fresh as the others I visited when you walk in. It needed updating, but it's certainly sufficient and the people were OK. It just needed some bright colors.

October 28, 2015

By Anonymous115083750

I visited this facility

Madison Estate was very nice also. It was a little bit older. I didn't believe the apartments were quite as big, but they had a lot of things to offer also. The staff was very nice. The food was excellent.

August 31, 2015

By Julia18

I visited this facility

We had our name on a list at Madison Estates. They had a dietitian and a chef on-staff there. The rooms were nice, but they didn't have an apartment big enough for us. Then, my husband passed away, and I didn't go over there because they didn't have assisted living, which I thought I needed. They had a chapel where all denominations could participate. I would recommend them because of the food, the chef who does the cooking, and the two couple who were the executive directors over there.

July 04, 2015

By Caring109922250

I am/was a resident of this facility

I chose to be at Madison Estates. The staff is fine. We have a cleaning staff that cleans our apartment once a week. We also have kitchen staffs who serve us. The management is great, and they have a great activities director. They have three meals a day. It’s a quite nice facility.

June 06, 2015

By Caring106405450

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We put mother at Madison Estates. We chose it because it’s more family-oriented, and she has her own place; she can come and go if she wishes. She can stay there until end of life with home health. I know they have a lot of games, and they keep their residents busy. The room is very nice for a 1-bedroom. She has more room in it than she had in her 2-bedroom that she had before. She has the choice to be in the dining room, but they bring her her meals. I’ve eaten there several times, and their food is very good. They provide 3 meals a day for a much cheaper price. I’m very happy with it.

April 07, 2015

By Walter22

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My sister is at Madison Estates, and she really likes it. Everything is great. The food is very good. The room is smaller, but it is great. They have activities like bingo, sewing, and quilting. I do not think they have to improve on anything.

December 28, 2014

By Caring89555050

I visited this facility

Madison Estates is very nice, and the people are very nice. The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous, wonderful people. I only saw the model room, and it was very nice and clean. The overall appearance is very nice; it’s kind of resort-like. But one thing I didn’t like was that they have water damage. I could smell the mildew, and my nose is very sensitive and allergic to mildew.

December 17, 2014

By Caring98842850

I visited this facility

Madison Estates said that they didn’t take assisted living after all, but they have a company on campus who would take care of those people who need assisted living, and I thought that was great. The price for the apartment was good, and it was setup really well. The one that I saw that I liked very much is that it had a separate bedroom from the living room, and it had a mini kitchen with a microwave and a small refrigerator. Only the thing is they neglected to tell me that I would have to pay my rent myself until my insurance kicked in. They didn’t name any activities per se, but they do have crafts, sing alongs, movies, and trips.

December 17, 2014

By Caring98686250

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mom is in Madison Estates. It is a nice facility, and it is less expensive. Her room is very nice and spacious. She has a nice size living area, a kitchenette, and a bedroom, and it is roomy. The staff is good. They do a good job there. My mom plays cards like bridge. She goes to some of the exercise classes. She doesn't leave the place with a group or anything because she is in a power chair, but they do have a lot of activities like that for the people who want to go. However, it is a retirement community. It is not assisted living or anything like that, so they don't have a wheelchair capable vehicle. So, that's the drawback for her, but there is enough of us around that we can take her places if she needs to go.

October 16, 2014

By Bud2

I visited this facility

We were able to visit Madison Estates a couple of times, and the facility looked very good. We have eaten there twice and the food is really good, but the dining room was very crowded.

September 23, 2014

By Willie2

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother moved into a retirement community called Madison (Madison Estates). We chose it because we just like the facilities that they have available for my mother. They have a very good staff. She has the meals there and they are very good. They do have activities there. They have bingo and church services. They have a fitness center. They have a lot of options. They take them to Wal-Mart. They take them to different places and different outings and so forth. The cleanliness of it is very nice. It is very clean. My mother's room is very spacious.

August 28, 2014

By Marianella

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother is at Madison Estates where she has a group that has been taking care of her. She moved in there last July 1st. It is really independent living, but they have two groups that residents could choose from -- you have to pay extra for the assisted part, which is what my mom is doing right now. They work with two different companies and one is called Texas Heartfelt, which is the one that my mom chose. The young woman that I did visit with -- her first name is Dianne -- was very gentle, understanding, and positive. She had a lot of wonderful ideas and I didn't feel like I was rushing her and she didn't make me feel like I needed to be rushing. That was the beginning, and it was wonderful. They also offered something my mother desperately needed for her to be able to feel at home. My mother is a gardener and she needs to get her fingers dirty. In this particular facility, a few of the apartments had private backyards. So she has a private backyard for herself. It is small, but perfect. She has herbs and roses that she has planted herself. Another thing was that the people who are there looked like they enjoy their work. They do not look like they are grouchy; they just looked like they enjoy being with older people. They actually offer to help even when the person doesn't ask. They'd come over to you and ask, "Are you lost, do you need some help, or do you want me to take you some place?" They are absolutely wonderful. There is a maintenance man who comes straight from heaven because he is really very patient, loving and caring for my mom. I know he does that for other people as well, and not just my mom. She calls for whatever silliness she feels that she needs and he makes time in his day to go and check out whatever she needs and he does it for her without complaining. He is just wonderful. What I am saying is that the people who work there are a very loving group of people and they don't do it because they are getting a paycheck; they do it because they like to. They have very nice lobby areas including a baby grand piano -- the people who are there and know how to play would sit down and often during the day, you could hear somebody playing music. Sometimes it is the residents or the workers -- at other times, it is some artist from San Antonio who they have come to perform for them. They have a lot of flower pots on the patio and each resident, if they like, can choose a pot to take care of or they adopt the pot. The place is clean, and although it is not a new place -- it is an older building -- it is well-maintained indoors and out. It has a swimming pool that I am happy with for my mom. This swimming pool has salt water, not chlorine. They have a wonderful chef. As a matter of fact, he has given my mom recipes, but I don't know if he does this for everybody, because each person has their own kitchen in their apartments. It is not a big kitchen, but it has all the amenities. It has a regular size oven and stove -- I mean, it is not really big, but it has four burners, and a regular size refrigerator that has a freezer on top and the refrigerator on the bottom. You have to buy your own microwave or coffee pot though. Once a week, somebody comes to the apartment and cleans it for them -- it is included. If she wants more attention, she'll pay for somebody to do more. So, they come and change her bed -- the linens and towels are done for free. If you use their linens and towels, they will wash them and change your bed and towels every week. The facility is four stories tall, and there is always someone there. I think they have live-in managers in each building. They live there, so they get to know the residents and, in case of an emergency, there is more of a personal touch. They also have a bus that would take my mom to doctor's appointments, and I think most places help the older people to get food by taking them to the market. Also, they have a pendant for my mom to use in case she needs help or if she is in the shower and they have another emergency one in the bathroom. She has her own phone number that they actually pay for. My mom doesn't pay for her own phone, the only thing is that if she calls outside of the 210 area, she would have to pay for the call. I call her directly through her telephone line. The whole building has Wi-Fi, except in each apartment. I mean, if they want Wi-Fi or special television channels, they would have to actually contract one of the companies that does these things. So far, I haven't had any reason to complain and I am very happy with it. I have nothing but positive things to say about this place. Of course, my mother has been there for two months, but for these two months, I have been very pleased.

July 19, 2014

By Joyce43

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was a little older. It was probably built in 1974 or 1975, but don't get me wrong, it was nice and clean. They had a very nice young lady who would show you around and help you moved in. They were willing to change the price. If it was a little bit more than what you could afford, they would come down a little, and that was helpful to a lot of people. They had some adjustable rates that they could give you. They only had apartments, and you could have one bedroom or two bedrooms. They had good activities there. They do exercises. They had a swimming pool. They had Catholic and Protestant services every week. They played cards a lot. They had little parties, like we had a fiesta here in San Antonio and they had a little fiesta party. They take them to grocery shops, have lunch, see movies, doctor's appointments, and little trips to small towns and quite a few different places here in San Antonio to see things. I was impressed because I thought the price was good for what you would have.I talked to a girl named Debbie Gloria and she was very nice. Some of the people that lived there came up and talked to me. Most of them that I talked to were really nice people and said they would really like me to come and things like that. They had three meals a day and they even let me eat lunch so I could taste what their food was like. They had a menu, and they served it in the dining room just like a restaurant. In other words, you could order from that menu. I was impressed with that.

July 19, 2014

By Burdette

I visited this facility

Madison Estates' location was heavily trafficked. Also it was actually much bigger than other places, which made it more congested. They had five floors, so it was more like a hotel. Their rooms were much larger. They have the normal activities. Parking, however, was around in the back of the place, which is a little farther for walking. We had lunch over there, and, being so large and congested, their tables were all pretty full. There were a lot more people. They were all very friendly, though.

June 27, 2014

By Caring6501

I visited this facility

Madison Estates was more for independent living, and I liked that they had a lot of things going on there. Actually, their rooms were a very good size. There were a lot of grounds. They had a lot of trees and plants.

May 29, 2014

By Karen85123250

I visited this facility

We went to several facilities, and Madison Estate was one of them. They provide a nice and comfortable living environment, and they have people there who are there around the clock to take good care of the residents' needs. I like that they provide three meals a day. It's very nice, and it has a pool and an exercise facility. The staff is great, as well as the environment, but it was just too big for my parents.

January 23, 2014

By jan26

I visited this facility

Lovely facility but with no vitality. It would be a great place for people who are not interested in an active life style but are content with a quiet life. I am more interested in an active, vital community. .

November 21, 2012

By Laura8

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I have no complaints about The Madison. They take very good care of their residents. My parents stayed there for a weekend and then decided to move in there permanently. My parents have a 2-bedroom apartment. They like everything about the place. They like the people and they feel very comfortable there.
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Services and Amenities of Madison Estates


  • Fee Structure Extra: Included In Rent: Basic Cable, Electric, Gas, Sewer, Water
  • Independent Living Starting At: $2119/month

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Housing Extra: Handicap Barrier Free Units Available, Individual Climate Control, Safety Rails In Bathroom, Telephone Hookup, Walk In Tub

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchens
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Dining Extra: Private Dining Room


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Computer Room
  • Resident Transportation
  • Hiking Trails
  • Tv Room
  • Garden And Patio
  • Resident Parking
  • Security Gate
  • Pool
  • Features Extra: Laundry Room For Use, Chapel, Library, Locked Mailboxes, Elevator, Storage Space, Parking: Covered, Private

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Housekeeping

Technology and entertainment

  • Cable In Rooms
  • Technology Extra: Wi Fi In Common Areas


  • Offsite Activities
  • Fitness Room
  • Activities Extra: Billiard Lounge, Game Room, Activity Room

Financial guidance

  • Va Benefits Consultation

Guest services

  • Guest Parking
  • Guests At Mealtime
  • Overnight Guests


  • Minimum Age: 55
  • Pets: Most Pets Allowed
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About Madison Estates

Madison Estates is located in San Antonio, TX, providing a vibrant backdrop for your new life as a valued member of our caring community.

From pleasant housekeepers, to attentive servers at mealtime and helpful maintenance technicians who are there when you need them, this community is the new extension of your family. We take pleasure in getting to know each of our residents and look out for their comfort and happiness. Our chefs prepare three delicious meals each day, served in our beautiful dining room. We provide housekeeping, linen services, fun and stimulating activities, off-site excursions, transportation to your personal appointments and a variety of classes and programs. Our warm, comfortable community and our friendly staff and residents will welcome you. We look forward to making your life easier any way we can.

So come to Madison Estates for a visit...and stay!

*We understand that each individual is unique and that needs may change over time. Holiday Retirement does not provide any health care services. However, residents are welcome to receive services from any outside home health care provider of their choice to help them continue enjoying life at our community.

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Madison Estates

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