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Independent Living Reviews for Vineyard Place

October 03, 2021

By Darlene

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My husband moved to Vineyard Place Milwaukie. We chose it because it's closer to the family, and he feels very comfortable on that side of town. The staff is wonderful. They're very helpful, very courteous, and very caring. It's a really good fit for my husband right now. His room is a studio apartment. It is very clean, well-kept and very spacious. I've gone and had several meals with him. The food is excellent. They've got a chef that does a great job.

September 12, 2021

By Marilyn

I visited this facility

I went to visit Vineyard Place. It's an independent living place, and the tour was great. It looks like the place was well taken care of. The staff that toured me was really good. I sent an email with some questions and requested the dimensions of the rooms, and I never got a response back though. I had to call a couple of times. I finally talked to the general manager, and she got me the information I needed. We only talked with that one person, and she was very good. We saw two residents doing activities there. The rest of the residents we saw in the hallway and that was it. They have a sewing room, a crafts room, a billiard table, and a library. They have a couple of pianos. They played all kinds of games. The overall condition looked like it was well taken care of. It would be nice if they responded back when you send them an email though.

September 08, 2021

By Nancy

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place Milwaukie was nice and their people were friendly, but it was in an area of town that I am not familiar with, and that I do not care for. It had busy roads. The rooms were nice and clean. The person who assisted me during the tour was very, very informative, and gave me a lot of information that I didn't even know I needed to ask. The dining area was light, and airy, and comfortable. I saw that they had poker.

August 21, 2021

By Lourdes

I visited this facility

I toured The Vineyard Place, and it was beautiful. They had wonderful activities for everybody. The community there was pretty friendly. I enjoyed it, but it was very expensive. The staff were very friendly, very nice, and very accommodating. They offered me a lemonade. Then again at the end of it, they offered me water. The place was pretty clean and organized.

June 25, 2021

By J.Z.

I visited this facility

We have found Vineyard Place. We are waiting for an apartment there. It is very nice. The outside is very nice, and they take care of it. The apartment that we got, they put in new carpet and new appliances. It's very clean, and people seem to be very friendly there. We haven't interacted with the people living there yet too much. The staff seems to be very nice and very helpful. They seem to walk you through everything. Apparently, we're going to be assigned to someone that will help us navigate around for the first few weeks. We have met one lady, and she's very nice. We chose the third floor because there are pretty trees out the windows and there is a nice view of the outside. We met our neighbors already through the window talking to them. It's a nice neighborhood, it is well kept, and we're close to stores, and fairly close to a hospital. There is a game room, there is a room where they can watch movies, there is an exercise room downstairs, and they have free washers and dryers and a hair salon, so you can get your hair cut. They have transportation if you need to go somewhere. We have activities. Apparently, they have like a bingo night, they have cards, they have games and puzzles, and they have a piano, and I'm a pianist, and so they said, "Come and play the piano for us sometimes." I have brought my piano in my apartment. They seem to be amenable to our various things. They'll have a medical alert that they'll give us up, and they will check on us. They have posted their menu and all of their activities that go on. In fact, we even tasted the food while we were there, and it was wonderful. It's so good. They have a chef there and they would give us three meals and two snacks in a day. We have a little tiny kitchen with a stove and refrigerator if we want to eat in our apartment. We haven't lived there yet, but it seems like it's a great place. The staff was very helpful and very nice. The room is very nice. The people there seemed to be enjoying themselves. As I was peering in, people were playing cards, and seemed to be pretty content. The people that I've talked to just walking by, they seemed to be very happy. It seemed like they go out of their way to provide activities and stimulation for the residents. It seemed like they keep busy, and I looked on the activity sheet and it looked like there's something to do every day. The place was very clean, nice, and quiet. They have nice arts. In fact, they offer a cleaning service for the apartments too. We also like the fact that when we travel cross country, we can stay anywhere at any Holiday place for a week anywhere in the country for free, and that's what we like, too, because we have family back east, and that's quite a helpful thing to have. And then if someone comes to visit, they have like a rollout bed that we could use.

April 04, 2021

By ReviewerVT030920211

I visited this facility

I was able to tour the Vineyard Place and it was more than five stars, but I just can't afford it. It was wonderful. It had a good location. I did not get to try the food but I toured the eating facilities and everything there was wonderful. They have a wonderful library where you can either check out a book or sit in there to read. The staff were wonderful, and I talked to two ladies at the front desk. Susan, who gave the tour, was wonderful and really helpful. She even called me to check in after I told them I could not afford it. It was beautiful. They had raised flower beds, walking paths, and are next to a shopping center. They have a gate that they can give you a code to and you can walk to the shopping center; avoiding walking out onto the main street. So, they have a lot of good options and they offer two meals and two snacks a day.

January 19, 2021

By upfisk

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My father and his wife were residents here for 10 years. We visited once a year for several days at a time for dad's birthday. The food initially was sort of good. By year 10 it was barely palatable. My step mom died 2 years ago and Vineyard place reduced dad's rent to reflect 1 less person getting meals. Dad died this year on the last day of the month. I needed exactly 1 month to clean out his apartment. No, Vineyard Place absolutely not did give me a reduced rate on no meals, no weekly cleaning, nothing. While we were there for 2 weeks cleaning out the apartment, we were never offered meals, even though meals had been paid for! The newer management, Darcy, seems very predatory. We do not like this place and would never consider living here. The computer room consists of 2 ancient desktops, neither work very well. One resident trys to keep the computers working, but no staff know about the computers. Wi-Fi is available in the central area, not in rooms. There is a tiny movie room showing old movies. The bus was broken for the past year for field trips. The gym might have had a broken treadmill. The grounds are beautiful, the only exercise is walking around the buildimg.

Provider Response

Hello, thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. We would first like to extend our sincerest condolences for your loss. We regret to hear that you were not completely satisfied with your experience and are confident this does not represent our community as a whole. Due to protocols put into place to ensure the safety of our residents, our normal meal service and housekeeping services have changed to accommodate. We recently upgraded our computers to brand new ones and our staff does have IT support if needed. Our bus was unable to run for several months due to protocols. We understand that this has been a unique time and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you would like to discuss your concerns further, please feel free to contact the community directly. Our goal is to have happy residents and family members so your feedback is important to us. Thank you

January 16, 2021

By Joyce

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place was a wonderful place. If things don't work out with my grandson, I would really consider moving there. The rooms were very well designed, very light, and large. The staff was absolutely wonderful. Their cleanliness was really what got me. It was so clean and well maintained.

July 04, 2020

By Phyllis

I am/was a resident of this facility

My experience living in Vineyard Place has been great so far. Two years ago I also came out and stayed for a couple of nights just to see the place and the people, but I wasn't ready to move in then. Right now we're on lockdown. The people are very friendly. I participate in their activities and they have wonderful meals; they have a chef here who is fabulous. I just felt right at home here. They normally have card games, bingo, arts and crafts night, they have all kinds of things going on in the mornings and afternoons, and you just choose which ones to participate in. There's plenty of food, they bring it to our rooms, and put it on a chair outside our rooms because we can't come in and we can't go out. But they knock on the door to tell you that they're leaving food. When we found this place we came out and I stayed to see what it was like. I'm happy.

August 30, 2018

By Dave

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place was really nice and had great amenities. If we could afford it, we'd be there now. The food was very good. The preparation and presentation were great. The staff was very pleasant.

Provider Response

Hi Dave, we are very happy we could provide you with a positive experience! We look forward to your next visit! Take care!

July 31, 2018

By Louann

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My brother-in-law was at Vineyard Place. The staff members were good too. However, everything was in the same room; there was no separate bedroom. They had card games, bingo, movies, and transportation to doctors and the bank. They tried to go out once a week to lunch to get the residents out of their rooms. The staff members were all wonderful. They were very friendly and very nice. They always welcomed us when we came over for lunch. I like them.

February 14, 2018

By Kathy

I visited this facility

I was not impressed with Vineyard Place. There seemed to be a lot of folks with higher needs there. It was very old, dated, and dank. I could not see my aunt living there at all. It wasn't bright, light, spacious, and inviting. People were pleasant enough, but they seemed very busy. They were doing some upgrades so there were maintenance people around. I just didn't have a good feeling that it would be a good place where my aunt would be comfortable.

July 17, 2017

By Ron

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I chose Vineyard Place for my mother because of the cost and the facility, and the room was about 20 feet away from the dining hall and 20 feet away from the elevator. The amenities are excellent. I've had a couple of meals there; the food is good, and there are lots of choices. They got activities. It's fabulous. I can't say enough good things about them. They go around and check on you. I haven't met anybody that didn't say hi to me. The staff is excellent and always willing to help.

November 21, 2016

By James472555

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place as a whole was sort of dark, and I didn’t care for the location because it was hard to get to. It’s a busy area, and it’s not a typically nice area. You go in there, and you have dark walls, wood panels, and low ceilings. You almost want to turn around and walk out. Their dining hall was on the 3rd floor which we never even got to. The room needed repainting, but some of them were a little dark. The whole atmosphere turned you off when you walked into it.

September 30, 2016

By Ron200477

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place was nice and seemed to be well run. The rooms were nicely done, well furnished, and laid out pretty well. They have a lot of stuff going on, and the people seemed to be very much involved.

Provider Response

Thanks for the feedback, Ron200477. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers at Vineyard Place, and appreciate you reaching out to share this feedback with us!

February 15, 2016

By JB3

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place was a very nice place. I really liked it, but the price was outrageous. The staff was just nice. I didn’t really look at the rooms because once I saw that people there were just nice and didn’t go past nice and that the price was outrageous, I just said, “Ugh,” and that was that. They had a masquerade party and bingo and a lot more things going on over there, which was very tempting.

November 24, 2015

By Joanne116261750

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place is a little bit older and small, but seemed nice and clean. The staff that I talked with was very friendly. I thought it was a good experience. One lady who was a resident there came out of the elevator, and she smiled, she seemed like a person that I would like to know. They had a dining room that we could reserve for our family to have special dinners, and there were table cloths on the whole area. That was nice. The room that I saw was a studio with nice and large bathrooms. It was something that I will look into again when the time comes.

November 22, 2015

By Anonymous115780950

I visited this facility

Vineyard was a good place, and my husband liked it. The room that they showed us was for only one person, so for the two of us, it was too small. The people were friendly, but it’s too much money. Vineyard was good, but we still don’t want to be in a place like that. We still want to be in our house.

October 29, 2015

By Mary115677550

I visited this facility

The first community I visited was called Vineyard Place. Everything there was nice. The place and the gal that took me around were nice, too. The room seemed to be very comfortable, but I don’t think that was the kind of place I was looking for. I wanted independent living where I could do my own cooking and stuff like that. They have a kitchen but not a stove. It’s a five-star rating for the type of facility it is.

June 15, 2015

By Caring108056750

I visited this facility

I visited Vineyard Place, and I liked it. The staff showed me the place and gave me the tour. They tried to be helpful and friendly. They have nice spacious apartments with one bedroom. It was a nice place with nice grounds. The dining room looked great. Everything looked really nice. They had lots of activities, and they had lots of services. I would recommend them. The best thing that stood out was the management.

May 17, 2015

By Nola4

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Everyone was very friendly at Vineyard Place. I stayed there for lunch. I was very impressed with the serving, appearance, and taste of the food. It was all very good. The dining room was very nice. I looked at their one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and I thought that they were spacious, very nicely set up, and very well taken care of. They had indoor activities as well as activities where they go away from the facility. I think that my ex-husband participates in bingo, crafts, and bible studies. They had all kinds of things going on. It was very interesting. It would be a place I would move into if I was ready.

March 30, 2015

By Caring104302050

I visited this facility

Vineyard was very nice and very clean. The staff was very helpful, and they were very open if you wanted to ask any questions. They seemed very reasonably priced and very well-equipped. It seemed they have most anything you want covered in regards to anything a person would need. I visited this place for my brother who is in a wheelchair. What I am looking for is an independent retirement community that has assisted help if needed, and this facility definitely seemed to have that. You have to pay extra for it, but it is available if he needs it. If he needs help getting up in the morning or going to bed at night, he can pay extra for that if he needs it, or if he needs his clothing washed because maybe he can't quite get into their laundry, then for an additional charge, they will do that for him.

March 30, 2015

By Rena3

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place just had a very good feeling, and when I walked in, it felt comfortable. The people were very welcoming and very helpful. It looks to me like it is a very easy to get around spot. I do know a little bit about the area, and I like where it is located. The rooms are OK. I'd rather have bigger, but I can't afford bigger. I think the people and the employees that I was in contact with impressed me.

March 30, 2015

By Steve104141350

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place was a community that seemed to have a little bit more active and younger population. The whole staff seemed to be very involved in meeting the residents' needs. It's on a nice fairly large property close to shopping, but on a quiet backstreet. We were impressed. The staff made it special. We ate there, and the kitchen was above average. They had very nice corner apartments and seemed to have a very involved and caring staff.

March 10, 2015

By Karen107438961

I visited this facility

I have seen their ad online, I called and made arrangements for a tour, and they had me for lunch too. The staff was very helpful. They have various sizes; starting with the studio apartments, they go out to the regular one-bedroom. I know they have something more, but I wasn't interested in anything else. They have a system where everybody sits down, and they would start serving on the left side one day; then the next day, they'd start on the right, so that nobody is ever waiting a long time, and the food was very delicious. They have something going on everyday like shopping trips, and they have a good-sized room for exercising. I played bingo at the Vineyard once, and that was fun.

March 10, 2015

By Karen107438861

I visited this facility

I have seen their ad online, I called and made arrangements for a tour, and they had me for lunch too. The staff was very helpful. They have various sizes; starting with the studio apartments, they go out to the regular one-bedroom. I know they have something more, but I wasn't interested in anything else. They have a system where everybody sits down, and they would start serving on the left side one day; then the next day, they'd start on the right, so that nobody is ever waiting a long time, and the food was very delicious. They have something going on everyday like shopping trips, and they have a good-sized room for exercising. I played bingo at the Vineyard once, and that was fun.

December 05, 2014

By ayoung75


My friend and I visited this facility and were served lunch. The lunch was good and the tour was very informative. At the time my friend was and is looking for assisted living as she has a diagnosis that determines her future needs. As for me, I have given up. I am not in need of assisted living. Independent would be fine for me. I find the cost of these places to be exorbitant and not meeting my needs. As for the people I encountered; they were pleasant, informative and charming. I was impressed by the cleanliness and lack of smells in the facility. The food was good and nutritious. The grounds were beautiful and well maintained. Yvonne Cipressi

November 22, 2014

By Lavern2

I visited this facility

The environment and the rooms were great. One of the mangers at Vineyard Place that took me on my tour is absolutely wonderful; every one of those people that live there, he knew their names. Their dining room is wonderful, they had lots to offer, and I looked at a studio and I looked at a 1-bedroom, I liked both of them. I think it was somewhere every Wednesday they have somebody arrange a day trip, but it was very small for me.

December 13, 2013

By Caring75060950

I visited this facility

The environment at Vineyard Place was nice. Their dining room was big. I would recommend them, but it's just not for me.

October 18, 2013

By Caring72049350

I visited this facility

Vineyard Place is very nice, bright and cheery, comfortable for the price. The food and everything that you get is worth it. It is a little on the skimpy side as far as the building and building maintenance, but otherwise it is a pretty good facility located perfectly and it is on a beautiful manicured lot.

September 18, 2013

By Bonnie21

I visited this facility

I came across Vineyard Place from an online search. I was given a list from one of the websites I visited and Vineyard Place was one of those listed. When we visited this place, both my daughter and I were very impressed with their staff. They seemed very friendly. We were able to talk with them for a few minutes and everyone there seemed very happy with what they were doing. We ate an evening meal in their big dining room and it was a very nice experience. The food was tasty enough. Apparently residents would have their large meal at noon. They also showed us three of their individual rooms. They were clean and pleasant enough, although really small. I'm a person who has been lucky enough to have a large room all my life, so I think no matter where I move, I'm going to have a problem. We were also fortunate enough to see one of their activities during a happy hour. An Elvis impersonator was performing and he was exceptionally good.

August 01, 2013

By Rosemary9

I am/was a resident of this facility

We liked Vineyard. We stayed there for six months. It's an old building but they maintained it very well. The only thing that I liked better when I was with the Holiday system and was one of the reason that we joined them was because if you wanted to travel a little bit, you could stay in one of their facilities wherever it was in the country as long as you made a prior call and made arrangement and we liked that.

July 24, 2013

By Aileen20

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mom has been living in the Vineyard since May. She has been to a place that was a lot similar. It was the price, the amenities that made us chose the place, and it was near my siblings. She's very stimulated, she's a social person and she has all kinds of activities to do. One set of managers seem to really look out for the people but I'm still questioning the other set of managers.

November 08, 2012

By sulu2525

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Here are some comments I would make about Vineyard Place: The staff is very friendly and helpful. The managers live there and they seem to get to know the residents well. They also seem to me to care a great deal about how the building is functioning. The folks who work in the kitchen also seem very personable and make the residents feel comfortable. They all seem professional and to be hard workers. I have not had any interactions with them that would lead me to be concerned or consider complaining. Nor have I heard any residents complain about anyone who works there. I think this is unusual and a real plus regarding the quality of this facility. The amenities seem nice but since my family member doesn't use them much it's tough to grade them. I've seen the library, hair salon, and laundry facilities and they all appear clean and well kept. The facility itself is fairly nice. The decor is outdated and my biggest complaint is the music they pipe in throughout the facility. I don't know how to describe it but it is elevator music from the 40's maybe? It's the same every time and it's not exactly enjoyable. It might help to mix it up a bit and use some variety in the easy listening they select.

April 13, 2012

By Caring726

I am/was a resident of this facility

We found that we are a good fit for Vineyard Place. The people there are friendly and we like the management, we are very impressed with them. We like the food as well. We are happy with where it is located, it's close to everything. It's just a block from stores, restaurants and a movie theater. Vineyard fits our needs as we are close to our family. The price was right, which was one of the most important things. They helped us find someone to help us with our military benefits free of charge. The apartment has two bathrooms, a very big bedroom and a nice kitchen. We are very happy here.
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Questions about Vineyard Place

Describe the overall population of independent living residents at Vineyard Place. What is their average age? What are their favorite things to do?

Our residents range from 55 to early 100s and everything in between! Their favorite activities are as different as their personalities! By using our Holiday 365 app each resident is able to view the daily calendar and sign up for events that interest them. If they are unable to find something that peaks their interest on the calendar they can simply message a friend to join them for a game of cards or to enjoy a walk around the community.

What transportation services does Vineyard Place offer to independent living residents?

Our residents can take advantage of the complimentary transportation to help them get around town. The scheduled shuttle can take residents to stores, doctor appointments, dining, or group outings.

What makes the chef or dining program at Vineyard Place exceptional? What kind of menu can independent living residents expect?

Our community has an Executive Chef and Sous Chef who care about providing residents not only delicious but also nutritious meals, 3 times a day. Our menus are changed seasonally to ensure the freshest products and flavors and we offer over 150 different entrees with each season. Residents can select a la carte items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Entrees at each service include specials like our Holiday Fresh option or Resident’s Choice. All meals are served in our restaurant-style dining rooms with friends and neighbors, allowing everyone to enjoy good food and good conversation.

What common areas are available for independent living residents?

Residents are able to socialize in our game room or activity room, sit back with a good book at our library, get physical at our fitness room or just catch up with some friends in the atrium.

What safety features or security measures does Vineyard Place offer to independent living residents?

Our residents can feel safe 24/7 knowing that they can access help with just a push of a button. Each resident receives their own Lively Mobile Plus emergency device that goes anywhere they do. The device, which is included in monthly rent, can be activated for a variety of reasons, including emergencies, directions, health concerns, or to just speak to a friendly voice. The community is also only accessible to residents from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. so you can rest easy knowing that there will not be unwanted late-night visitors.

If Vineyard Place accepts dogs or cats, what indoor/outdoor areas can they enjoy?

We love our residents and we love their pets! Our community is pet friendly so you can bring your furry friend with you to your new home. There are green spaces and courtyards as well as walking paths where you can enjoy nice long walks.

Does Vineyard Place work with an agency or registry to provide nursing and medical assistance as needed?

Our community provides the option to each resident to choose their own third party care provider. This allows the freedom of choice and flexibility for each resident to determine how much, or how little, support they need.

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Services and Amenities of Vineyard Place


  • Fee Structure Extra: Included In Rent: Basic Cable, Electric, Gas, Sewer, Water
  • Independent Living Starting At: $2348/month

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Studio Apartments
  • Housing Extra: Individual Climate Control, Safety Rails In Bathroom, Telephone Hookup

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • In Room Kitchens
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Dining Extra: Private Dining Room, Resident Kitchen


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Computer Room
  • Resident Transportation
  • Hiking Trails
  • Tv Room
  • Garden And Patio
  • Resident Parking
  • Features Extra: Laundry Room For Use, Library, Locked Mailboxes, Elevator

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Housekeeping

Technology and entertainment

  • Cable In Rooms
  • Technology Extra: Business Center, Wi Fi In Common Areas


  • Offsite Activities
  • Fitness Room
  • Activities Extra: Billiard Lounge, Game Room, Activity Room

Financial guidance

  • Va Benefits Consultation

Guest services

  • Guest Parking
  • Guests At Mealtime
  • Overnight Guests


  • Minimum Age: 55
  • Pets: Most Pets Allowed
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About Vineyard Place

Vineyard Place is located in Milwaukie, OR, providing a vibrant backdrop for your new life as a valued member of our caring community.

From pleasant housekeepers, to attentive servers at mealtime and helpful maintenance technicians who are there when you need them, this community is the new extension of your family. We take pleasure in getting to know each of our residents and look out for their comfort and happiness. Our chefs prepare three delicious meals each day, served in our beautiful dining room. We provide housekeeping, linen services, fun and stimulating activities, off-site excursions, transportation to your personal appointments and a variety of classes and programs. Our warm, comfortable community and our friendly staff and residents will welcome you. We look forward to making your life easier any way we can.

So come to Vineyard Place for a visit...and stay!

*We understand that each individual is unique and that needs may change over time. Holiday Retirement does not provide any health care services. However, residents are welcome to receive services from any outside home health care provider of their choice to help them continue enjoying life at our community.

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Vineyard Place

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