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Assisted Living Reviews for Brookdale Richmond Place

February 10, 2017

By Asher236517

I am/was a resident of this facility

I am quite happy with Brookdale Richmond Place. They have very nice-sized apartments. I am in the independent living section, and they also have an assisted living section and a nursing home section. I've got a very nice apartment that is larger than the house I had, and the people here are very nice. They have a very large grounds. The food is quite good; in fact, I have gained some pounds in the last couple of weeks.

December 21, 2016

By goneandglad

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My friend lived here for several years. I spent a lot of time there eating and visiting, Wonderful place before Brookdale moved in. The changes we saw in staff and manament where not pleasant. There are a few very friendly, caring employees now. The building is not very well cared for and often smells. The dinning leaves a lot to be desired, very over seasoned and over cooked. Seems as new residents move in they get special treatment and then as time goes on things seem to change. The security in very layback. Anyone can just walk in and roam around the complex. My friend moved a year after Brookdale took over. She has found a very caring community to live in and still gets treated with respect and finally feels she is at home! Think twice before your loved ones move in please.

November 05, 2016

By Caesar301386

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Brookdale Richmond is OK. They prepared three meals a day, and a lot of nice people especially to my wife who has Alzheimer’s care. The rooms are adequate.

May 18, 2016

By RobertJTBRV

I visited this facility

The staff at Brookdale Richmond Place (Richmond Place) was very friendly and open. They brought the food in from across the street because another one of their facilities was in another building. The place is adequate, but nothing really stood out. I think that their fee schedule was a bit confusing and questionable. Their food can be improved upon rather than bringing it from the other building across the street. The room was just average, nothing spectacular about it, and you need to bring your own furnishings.

March 08, 2016

By Visitor120993750

I visited this facility

My experience with Brookdale Richmond Place (Formerly Richmond Place) was excellent. The staff was friendly and phenomenal, especially Sarah. They had good food. It was a really diverse, active community. The facility had really large and high-quality rooms, and have upgraded nicely and keep everything well maintained. It's good value for the money. I would definitely recommend this community. They had a wide variety of activities and a lot of participation. I didn't find them lacking in anything. They had activity directors there.

November 25, 2015

By Anonymous115983350

I visited this facility

I visited Brookdale (Richmond Place). The area that I was interested in was sort of offset, secluded, and had limited access, which I liked. The caregivers were very kind and caring. I thought it was very nice. They had field trips, and people were working on art projects while I visited. They had a closed-circuit TV to show things that were meaningful to people, so they could sit and watch family memories, special music, and things like that. They had a piano that is played sometimes, and people sing. It was a very nice place. I did not ask any questions, but the staff gave me a brochure. It did have a place where my husband could be in one section, and I could have an apartment close by. I could be with him as much as I wanted. They had place where they had the food already prepared, and I could just go eat in the dining room or eat with him. The people seemed to be happy, well nourished, and had good rapport with the caregivers. The place was very clean. I had a nice visit. There were places to park. They had a nice reception area where I waited for the person that gave me the tour. It was a very secure facility, something I appreciate to stop people from going out and wandering away.

November 22, 2015

By Anonymous116569550

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We visited Richmond Place, and the facility is nice. I know many people living there, and so far, it has been good for them.

October 27, 2015

By Caring115255150

I am/was a resident of this facility

At Brookdale Richmond Place, the food is excellent. We are served three meals a day. The cooking is very good. I do get a very good, balanced diet here. There are physical and occupational therapists available too. There is housekeeping one day a week, and there is transportation available, if you apply in time. All in all, I find it a very comfortable place to live. My room is a studio, which means essentially one large room. I have a sleeping area, a sitting and watching-television area, a dining area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The facility has a gymnasium, a library, and a dayroom for different organized activities, e.g., exercises, bridge, and poker. There is also a beauty parlor for the women. Outside, there is a pool, a tennis court, and a walking track. There are various organized activities for different religious groups and class. There are plenty of things to keep you busy. I chose Richmond Place because it has good accommodation and services, and I could afford it.

September 28, 2015

By Caring114072150

I visited this facility

I visited Brookdale Richmond Place for my dad. I thought it was excellent. There were two different buildings. One was definitely assisted, and the one that was for those residents that were flight risk was a lockdown situation. Both of the buildings were well maintained, the staff was very friendly, and it had a resort feel to it, which was excellent. They had lots of activity, and it was in an area where they could shop, so activities were within walking distance. Of the places that I had visited, I had to say, this was the best one because it looked like it might have been relatively new. Everything around it looked like it was new, like it hadn't been too long ago where it had been built. It made you feel like you were in an all-inclusive resort. It felt like you're living in a vacation land. I looked at a one-bedroom, and it was very nice.

May 01, 2015

By Caring106284050

I visited this facility

Richmond Place have really big rooms. They had washers and dryers in the room. It was clean, and the staff was friendly. The residents were friendly as well. I ate there, and I didn't like it.
Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to visit and share your feedback. We are committed to continuous quality care and will share your feedback with our dining services team.

April 21, 2015

By Mark105649650

I visited this facility

I thought Richmond Place was very nice. The staff was really friendly and knowledgeable. The food was really good. The apartments were nice, and they were adequate to what my mom would have needed. The security and safety of the place seemed good.

March 23, 2015

By Claudia15

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I had her in an assisted living, and I wasn’t too pleased with Richmond Place. She got ill. The staff is very inattentive; they were dingy and dirty. My mother complained about the food. They don’t have much security. She could just get up, get to the stairs, and try to go down. They have crafts, bingo, and people come in and play music. They must improve on their staff.
Provider Response

We deeply regret that we were unable to meet all of your expectations. We want to thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Please know it will be reviewed and used to better serve our residents and their families in the future.

February 28, 2015

By Caring106877450

I visited this facility

I just didn't like Richmond Place. It had no appeal. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.
Provider Response

We deeply regret that we were unable to meet all of your expectations. We want to thank you for taking the time to visit and for providing feedback.

January 25, 2015

By Caring105050050

I visited this facility

I thought Richmond Place was nice. They've renovated it, so it's nicer than when I first saw it.

August 28, 2014

By Caring84809250

I visited this facility

Richmond Place seemed very neat, clean, bright and well placed. It was smaller and more homey. The staff seemed very friendly. They were very accommodating. They answered all our questions. The more questions we had, the more they answered. It was a very positive experience. Everyone was nice, thoughtful and made other good points. I thought if I had to place a loved one there, if everything went as they said it would, it would be a fine facility. The rooms were fine. I thought the bathrooms were roomy, so anyone with any kind of handicap, they had ample room. There was also an opportunity to get a double room when it was available, and that would provide a little more apartment space, which was something we were looking at. The only reason I gave it a four star was because of the placement of the facility in general. It was in a busy intersection, which was probably good for business, except that I thought it was a facility that had all the road noise and surrounded by parking lots or roads, as opposed to a facility that had a little more green space. That would probably have given me that fifth star in my mind. We took my mother-in-law and she felt comfortable there.

June 28, 2014

By Caring83030250

I am/was a resident of this facility

Richmond Place is the second place I've lived. It’s just a nice place with a very well-run operation. It’s clean, and the rooms are big. I have a lot of space for the amount of money I’m paying, which I had to negotiate for, but it worked out well. They have an excellent staff in whatever they do. They have a lot of activities: cards, bingo, different kinds of groups. I have no complaints about the facility except the food. The food is OK, but is not well prepared. Also, it’s expensive. However, I am happier in this place.

April 22, 2014

By Ronda3

I visited this facility

During my initial visit at Richmond Place, the staff were very helpful. They continued to contact me to check with me. The facility was really great, and it is located in a nice neighborhood. They had a lot of things for the seniors. I like the setting of the facility because the inside and outside of the facility is very nice. My initial assessment of the facility is great.

March 27, 2014

By Ron21

I visited this facility

Everything was really nice at Richmond Place. I really enjoyed the people who met us there. They served us dinner, we looked around, and everybody was really nice. I liked the rooms. The staff was great.

January 29, 2014

By Ellen20

I am/was a resident of this facility

I moved at Richmond Place. I have a regular apartment with a bedroom, living room, and a dining room with kitchen. The staff are very knowledgeable. They provide three meals a day and the food is great. They have all kinds of activities and things for the residents. They also have service bus for the residents.

January 17, 2014

By Caring74617650

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We choose Richmond Place for my mother-in-law because it has different levels of care and she's there for three months now. The marketing people are helpful and friendly. The rooms are fine and in good size. The bathrooms are big and wheelchairs and walkers are easy to maneuver. My mother-in-law eats there and the food seems fine. But I think they can do a better job if they have more fresh fruits. But she is happy with the food. They activities are good. They do a lot of things and they have people come in to give services for the residents. They pay the normal games they play with the elderly like bingo and jeopardy. Some of the caregivers are helpful and attentive. But I think they need a higher ratio of caregivers to patrons.
Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about Richmond Place. The staff is committed to providing the highest-quality service and care for each resident every day and we will share your feedback with our regional team.

November 27, 2013

By Caring75439650

I visited this facility

I really like Richmond Place but it was financially out of range for us. The staff was excellent. They answered questions and they were courteous. They were great! I had seen their game room for activities. They did have bus trips. The room we looked in was like a static room. It was a room that they would show everybody and there wasn't anybody living in it. Yes, it was clean and neat, but we didn't look into any of the rooms of the assisted living residents. What I like about this facility was the feeling that my father would have 24-round-the-clock monitoring and also the fact that the facility was clean and kept well. All the residents I had seen there seemed to be very okay with their condition. Everybody seemed to be happy. I would have felt comfortable with my father staying there.

November 27, 2013

By Caring71239250

I visited this facility

Richmond Place was recommended to me. The patient's rooms were really nice as well as the apartments. The facility was older and the layout of the area is not that nice. The dining room is not nice, it's like a dorm dining room. The facility is also more expensive.

October 27, 2013

By oldgeezer

I am/was a resident of this facility

When I had my family over for a meal, one of my relatives mentioned how indifferent and even sullen the servers seemed -- "Wha da' ya' want? Here ya' go!" seemed to be the server's attitude -- not very friendly and diner-oriented. One of the servers picked his nose and wiped it on his pants, then continued to serve -- no gloves, as is routine @ other senior residences. We were so grossed out by this vulgar behavior that we decided to move me to another residence, where hygiene and positive attitude would be more evident!

April 09, 2013

By Ron6

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My brother-in-law talked to me about Richmond Place before he passed away. It is a nice place and that was the one he was starting to work on. But everything happened so fast and before they could move he died of massive heart attack. My sister has dementia, so we had to hurry up real quick. She's doing pretty good at Richmond Place now. She brought her own furniture and she's very happy with her room. She fixed it up the way she wanted with the things she has from her house. She likes it there and she brags about how good the food is. She plays bingo now. They go on trips on Saturday afternoon, go to different stores or just for a ride. The place is very clean, well-decorated, and well-maintained. It's spotless. They got a staff in there that all they do is walk around, dusting, and sweeping. It's modern but they got an older style decor. It's really pretty. When I smelled the food, I thought I'm going to stay there myself. They have a guest room if I'm coming down for a couple of nights.

October 12, 2012

By Madonna48

I visited this facility

When I first drove up to Richmond Place,I was very impressed by how neat and tidy the surrounding grounds were.There was also a beautiful court yard where several of the residents were setting. When I walked in,I was even more impressed.I was greeted by very nice and helpful staff members. The sitting room was so clean and well decorated.There were several residents sitting in there reading,playing cards and talking with one another.This facility had a nice and fresh clean smell.It did not have an odor like many of the other assisted living facilities that I have been in.It had a very nice and spacious dining area.The recreational room was very impressive.It was very large and had several chairs and tables in it.It also had a pool table,ping pong table and air hockey game.The resident seemed to be having fun playing.This facility also has a fully stocked library.The residents bedrooms were all very neat and cozy. It even has a large,heated swimming pool.There are also specially trained staff members that provide the residents with an exercise and fitness program. This facility seemed more like a resort lodge rather than a assisted living facility.It also has a well respected speech,physical and occupational therapy program.The residents are taken out regularly for special outings and trips.It also features a fully equipped beauty and barber shop.The local animal shelter has a program where they bring by pets every week for the residents to interact with.This is something that they really seem to enjoy. I think this a very good facility.It is a great place for the elderly to call home.

September 24, 2012

By donnasfriend

I visited this facility

The facility I am writing about - Richmond Place - was just okay. I know my friend paid a great deal of money to be there, but I don't think she got her money's worth. I think she could have stayed at a five-star hotel for less money and would have had more attention from the staff then she got at Richmond Place. In my opinion, I think they were a little under-staffed. I know it is assisted living and not a nursing home, but I just feel that the staff should be a little more interactive with their clients.

September 12, 2012

By blue23

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My grandmother is a very independent person, especially after raising 7 children on her own, so the idea of an assisted living facility was never an option in her mind. She was devastated when she was released into a facility of this type after a hospital stay left her too weak to return home. This was very upsetting for our family as well, to know that we were going against the wishes of someone we cared so much about. The first thing I noticed about Richmond Place was the decor. It looked nothing like a hospital at all! In fact, the meals being prepared smelled amazing and diners seemed thrilled to sit in the dining room and enjoy each other long after the meal was over. I was amazed at how many people were out of their living areas and participating with others in the common areas. The thing that really won me over with Richmond Place was the staff. I think they have a real understanding of the need for people to still feel independent. I never felt like my grandmother or my family was being talked down to or treated like a burden. The best way I can describe it is to say the staff felt like more members of our extended family than a paid caretaker. I think it was 100% due to their support and encouragement that my grandmother became more involved with other residents living there. She not only became open to the idea of living in an assisted living facility, but was anxious to return to all the friends she had made. I know there is a lot of negativity out there about these types of places, but Richmond Place gave my grandmother a new support system and new friends, while giving us peace of mind that she was cared for. I only wish everyone could have as good of an experience.

August 20, 2012

By joey5612

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Becoming old and watching many of your beloved family members stay in various senior care facilities is a part of life. Some of these facilities are top quality, and then again some are not. One establishment that I have had a disappointing experience with is a place which I had always heard great things about, Richmond Place. This facility is located in Lexington, Kentucky, and has been there for nearly twenty five years. Although this is a very well put together building, and is constructed beautifully with a great overall design, that is pretty much the only positive opinion that I have on this facility. The staff was very rude and very opposed to doing anything that we asked. It seemed like they had their own agenda and like my family was in interrupting their plans. The food that was served was awful, as it was far below the quality of other establishments that I have dealt with. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

June 22, 2012

By James V1

I am a friend or relative of a resident

This is a wonderful facility with a great staff. My grandmother really enjoyed staying here and seemed very happy in her last few years. It is a very clean and pleasant place to stay. Compared to other facilities, I would have to say this is a very above average facility. The people here are what makes the difference. Everyone greats you with a smile, every single time. I highly recommend this facility.

May 15, 2012

By sselliott87

I visited this facility

The Richmond Place is a wonderful facility. I love how clean the building is, as most places sometimes get very dirty and smell rather funny. The Richmond Place smelled very clean and professional. I've had 2 grandparents live in the facility and I liked most about it was that it seemed more like an apartment and less like a nursing home. I feel that the patients feel better about that way of living as well, it's more comforting to live in a place that is as inviting as this, instead of a cramped and stinky nursing home. I also felt that the staff were very professional and seemed to enjoy helping their patients. You can tell when nursing staff hate their jobs, the staff at The Richmond Place go beyond what is required of them. They really do care for their patients and they are very sweet and nice to the guests of their patients.

May 03, 2012

By fyj434

I visited this facility

The atmosphere of the place was comfortable and Pleasent. They are 100% committed to every individual resedent. They created an approach that provieds tailored services to there needs. I was very impressed with how happy the resedents were, and how plesent and friendly the staff was. The dinning and menue was very well done, and healthy!!! Just what his mother needs with type 2.I was also impressed with how clean and well kept the facilities were.I do however wish there appartemnts for the assissted living were a little larger and spacious. Other than that I really dont have anything negative to say

April 17, 2012

By luv4ugrandad

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I visited the facility to visit my grandfather. after he was diagnose with dementia and kept wondering around neighborhoods at all hours of the night, my family and I was left with no other choice. The staff treats my grandfather as if he were family providing his every need. My grandfather enjoys the activities that they host. His favorite is Bingo. The facility is very well kept and for the most part odor free. I would recommend anyone in the Lexington, KY area facing the tough choices we had to make, to take a tour of Richmond Place. I leave this facility every visit knowing that my grandfather is in safe hands.

March 09, 2012

By OlgaGonzalez

I visited this facility

It was immaculately clean. I have been to several other assisted living facilities and this was by far the best by all factors from appearance to friendliness of staff. All of the residents there were very happy. Everyone had smiles on their faces and seemed to be very active. Richmond place seems to also let them maintain a certain level of independence which I believe adds to their happy demeanors. The outside and inside appearance of the facility was nice. The landscape was beautiful. The staff was extremely helpful. They were friendly and helped me locate the person I was there to visit. They have tons of activities for their residents to partake in. I will definitely reccommend this facility to anyone. The food was great too which is a very rare find. Their mashed potatoes were as good as any I have ever had at home or at a restaraunt. The location in Lexington is great too. Close to the Horse Parks and Keeneland. Also, not far from Rupp Arena. Home of the Kentucky Wildcats, NCAA winner of 7 National Championships. Richmond Place is definitely one of the better places because the staff cares about its patients and that shows.
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About Brookdale Richmond Place

Brookdale Richmond Place provides a full range of choices for today's seniors. Choosing a senior living community represents a lifestyle choice and we understand that our residents are choosing much more than a comfortable living environment to call home. Brookdale Living's Lexington, KY community delivers Inspired Independent Living, with the promise of Exceptional Experiences Everyday. In choosing this community, our residents have made a conscious lifestyle decision designed to deliver enhanced opportunities for pursuing health and life fulfillment through the exceptional independent and assisted living services, amenities, and opportunities we offer. And, the residents at Brookdale Richmond Place can rest assured that as their needs change, we provide a variety of ancillary services and a Personalized Assisted Living environment that encourages residents to continue to live as they please while respecting individual preferences.

Optimum Life® and Celebrations provide an all-encompassing way of life that touches the lives of the residents of this independent and assisted living community, their families, and associates alike. Optimum Life® is a journey of self-discovery including services, features, and benefits that allow each resident to pursue their peak level of health, wholeness and fulfillment while balancing six key dimensions of personal wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and purposeful. As part of Optimum Life®, the mission of Brookdale Richmond Place is to encourage our independent and assisted living residents to celebrate life each day. Inspired dining and vibrant lifestyle activities come together in our Celebrations program filling the monthly calendar at Brookdale Living's Lexington, KY community with themed experiences, special events, and group activities that highlight different cultures and cuisines in a common venue of camaraderie.

Our Clare Bridge Place program serves those with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Each day, we promise to work to deliver Daily Moments of Success for each resident. The Clare Bridge Daily Path provides structure and activities each day designed to meet specific needs of those with dementia, while the Clare Bridge Dining Program, designed by a gerontologist and registered dietitian, helps residents in need of Alzheimer's care retain the ability to enjoy and master the daily dining experience.

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