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Assisted Living Reviews for The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

June 23, 2021

By Kathy

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My sister is at The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay. She was in independent living for one year, and then we move her into assisted living. They kept her safe during the pandemic, a fact for which I was grateful. She didn't get sick. They didn't have very many cases at all in the place. They did a really good job of shutting down quickly. They take good care of her. They're pretty attentive, they feed her, and they're doing everything they need to do to keep her going. I don't have anything bad to say; they've been good. It's a beautiful place. That's the only way that I could get her to go into independent living there -- because it was beautiful and it's on the water. She has a water view out of her window and it's very, very nice. I haven't had a whole lot of experience seeing the meals because she's been in lockdown. I've only been in there for the last couple of weeks, and I've only gotten to see a couple of meals. They come to the room. They're trying to get them back to the dining room, but she's kind of pooh-poohing that. She wants them to bring it to her room, and so she gets it in a Styrofoam container, which isn't as pleasant. I keep telling her to go to the dining room so at least she'll get to eat with real utensils, but she's a little stubborn. The food is fair. She's not thrilled with it, but it's been a little hard, I think, during this pandemic. And when they're delivering it to the tenth floor from the bottom, it takes a while, and the food isn't always as fresh. But she's alive, she hasn't lost any weight, and she looks good. They have a lot of activities. They haven't had a lot, obviously, during the past year. I haven't really seen if there's anything different as far as the assisted living side goes. They're just starting to do some of the activities again, so I don't really have a lot to say about that. But I know she enjoyed bingo in the beginning, which was in their independent living. They have movies too.

October 15, 2020

By Doreen

I visited this facility

I toured The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay. It was exceptionally tall, 14 stories, but you can see the water right from your bedroom. It's very beautiful.

August 21, 2017

By Nancy

I visited this facility

I was happy with The Fountains. The staff was very friendly. I've eaten in the dining area, which was very nice, very pleasant, and the food was very good. They had a lot of activities going on and everybody was buzzing around, so you know it's a busy community. They had a movie theater where they show movies twice a day. They had a beauty shop and just about everything to take care of you.

August 21, 2017

By John

I visited this facility

The fountains had better apartments than other facilities. It's new, the food is good and everybody was pleasant. They even come up and talk to you. They do housekeeping and laundry once a week, and they take you to doctors' appointments as long as you give them a day's notice. The staff is great, I got answers to all my questions, and everyone was willing to help.

November 21, 2016

By Susan111458

I visited this facility

The Fountains was very nice. To me, it looked like an old world hotel. It was not brand new, but it was very nicely kept-up. The staff was wonderful. They had nursing staff there. They had assisted living, assisted living light, all inclusive assisted living, memory care, and independent living as well. It was huge variety of people. They had 3 dining rooms, a heated pool, and aerobics. They had a shuttle, and they scheduled events that people could sign up for. They had piano players that came in. They had music sing-a-longs and crafts. They had topics on current events that they could sit in and talk about. They had poker. They had like a 30-person cinema inside the complex with movies twice a day. They had a flat bottom boat that they took people out on. They could go out and fish off the dock. They had shuffle board. They had cooking with chefs and painting classes, and they had some beautiful art works that were done by the people who lived there. They had pool tables, a computer lab, and a library. They had physical and occupational therapy, and they had a gym there. They had everything. It was a wonderful community. They had people on staff 24 hours a day.

Provider Response

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing a review. Please join us any time for a special event, club meeting, class, movie, excursion or just come in for a friendly lunch. Thank you again for taking the time to share your impressions. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

August 12, 2016

By Caring_2645342

I am a friend or relative of resident

My father was a resident for 18 months. He enjoyed the food very much. Our entire family would have dinner on several occasions with wonderful service and great selection. When he passed away, the staff were very kind and helpful.

Provider Response

Thank you sincerely for sharing your experience. It was our pleasure and privilege to serve your father and we wish you and your family all the very best. Thank you again. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

July 17, 2016

By Ed

I am a friend or relative of resident

What a shame! Their dining is "restaurant" style which means you have to wait sometimes 20-30 minutes to be seated. Even when you can see there are open seats. Then the whole evolution from ordering to eating to finishing takes at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Don't expect a nice breakfast there, ever! It's a-la-cart with pastries and coffee. There is a "bistro", which means tiny little thing with small menu, but you'll have to guess what they have available. No menu and the staff gives me the feeling they don't really want you to order anything accept what might be left in the hot trays. No eggs in the "restaurant" style dining room for breakfast and the bistro only serves them 3 days a week because of "the shortage". What shortage you ask? I don't know. Haven't seen one of those for eggs in years. The lady on the valet/parking crew is very rude and obnoxious and actually took it upon herself to scrape a sticker off of our car without notifying us before or after. Then she assigned my fathers parking space to someone else 3 months after she assigned it to us. On their recommendation, I took it up with the Assistant Director but I have no idea of any resolution yet. That was 2-3 weeks ago. After the first few weeks there, my dad ended up in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and then returned to his apartment under the care of a hospice crisis team. I was told that I should accept that he was on his way out. Bayada is a co-owner or owned by the same company as the Fountains and is the onsite nursing and aid care. The Nurse Practitioner assigned by them told me there's not a lot we can do. Well, 2 months later and he's graduated hospice and doing fine. Because I feel there will be ramifications for my father from this post, I'll just say, I wouldn't pick this place again.

Provider Response

I’m extremely sorry to hear that you have not had a positive experience. I again urge you to call me directly at 727-381-5411 to discuss further so we may address your issues and work toward full resolution. We are committed to 100% satisfaction for residents, families and guests and I do hope to hear from you very soon. Please rest assured our only aim is to provide the very best lifestyle for your father and there would never be any negative outcomes to providing open, honest feedback in effort to help us improve. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

May 22, 2016


I visited this facility

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay was nice. Actually, it was kind of an exclusive high rise with a very beautiful view of the water, but my wife did not feel comfortable there. The dining area was restaurant-style and had a very nice, rotating menu. It was professional, but it was not friendly like the other facility I saw.

March 30, 2016

By Visitor124456350

I visited this facility

The Fountains (The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay) was horrible because it smelled when you first walk in and looked like a place where people are waiting to die. They said there was a kitchen, but it was not a kitchen; it was just an area with a couple of cupboards, a sink, and a refrigerator. It was absolutely nothing. I can’t say anything good about it. The lady that was with us couldn’t wait to get out of there. It was nasty.

February 22, 2016

By Jeanne39

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother-in-law stayed in Florida at The Fountains. It’s very nice, but she just didn’t like going out of her room to meet people. She had nurses that came and got her out of bed and put her to bed at the end of the day. They took good care of her. It was very nice and not depressing. It’s not like a lot of older communities. The dining area is beautiful.

January 25, 2016

By Loving Daughter27

I am a friend or relative of a resident

What I like about The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay is that it has all levels of care, and the price is good. My mom has been there for about two weeks now. The place is very clean. I haven’t tried the food, but my mom likes it.

October 29, 2015

By Anonymous113471450

I visited this facility

The Fountains is a high-rise -- I think 21 or 22 stories high -- and they have a nursing care center there, too. It's not a buy-in. I've been over there for lunch, and I want to go back and talk to the people about it because I don't know much about the financial part of it. I thought the food was nice. I would recommend it. As a matter of fact, two people from where I live condo now have gone over to The Fountains in the last few weeks.

October 06, 2015

By JenP

I am a friend or relative of resident

Terrible facility. The staff is not helpful, the living quarters are dirty and never cleaned, and the care in the assisted living is spotty. I would recommend looking at a different facility as it's frustrating and impossible to work with these people.

Provider Response

I’m sorry to hear that your experience was not more positive. Thanks for giving us a chance to hear your concerns and respond. With regard to your comment about care, please note that our response to call lights is automatically recorded by computer and I personally monitor these reports daily to ensure that we are consistently responsive. Response time is important but it’s not everything. I would like to learn more about your specific concerns and I hope that you will contact me to discuss. Please allow me to add, while no grading system is foolproof, both our external state surveys and our internal resident satisfaction scores have been positive. During the May 2015 annual survey, AHCA gave us their highest score possible, “Deficiency Free.” When AHCA and later, the Ombudsmen interviewed our 19 residents of assisted living at the time, they did not learn of any housekeeping issues. In our 2014 annual resident satisfaction survey, residents gave us very high scores for overall quality of service and competent and friendly staff, and most said they would recommend us to a friend. As for cleanliness, only 2% of assisted living residents have expressed that housekeeping needs improvement based on comment cards received throughout the past eight months. Surveys aside, we welcome and thank you for your feedback because it helps us make constant improvements in our quest for 100% resident, associate and family satisfaction. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

July 04, 2015

By Caring110145250

I visited this facility

I visited The Fountains At Boca Ciega Bay for my mom. I wasn't impressed at all. There were too many people and not enough staff. It was very musty; it seemed to be closed in. Now once you're in their rooms, the view was great, but what's the real important thing on being in an assisted living? Care. I didn't see it. It just seemed like an old motel type setting where they had chairs here and there; it just didn't give you that kind of feeling of comfort. It just really was not set that way. They had basic activities. They had media time where they showed movies. They had bingo. They had areas where they would sit down and play cards with everybody. To me, it just didn't give you the home comfortable type feeling.

Provider Response

Thank you for your feedback. First impressions are very important and I’m sorry yours was not more positive. Until you get to know residents, staff and sample programs, it’s hard to get a real feel for the lifestyle. We do offer a trial stay program for that purpose if you are ever interested. The vast majority of our residents and their families are very satisfied. If you haven’t found a better match for your Mom, I welcome you to revisit or book a trial stay to better experience how our residents thrive. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

April 24, 2015

By Miz Dani

I am a friend or relative of a resident

These folks are top notch, we've been there since Feb. 2011, Mom has mild to moderate dementia & they provide level 1 care (meds management) for her & all the other amenities are included in the rent. Even though we're at a lower level of care than many, we see the kind way they treat all the other residents, feel confident Mom will get the best care should her level of care need to be higher. There are tons of fun & useful things to keep her/us busy: the "university lessons," the parties, bus tours, all kinds of activities in house & out for entertainment & keeping the residents active & involved...the staff is like our family & I don't know how we'd survive without them!

Provider Response

Thank you for letting us know about your experiences. It means a lot to us to hear from our residents, their family and friends, especially those who have been part of our community for several years. We’re so glad that your mom is thriving here, and, as you note, it is comforting to know that she can get more care, should that become needed, without having to move from a place that has become home for her. Again, thank you for your feedback. Best regards, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director, The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay.

April 06, 2015

By Caring103928950

I visited this facility

My dad is at The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay. He has been happy there, and that's why I'm keeping him there. He likes the food. The people there are very good to him. The garden area is very nice. The only thing I didn't like about this place is the elevators. They're terrible. They need to replace the elevators. It is a very big building, but it's a little out of date. They have church services. Apparently in memory care, I have had to fight to get my father to go to church. Assisted living people can go, but I would like to see the memory care people to be involved. Those who can participate should be able to participate in religious activities. The director of memory care is excellent. She is very accommodating. She gets right back to you. However, I'm a little concerned about the way they distribute medication there because I'm not getting immediate feedback on that. They've duplicated medications where my father ends up having to pay out of his pocket instead of Medicare because they didn't bother to look at where the prescriptions are coming from. That bothered me. They need to give you more immediate feedback on the medical part.

Provider Response

Thank you for your feedback about your father’s experience. I would like to speak to you specifically about insurance payments for medications and getting your father to church, if those issues have not already been resolved. We certainly don’t want to deny transportation to anyone who is capable of attending church on their own. Escort service would be an additional option. We do also offer religious services right here in the building. Please contact me at your convenience. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

February 19, 2015

By Caring102805350

I am/was a resident of this facility

I have been in The Fountains for about eight months. It is very nice, and it got a lot to go for. There are certain drawbacks, but it is very well done. The atmosphere is very nice. I have a relatively large room. It is fine, and it is exactly what I need. The food is excellent. As for activities, they have a great many things that are going on here. All you have to do pick and choose. I can't say the staffs are excellent, but they are just fine. They may be slightly better than average but not much. They own an elevator system here that could be much better.

Provider Response

Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad to know that you have so many good things to say. I wish there was more we could do about the elevator situation. I always hope people make new friends while waiting for the elevator to arrive! Thank you for being patient and for allowing adequate time to arrive at your destination. If you ever have additional feedback, please let me know. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

October 31, 2014

By Leon6

I am/was a resident of this facility

I like The Fountains. It’s a combination of both independent and assisted living. The room is good. They’re different on what you can afford, I have an apartment. There are tons of activities. There’s music, shows and nice birthdays. They have a movie theater, two restaurants, a café, a boat, a bus, and two cars. They have a big staff. Some are good, some just want jobs. Overall, it’s pretty good.

October 25, 2014

By Caring96015150

I visited this facility

We went to The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay, and it's a very nice place. I like everything about it. The room was fine, but I just felt it would be a very big place for my husband.

October 22, 2014

By Caring85155350

I visited this facility

I went over to The Fountains. I live very close to it, and it would have been convenient but it’s a very large and very tall complex. It has 22 floors and the residents have to ride an elevator. My mom thought it was too big. She would have gotten lost in the shuffle. Everybody was very nice and the amenities seemed very adequate. It seems like it’s well taken care of. It’s on the water so all the residents have a nice view out their window.

September 30, 2014

By Caring90562150

I visited this facility

The Fountains At Boca Ciega Bay is close to where I live; that's why I visited it. It smelled. It was dated. They had all of the elderly people hanging out at the front door, which was a big turn-off. The staff was fine though, but the rooms were dated and small. Overall, the place was horrible.

Provider Response

Thank you for your feedback. Decisions about where to live are very personal and I’m sorry your first visit did not meet your expectations. I do hope that you were able to find a place to live that was more to your liking. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

July 29, 2014

By Caring90569650

I visited this facility

We checked out the Fountains, and the apartments were very spacious and very nice. When I first walked in, it was a beautiful location, but as we got into it, it appeared somewhat beaten. The apartments were much smaller and dingier than I expected. It was kind of dated. I wasn't too impressed. Wonderful program and activities. The view was the best thing that they had going for them, but it has a very small pool. There were amenities there as well, but a little more dated. I was concerned about the fact that they only had 2 elevators, and they were old, so in terms of evacuation or emergency-type of thing, that would concern me.

Provider Response

Thank you for sharing your impressions with us. We’re glad you liked our views and “vibe.” We may not be the glitziest community around, but we do offer the best waterfront value on the bay. Safety and security of our residents is our number one priority. I assure you that evacuation drills are conducted to the ultimate satisfaction of emergency personnel who are partners in our success. Our sister community in Sarasota is also always on standby to receive our residents should any extreme emergency arise. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

May 24, 2014

By zapo0559

I visited this facility

A huge disaster! This facility was too large, confusing, pricey for us! Very unorganized and the tour focused on our income and finances.

Provider Response

Thank you for your honest feedback. I’m sorry your introduction to our community was less than positive. Size and price are very personal decisions and we strive to be the best value on the bay. We always encourage people to research until they do find the community that’s just right for them. I hope you find your ideal community. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

March 29, 2014

By Ruth29

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mom lived at The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay for two years before. Part of it was nice. It was not built for the handicapped; the hallways are very narrow, the bathroom is very small, and all you can do is get a wheelchair into the bathroom, but no aide. It was retrofitted to become assisted living, and it really isn't suitable. There are two very small elevators for twenty-three floors, so there are times when you have to wait for an elevator, seriously, up to an hour. It was very bad. I had big issues with mold in the apartment that I had to continually ask them to get cleaned out. It was a big issue with their air conditioners – black mold, not very healthy. My mom has asthma, so I had a lot of issues there. Then, I had some issue with bruising on my mom's arms that were clearly fingerprints, so I moved her out. The problem was, I never saw management on the floor ever. There was very little supervision of what the aides were doing in the residents' rooms, and I don't think it was the aides' fault. They were way understaffed. There were days that one aide has seventeen, thirteen, fifteen people to take care of, and that is just too many. But I did notice that the aides were sometimes not very pleasant to some of the residents. I know it is hard work because the residents can be abusive too, but there were a couple of circumstances that really made me very uncomfortable with some of the aides there.

Provider Response

I'm sorry to hear that your experience was not positive. I also apologize for the late (public) response to your concerns. I want to assure you that resident safety is our utmost concern. We provide routine staff training on empathy and kindness and we use tender loving care when moving someone from wheelchair or bed. Our staffing levels exceed ACHA regulations by two associates per shift and we also provide 24-hour nursing coverage. We have replaced a/c duct work and our high rise elevators, although they can be slow, are always up to date with servicing and maintenance. We welcome the opportunity to improve every day. Please don’t hesitate to contact me any time to offer additional or more specific feedback. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

March 29, 2014

By Dick6

I visited this facility

The amenities at The Fountains are very nice but right now, I can't afford the luxury that the people set in there. They have all kinds of activities. They have something social twice a week. I go to one or two of their functions that they have and it's very good. The rooms are fine.

February 13, 2014

By Caring78117850

I visited this facility

The fountains was my number one choice before my dad had a stroke. It was a beautiful property with a beautiful view and it was very well maintained and updated. You didn’t feel like you were in an old folk’s home. Steve was awesome and he was very helpful. I got to see the actual room that my dad was going to get into. The food was awesome and I was really surprised that it was very flavorful.

December 31, 2013

By Caring75509850

I am/was a resident of this facility

I was at The Fountains when I had a knee operation for rehab. I found everything is organized. It's a beautiful spot. They seemed to take care of their people and anybody I've met there was very nice – all the staff. They are very friendly and accommodating. The food was also delicious. Their rehab center just needs modernization. There are some things that are pretty worn out already, but overall the environment is pretty attractive.

November 26, 2013

By Tom39

I am/was a resident of this facility

I'm in The Fountains and I want to get out of here. I've been here about four months and my money is gone. The rooms and the staff are pretty good and they have all kinds of activities. The food fluctuates. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's really bad. Their idea of preparation and mine just don't match. Right now we're waiting for supper and it doesn't look like we're going to get it. We called to have them bring it up and it's supposed to have been here somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00 and it's still not here. Last night, we ordered for two people and got food for one. In the bathroom we have a commode. They have to pour it twice and it's aggravating stuff but mainly the price is just ridiculous.

Provider Response

I'm glad to hear the positive things you have to say about our community and sorry to hear that you've had some expectations unmet. I assure you we are very competitively priced for the value of our services and of course we will do everything we can to assist you if you would in fact like to continue to live at The Fountains. Please give me a call so we can have a meeting to discuss your situation. My cell number is 727-465-3033.

Sincerely, Allen Bingen, Executive Director

November 21, 2013

By Caring73596850

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My father is in the senior living facility at The Fountains. My sister pick it because it also has assisted living. So, as my father declines, he will be able to make a transition to the assisted living. My father likes it. It is a really big facility and he likes the activities. They have bingo and poker. They have a big auditorium where they actually play movies. My niece describes it as "it looks like a movie theater". They have outings to restaurants and stores.

September 30, 2013

By Lisa37

I visited this facility

We visited The Fountains for a relative. They did have memory care. It was a really nice facility. The people were nice as well. Overall, it was a fine facility, but it was rather far from us, location-wise.

August 12, 2013

By scb

I am a friend or relative of resident

My Mom had been in a skilled nursing center for 3 months and needed to move to an ALF prior to going home to assist with daily living needs and determine if she is capable of caring for herself. We opted to use the 30 days respite room available and pay for the additional daily living expenses for assistance with bathing, personal laundry, medication and 3 meals a day. The place seemed well run, the staff returned calls quickly, and the 2 tours were great and the residents friendly. Perfect place for my Mom to flourish, finish regaining her strength and consider moving to permanently. After moving in she has been told since she’s in a guest/respite suite, they won’t assist her on a routine basis for bathing. In the 12 days here, she’s had assistance twice in bathing. Simple things like helping her wash her feet, even every other day go without assistance. She smelled so bad when I entered her room that I helped her bath. She can’t get her personal laundry done, I’ve have to take it home to ensure she has clean clothes. She’s restricted to the ALF dining room and the food is always cold. She’s asked for hot food but it’s not forthcoming. At shift change someone is supposed to make sure she okay, doesn’t always happen. Calls to the nursing staff to get the assistance we signed up for go unanswered. However, I can say the staff is always friendly, appears to be caring, (but doesn’t follow through.) The activity rooms are nice and well maintained. My Mom loved the church service and has had no issues with the transportation provided to visit her doctors. My Mom is of sharp mind, but failing body, so I hear and see what she is saying. These are the things that as her daughter she’ll tell me about, it makes me wonder what she isn’t saying. I’m embarrassed and disappointed to say that my Mom is staying at The Fountains.

Provider Response

I'm sincerely sorry to hear that your mom's experience has fallen short of your expectations. I have spoken with Department Directors today and reviewed the records and notes of every resident in our guest suites to make sure we address and resolve the concerns you mention. I do hope you will call me to discuss further. My cell number is 727-465-3033.

Sincerely, Allen Bingen, Executive Director

June 07, 2013

By Theresa6

I visited this facility

The Fountains was awful. The living areas were dirty. They were understaffed. There's no coordination between each shift. If something happens on one shift, the next shift comes in and they know nothing. Their management is only looking at how much they can make off of everybody and their financial structure is not sound.

Provider Response

I'm surprised and very sorry to hear about your experience during your visit. I assure you that keeping The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay clean and running smoothly is a priority. Additionally, our community is in good financial health. If you would like to learn more about how we coordinate communication between shifts or the financial structure of The Fountains I would gladly meet with you or discuss over the phone. Please call me any time on my cell phone at (727) 465-3033.


Allen Bingen, Executive Director

April 29, 2013

By Roger4

I visited this facility

It is a much older facility, twenty-five stories high. They have done a lot of remodeling. One thing that they do lack is a kitchenette area. They don't have a stove and they only provide two meals a day. Their food is very, very good. The staff are very warm and friendly. It has some beautiful views from the upper floors. But basically, the reason we did not choose this is the distance between this facility and my daughter is a little too far for us to drive on a regular basis. We have a friend who lives in this facility and she's very happy and she likes it very much. If only this facility is where my daughter lives, we probably would have chosen this.

September 12, 2012

By Sarah, C

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I went to visit this facility one day to visit my friend's grandfather. He lived there for only a few years and didn't speak very much so we went to go visit him to brighten his spirits. We expected to see a dreary facility full of grumpy employees that really didn't care about any of the residents. We were very wrong! The residents seem rather pleasant and actually like and appreciate the employees that they encounter on a daily basis. The employees do their best to cater to the needs of every resident in an orderly fashion. It is rather impressive to see just how well they keep everyone accomodated. Meals are arranged on time and medications are dispersed evenly. After seeing some very "run-down" facilities we were utterly over-joyed to see this one. They couldn't do a better job doing what they do! It's a wonderful place! I have suggested this facility to many of my coworkers and will continue to do so!

June 22, 2012

By escowler


My grandparents lived at The Fountains for a while before my grandfather passed away. The facility is only okay. The problem is the lack of care and the rampant theft. I sat with my grandparents a few times during the day and no one came to their room to check on them for hours at a time (6 to 8). There was no one nearby and no one but the front desk to contact. Before they moved in, I was told that they would have assistance twice a week for showers then when they moved in we were told it was only once a week. The theft began right at the beginning. My grandmother would have money in her purse when she went to sleep and it would be gone in the morning. When I complained they just insisted that she had spent it even though it happened over and over again. They also stole her Depends and Boost drink supplement. We can only figure that they sold them to other residents since one of the caregivers asked my grandparents if they'd like them to pick some up when they ran out. When I complained nothing happened. I finally bought a locking cabinet...that slowed them down but once they found the key on Gram's keyring, the stuff starting disappearing again. That's when I moved her. I've known several people who had similar experiences and now have their family members in other ALFs.

Provider Response

At The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay, the safety, security, health and well-being of our residents is our top priority. We take your concerns very seriously. If you would like to discuss, I would be more than happy to speak with you. Please call me any time on my cell phone at (727) 465-3033.


Allen Bingen, Executive Director.

June 04, 2012

By caring6011

I visited this facility

One of the things why we chose The Fountains was because my friend's doctor had suggested that she swim for exercise. She's got some problems with walking and so they actually have a pool there. They were the only ones in the area that had a pool. Also, they had an independent living section and that's really what she needs at this point. She checked out maybe 4 facilities and the others had just assisted, and you had to go directly into assisted living. The Fountains seemed to be a little more active. The pool was good in this case simply because the doctor had suggested the water exercise. But compared to other places, they did have the independent aspect and that was cheaper! That made a big difference because many of the places were out of her budget. They let us have lunch there and the food was very nice. Well, they kind of have a couple of choices with their meals as well.

May 29, 2012

By blue_water22

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The place was very nice. Staff was friendly. There we several daily, weekly activities she could do. The food was also very good and she always comments on how well everything tastes. The only complaint we have is that the pool and recreational area was a little far away from her unit and she isn't able to walk to it by herself. We have requested a unit closer for her if one becomes available.

May 03, 2012

By commercesd

I visited this facility

We decided to visit The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay assisted living facility as we really liked the Fort Myers area and it is convenient for my friend's mother's family. The building appeared very well maintained. As a full-service, safe high-rise building, the views of the city were stunning. The accommodations resembled what could be found in a high-end hotel - with even more amenities. The outer grounds featured a lovely courtyard with exotic palm trees and ponds, with nice seating areas to enjoy. The design and decor had an open-air feel. There is an inside movie house, general store, beauty salon and soda fountain. The dining rooms were beautiful. The high ceilings and chandeliers added a level of elegance rarely seen in an assisted living facility. The many activity rooms and lounges were all nicely decorated. The activities ranged from board games, to discussions, private reading and watching film and TV - some people were also using computers. They also have a billiards room and many other amenities. The staff is well-versed at taking care of a variety of types of people, from those who are not ambulatory - to people who have memory issues. The living spaces were well-designed and spacious.There is plenty of professional, yet friendly staff to take care of basic needs. All of the areas were pleasant to be in and we could see that the residents thought so, too. The outside activities they plan regularly include everything from visiting local restaurant favorites, and the public library to day trips to nearby regions. They have planned exercise classes - but also offer residents to work out any time they wish. We liked that they encourage exercise. There was also a heated outdoor pool, fishing pier and many outdoor gardening areas with beautiful nature paths for the residents to enjoy. We are glad we took the time to look at this facility and it is in the running as one of the better places we visited in the region so far. Anyone who lived in this environment is sure to be quite content with many amenities and all of their needs met.
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Independent Living Reviews for The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

September 09, 2021

By Mary

I visited this facility

I toured The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg, and it's a lovely place. I have an application for it, and just have to get my financial information together. It's gorgeous, it's well-kept, and the rooms are just beautiful with a lot of options. There's a big library there and a lot of activities. If you miss a meal, they have a little place where you can go buy something really cheap. I saw so many happy people there, a very caring staff, and I saw everything was in excellent condition. I do believe they work hard keeping it really together. I was there for several hours to tour the independent living, and they sent me home with a sandwich. I'm a vegetarian, so they made a special sandwich for me. It was good and had the most amazing flavor. There were a lot of greens and veggies on it. It was absolutely delicious, so somebody knew what they were doing. They have an exercise class, three meals a day, housekeeping, and transportation services. It's good because I recently gave up my car, not because I didn't want to, but because I just didn't want the responsibility anymore since I'm 75 years old. The staff was very pleasant and I was so impressed. That's the only place I visited so far that I'm so impressed with.

August 22, 2021

By Margaret

I visited this facility

I liked the view and the amenities at The Fountains At Boca Ciega Bay. The person that gave us the tour was very nice and she had been there for a long time. They were in the process of remodeling rooms and putting fresh carpet in. They have bingo, a movie theater, they play cards, and someone was playing the piano when we were there. They said they get a breakfast, then either a choice of lunch or dinner.

June 20, 2021

By Linette

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay is beautiful, and the rooms have gorgeous views. The staff members are very supportive towards the family and keep us updated. There are a lot of activities for seniors including trips (when it's not in COVID). There are lots of recreations including a kayaking club. The people generally seem very happy there. Because it's COVID, there's minimum dining. From what I have seen, the food looks very good and much better than the last place he was at. They offer dining specific days a week, so they won't over-crowd due to COVID. Overall, the living atmosphere is very good. It's like a community, but the people seem to know each other. They all hang out outside together. When I walked in there were a couple of ladies chatting in the hallway. It seemed like a very close-knit community. They have a dog park and facilities for kayaking. A lot of it is shut down right now like their theater. They're not utilizing it right now because of COVID. They organize trips and outings often, but again they have to shut them down including cruises. The food is not as good as it was without COVID. We're paying about a half of what we were paying in California.

August 29, 2018

By Richard

I visited this facility

I'm very impressed with The Fountains At Boca Ciega Bay. There were a lot of amenities there and they had a good food menu. There was a real nice place for walking around outside. The staff all seemed very nice. Anytime I asked a question, they had the right answer. I'm going up in September to trial stay in a guestroom up there to see how much I really like it. I really like the studio apartment I'm going to get. It's big enough for me and I love the fact that it has a lot of closet space to store things. The dining area was set up very nice. They have lounges where you can sit and talk to other people and they have a pool table up there. I was really happy with the grounds outside. You get to pick the view you want. The staff was very courteous. Everything I saw was very clean and well kept. It was basically in my price range.

July 31, 2018

By Sharon

I am/was a resident of this facility

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay is a very nice place. The staff is very good and a lot of them have been here for many years. The residents are very friendly and helpful. The rooms are comparable to the others. They are spacious, but you have to bring your own furniture. They have a lot of activities. You can stay very busy here. They have a lot of outings to different restaurants, museums, and they offer transportation to appointments.

September 18, 2017

By Karen Schafer


To the friends and families of those living at The Fountains, you should be endlessly grateful to Suzanne, Executive Director of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay and her dedicated team that devoted themselves selflessly over the past 5 days to ensure that your loved ones were safe and cared for. It was truly an honor to meet Suzanne and a humbling experience to witness her astounding leadership in a time of need. After 5 days, with I imagine little or no sleep, she was still, calm, efficient at working towards their safe return and providing constant communication to her team and residents. She is a her residents, to her employees and to the community. For those searching for a retirement community for either yourself or a loved one, I truly hope you consider The Fountains. The commitment I saw to their resident's safety and the execution of their emergency plan was truly first class. Suzanne and team, it would have been more of a pleasure under better circumstances, and we sincerely do hope you will return to Mission Inn Resort for a true leisure experience. Thank you for caring so much for the safety and well-being of your residents. You are a blessing.

Provider Response

Thank you Karen. We appreciate your recognition to the team for a job well done. We love what we do and it shows. Thank you for going above and beyond with your gracious, friendly, accommodating hospitality. It was an experience we will never forget; thank you for making it such a positive one. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

September 14, 2017

By Brinkley

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

I'm writing now because I have a brother who resides at The Fountains and he was so impressed with the way the staff handled the evacuation because of Irma. No one looks forward to leaving their comfortable home but in spite of the fact that he uses a walker, he felt the staff did everything possible to make his experience positive. I was so surprised when he returned and was not frustrated with evacuating. He has lived there for several years and has always had a very favorable opinion of the facility and how the staff attends to his needs. As his sister who lives out of this area during the summer, it puts my mind at ease knowing he is so content living there. He also loves the million dollar view overlooking the Gulf and Intracoastal Waterway!....Priceless!!

Provider Response

We appreciate you taking the time to write a meaningful review. Your words have a great impact and our team will be glad to know their hard work and dedication to our residents does not go unnoticed. I’m so proud of our residents and associates who have been inspiring throughout this challenging but gratifying experience. Thank you for placing your trust in us. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

July 17, 2017

By Carmen

I visited this facility

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay looked very well run, but there was a mixture of independent and assisted there, which wasn't a fit for me. They had a pool, arts and crafts, a reading group, and a room for movies. The dining area looked nice. I had an appointment with the salesperson. They quickly called her and she came down within a couple of minutes from her office to greet us. They were friendly.

Provider Response

Thank you for visiting our community and sharing your experience. Whatever your choice may be, please feel free to call any time if you have questions along the way. We are glad to help in any way we can. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

April 14, 2017

By Jacquelyn126540

I visited this facility

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay was fine. The only thing was that the apartment they had available for my price range was the studio on the 18th floor, and I wasn’t OK with that. The staff was very helpful, very knowledgeable, and introduced me to some of the people who were all very nice. The place is both for independent and assisted living, and I don’t think I need assistance as of yet. The dining area looked wonderful.

Provider Response

Thanks for sharing your positive experience. I welcome you to return any time for a class, event, club meeting or excursion. With all the great common spaces and time spent outside your residence you may eventually find a studio to be a good fit. It would be great to know what we can do differently to earn a five-star review. We are focused on constant improvement and your insights would be helpful. Please call me any time. Thanks again, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

August 22, 2016

By Judith707147

I visited this facility

I toured The Fountains (The Fountains At Boca Ciega Bay). I was told I could bring my dog, so I did, and within a few minutes, somebody came up and said to me, “Get your dog off the carpet.” So, I put him up on a walker. I chose to stay a night there to see what it would be like to stay overnight, but I am terrified of heights, and they put me on the 12th floor. I was terrified all night long. I did not have a really good experience. The facilities were very nice and lovely. There were outdoor activities and games.

May 10, 2016

By BuckeyeARQFW

I visited this facility

I was very favorably impressed with this community. It is well maintained. The staff were friendly and helpful a. All the residents I spoke with seemed happy to be there. In addition to the standard amenities, they offer many classes (Watermark University). That and the waterfront location are very appealing. I plan to become a resident.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to review our community and even more importantly, we can’t wait to welcome you as a new member of our family! In the meantime before you make the move, please join us often for classes, events and outings and contact us with any and all questions you may have. Thank you again I look forward to sharing your review with our team. Sincerely, Suzanne Burtzlaff, Executive Director

July 15, 2015

By CutieJudy

I am/was a resident of this facility

Losing my husband has been very hard but being here with so many distractions, I have made a lot of friends. Everybody is very friendly, not only the employees but also the people that reside here.

June 30, 2015

By Steve109628650

I visited this facility

The staff was good at The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay. The rooms and apartments were very dated. I thought they were smaller, but they had a nice view. The dining area was adequate. They had plenty of activities like bingo, Wii bowling and billiards. It was not where I want to be, but I would recommend it.

June 19, 2015

By Itstime5050

I am/was a resident of this facility

I joined The Fountains because with my house I had to go out for all the activities and here it’s all under one roof.

May 01, 2015

By 5stars

I visited this facility

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay is a beautiful community on the water - they have such an amazing activities program and my father enjoys all that there is to do there! The staff is caring and professional and even though it is large they made my father feel right at home and eased his apprehension when he moved in.

October 06, 2014

By Kimmik

I visited this facility

Dad stays at The Fountains. The staff is very good and accommodating. They have a movie theater on weekends, two nights they have entertainment, big shows, music that comes in during the week, there’s a lot of clubs that people can join, they play cards, and Wii bowling is also available. They have a lot of outings, day trips, and transportation to doctor’s appointments. Dad is in a studio apartment. He doesn’t cook, but it does have cooking facilities, a small size refrigerator, and a bathroom. You go in the lobby and there are sofas and chairs, a piano, and floral arrangements; it’s very homey. I would recommend this to anybody looking for this type of facility.

July 31, 2014

By Caring83143850

I visited this facility

I liked The Fountains very much. It was secure and it was within my budget. I like the rooms very much; they were roomy and clean. It was something I think I would be comfortable with. The most activities I was interested in were transportation, traveling. I think they had a mahjong club. They could improve on the cost; it was a little bit pricey.

August 27, 2013

By Caring FBCB

I visited this facility

My wife and I are going to move into The Fountains by the end of this month. It is an independent living facility. The facility looks very good to us. They have a lot of activities to choose from. They also offer services like laundry and housekeeping jobs.

December 27, 2012

By caring12131

I visited this facility

The Fountains is one of the best so far. We were there last January for a birthday party for one of our friends who lives there. The place is clean and the staff was nice.

December 12, 2012

By Carol.r

I visited this facility

This facility is always clean and the residents love all the planned parties, games, talks and other activities that the staff provide. The staff are friendly and always know the names of the residents in their community I love their interaction with the residents. Jennifer N. is a great asset to the Fountains community.
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Photos of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

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Services and Amenities of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • In Room Kitchens
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Room Service For Meals


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Resident Transportation
  • Garden And Patio
  • Resident Parking
  • Pool

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry For Clothing

Health services

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Hospice Care
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nurse On Staff: Yes


  • Offsite Activities
  • Religious Services
  • Fitness Room

Guest services

  • Overnight Guests


  • English


  • Respite Care
  • Pets: Yes

Range of services

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Types of care

  • Meal Preparation

Training Areas

  • Memory Care Training


  • Licenses: 83
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About The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg, FL is a rental retirement community offering Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care on 14 tropically landscaped acres with a heated outdoor pool, private fishing pier, outdoor gardening areas, nature paths and a state-of-the-art movie theater. Choose a spacious and bright studio, one- or two-bedroom apartment, overlooking the sun-dappled water of Boca Ciega Bay or the twinkling city lights of St. Petersburg. Meals are enjoyed restaurant style, with optional wine service. The Fountains offers an ongoing course schedule of mind-expanding and body-toning classes through Watermark University. A Watermark retirement community. Florida Assisted Living License #0083.

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay Ameneties

  • Well-stocked library
  • Town Hall for performances and lectures
  • Bay View Dining room
  • Sky View Lounge for cards, entertaining
  • Computer Center
  • Billiards room
  • Reception lounges
  • Wellness Center
  • Country Store
  • Beauty Salon and Barber Shop
  • 14 acres of lush, tropically landscaped, grounds
  • On-site bank
  • Non-denominational chapel
  • Central mail area
  • Furnished guest apartments
  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Private fishing pier
  • Shuffleboard courts
  • Outdoor gardening area
  • Courtyard
  • Nature paths
  • State-of-the-art movie theater
  • Soda fountain

The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay Services

  • Variety of stimulating social, educational, cultural, recreational and spiritual programs
  • 24-hour concierge service
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Valet parking
  • The Best Move for Your Life and move-in coordination service
  • LIFEtrax Health and Wellness Services
  • Fitness programs include regularly scheduled exercise classes, walking programs and water aerobics classes
  • Alternative medicine programs such as message therapy, tai chi and yoga
  • Fitness lectures
  • Preventative health screenings
  • Complete apartment maintenance, including plumbing and major appliances
  • Building maintenance, groundskeeping and landscaping services

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Map of The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

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The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

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