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Assisted Living Reviews for Andara A Cadence Community

November 19, 2016

By Concerned Daughter621821

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

My dad liked the food at Andara. The food is good, and it's like in a restaurant.. The room is a good size for my father, and the rooms are very nice. My dad is really small, so for him, the studio is a good fit, and I like how everything was placed; it also has a small kitchenette. The bathroom is large enough for a wheelchair. The people are good, and for the most part, everyone is nice and treats residents with care. They take them to trips to baseball games.

October 10, 2016

By Joann203227

I visited this facility

We visited Andara. We like it a lot, but the one that we ended up going with just jumped out at us. The guy that showed me around was super, so were the other people. They’re all the same thing. There were millions of things to do, there were beautiful places, and everything was nice.

July 29, 2016

By Tom730123

I visited this facility

Andara was very nice, it looked like a huge hotel, and it has an underground parking. The lobby was like a 5-star hotel, and the dining area was fancy. They had a piano bar, a place where they had bands come in and play for entertainment. That part really impressed me. However, the rooms were small. It has all the amenities in the facility.

June 17, 2016

By Shirley163664

I visited this facility

Everything at Andara was excellent and my number one place to go. They had a pool, jacuzzi, library, and a salon. The dining area and the rooms were excellent. They had exercise rooms, rooms for bridge and cards, and a happy hour three days a week. You get specials on wine and drinks, have live music twice, and karaoke group once.

May 10, 2016


I visited this facility

I really liked Andara Senior Living. It was very nice, very clean, well set up, and welcoming. If I were going to send my mom to a place, it would be Andara. I liked the program of activities that they had for the residents because there was a lot of stuff to do. The apartments were nice, clean, spacious, and updated with modern kitchen appliances.

June 14, 2015

By Linda, Caring Daughter

I am a friend or relative of resident

After breaking her hip my mother required a stay in an assisted living facility. We had been concerned about her living alone and saw that she was becoming more socially isolated as she was driving less and many of her friends were in the same situation. We looked at facilities with an eye on transitioning from assisted to independent living within the same facility. I was really depressed after the first few facilities we toured. Yes, they were clean and the staff was pleasant, but they just had that "nursing home" feel. Then we toured Andara. Even though it was almost brand new it was being renovated (this was during the transition from Arte to Andara). The facility looks more like a luxury resort than a Senior facility while maintaining a feeling of warmth. Every staff member we interacted with was courteous, professional, and caring. We couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough! The first day Mom was in Assisted they sent an Ambassador" who took her to the beautiful dining room for lunch, sat her at her table and introduced her to her group of friends. That night I stopped by at 6:45 pm to visit thinking Mom would be back in her room since she went to dinner at 4:45. There she sat in the dining room with her table of friends, all of them smiling and chatting away. I left thinking it was good for her to socialize and went home with a smile on MY face. Andara has in house PT and OT so mom was able to complete that without having to be transported elsewhere. The therapist was so caring and compassionate and constantly communicated with me. I voiced my concern that Mom needed to venture out a bit more and had encouraged her to go to the exercise classes on the days she didn't have therapy to no avail. Deanna the therapist picked up on this and told Mom she should go exercise on the off days. Guess who went the next day! Again, another opportunity to socialize. When it came time to be released from Assisted we had a long "family council". Of course Mom hate the thought of giving up her home. But we asked her why she wanted to return to a life of eating alone everyday? We got her to just "look" at some apartments on the Independent side. When she saw how clean, modern and spacious they were she said she would "give it a try"!! One year later we know we made the right choice. Mom is so happy there. The entire staff is so courteous and professional. They truly care about each resident. Andara is smaller than other facilities do it is easier to keep tabs on everyone. One I was concerned when I could not reach Mom by phone several times. I called the friendly front desk lady who assured me she had just seen Mom go by on her way to Bingo! That's another thing--Mom swore she had no interest in Bingo--now she goes to that every day! So between walking to 3 meals daily in the Dining room, Bingo upstairs daily and daily exercise she gets up and moves much more than she did at home. There are plenty of activities and field trips outside the facility to appeal to everyone. Residents can be as active as they desire. Our final hurdle was getting Mom to surrender her car. Again, we urged her to just "try" the shuttle that takes residents to a different shopping facility each day. She loved it. Again, going with others as opposed to going alone. Much safer too which relieves her children. Andara also has a "limo" (actually a bright red Cadillac!) which can be scheduled to take Mom to doctor appointments when one of us is not available. I cannot say enough kind things about Andara. I feel Mom is in a much better place socially, physically, and mentally than she was a year ago. Please tour this facility if you are looking for Senior Living for your loved one!

May 31, 2015

By Richard107418450

I visited this facility

The staff was very friendly at Andara, and the rooms were beautiful. They had outings and trips. They also had a pool and an exercise room.

May 26, 2015

By Caring107699250

I visited this facility

Andara is independent and assisted living. The room is beautiful, and they have a lot of activities. The biggest problem is they have a higher percentage of independent living than they do assisted living. At the time, they were not able to provide the level of care that my mother needed, but it is a very lovely facility. It is very good, and I really liked them. If they could have provided a higher level of care, I would have considered going there as well. It is very clean. I would recommend them, but it just depends on the level of care. Their care level wasn't high enough, but they were certainly very upfront about it. They didn't try to sell by saying they can take care of her. They just told me exactly what they can provide.

May 08, 2015

By Anonymous106287550

I visited this facility

Andara was a lovely place, but it was too expensive. It had everything that we wanted. It was very well done. The person who gave us the tour was lovely and caring.

April 20, 2015

By Caring104341750

I visited this facility

Andara Senior Living is beautiful. We were very satisfied that this will meet our needs. The food is delicious; the rooms are lovely.

February 08, 2015

By Believeyoume

I am/was a resident of this facility

Don’t judge a book by its cover definitely applies here! Food, services and attitude of management and management company is ridiculously poor. Complaints are ignored, there are many and they are legitimate. Don't be a victim, avoid this facility. Snowbirds, YOU WILL be disappointed!

Provider Response

I am disappointed to hear that you did not have a better experience while living at Andara. Our top priority is to deliver the best quality services and care for our residents. Please call me at (480) 862-8701, or e-mail at, to share more information on why we did not meet your expectations and how we can improve the quality of our services going forward. I look forward to speaking with you. Mary Trzaskowski, Executive Director

October 24, 2014

By Caring68704550

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Everybody at Andara Senior Living was very nice to us. It’s just that they have one floor with 16 assisted-living suites, and they have only medtechs. They don’t have any aides, and the medtechs are not trained to do transfers. My husband is paralyzed on one side so he has to be transferred from chair to chair and chair to bed and chair to toilet. Still after 2 weeks, they had the physical therapist coming down to teach the medtechs how to get him in and out of his chair. She had not gotten to the beds yet and the girls nearly let him fall out of bed. That was when she told us we had to leave because it was obvious her girls didn’t know how to deal with him. We should have never moved there, but how would I know that they didn’t have aides trained to deal with my husband. I spent a lot of time and money furnishing his apartment and hiring somebody to move all his stuff there, and the lady who runs the assisted living part was very, very rude to us. She wanted us to leave the next day. The rooms were fine. Their food was excellent, and their dining room was elegant. They had nice activities there as wel that were more attuned to the type of thing that my husband would enjoy.

July 31, 2014

By Jean Marie1

I visited this facility

The rooms that they showed us at Andara Senior Living were independent-living rooms more than assisted living. They have activities but the hallways were long. You had to park underneath in a garage. It just seemed more isolated and it was a darker atmosphere but it was nice. They had prayer groups; they had exercise. They had bingo and they had outings. They were all going to go out to lunch one day so they had different outings. The food was good. Their meals were more scheduled. The dining room where we're at is open from 7:30 until 6 and was closed sometimes during the day between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner so they had to be at the meals when it was meal time. The staff showed us the rooms but I didn't think they were particularly accommodating.

Provider Response

Thank you for your review. As the Executive Director at Andara, I truly value your feedback. I am disappointed you did not have a better experience. While it sounds as if you toured an independent living apartment we also have assisted living apartments and services available. We are proud to deliver high quality services to both our independent and assisted living residents. I would like to personally invite you back to the community to join me for a complimentary lunch or dinner. Please feel free to call me at 480-862-8701 if you would be open to providing additional feedback or to schedule another visit.

Mary Trzaskowski, Executive Director

September 30, 2011

By senioraz0674


I have only visited this facility a few times now and the feeling I get is that as a whole the facility seems to function smoothly without much chaos. The staff and the residents seem to mesh together very well and the residents look to be well taken care of and nurtured. The decor and design of this facility is unlike anything I have seen before. The style is really modern but it still has this antiquated, dated-type of feel to it. It is a really cool facility. They have this copper-looking ceiling that looks very neat against the rest of decor, all of it is really neat. There is a lot of marble, metal, wood in the decor which makes it look kind of rough for an assisted living facility, but there is plush furniture and a lot of artwork which softens it up. It really looks more like a museum or spa than an assisted living facility, every time I am there I feel almost uncomfortable because I am always afraid to touch anything and I never see many residents in the common areas, so it makes me wonder if maybe they also feel the same way. The whole look is very extravagant, but not very "homey" or inviting. The staff all seem to treat the residents equally and with respect, however when they have some down time, I usually see them chatting with one another, tidying up the facility, or messing with the decor rather than spending time with the residents or making rounds checking on the residents. It seems sometimes like they fuss over the furniture more than the residents, and I realize that they really care about the appearance of the facility, but sometimes it seems a bit ridiculous. I mean, when they are caring for the residents they are wonderful with them, and most of the time the residents have only good things to say about the staff, however, lately I have been hearing more complaints about different issues happening around the facility. Usually when I talk to the residents I get a array of feedback, both good and bad, but this is pretty common when you have over 100 different residents with different situations and opinions. From what I've heard, I don't think there is anything that crucial that can't be rectified by the staff immediately. I have been complained to several times about issues with the rights of the residents being overlooked or ignored. While I have not actually seen these things happen, my loyalty is to the residents so if they say it's true I'm inclined to believe them. One of the issues was about decisions being made on the resident's behalf without them being consulted, another complaint was that a resident was being denied access to her administrative paperwork stating her costs, service fees and such. More than one resident told me that they were having problems with the staff invading their privacy, they said that the staff will walk right in to their apartments at times without knocking, or they will talk loudly about private resident issues where other residents and staff are able to overhear. The residents in this facility are independent and assisted living residents, so they are well enough to be entitled to some privacy. The staff should ALWAYS knock first before entering a residents apartment, there's no excuse for not knocking . Also the staff should be sensitive to private matters of the residents. They should never tell a resident personal issues about another resident, it is unethical. A good thing about the facility is that there are many things for the residents to do to keep busy. There are lots of activities, outings, parties. The residents love when they have dances, they love music, so a lot of the activities and entertainment involve music of some kind. They have this limo bus that they go on field trips in, so many residents told me they love it, one resident told me he goes on some of the outings just so he can ride in the limo! Besides from all of the activities there are also several services and amenities that they can take advantage of. The dining services at Arte are really great, the dining room is stunning and the staff there to assist the residents during mealtimes are very friendly and helpful. The chefs make these really cool looking dishes, when the plates come out of the kitchen they are very colorful and it really looks like art. I ordered this pasta dish they have and when it came out I kind of didn't want to eat it because I didn't want to mess it up! But I did, and it was so good! All of the ingredients taste so fresh and all of the dishes have some type of nutritional value and they cook using a lot of fruits and vegetables. I have had so many residents tell me that they get excited about mealtimes and that if they are hungry outside of those times, there are many readily available menu options for them to choose from. I see the chefs walking around all the time asking the residents what meals they would like to see on the menu, they seem to really take resident feedback, about the food anyways, seriously. I think Arte is a sunning facility and I can tell they put a lot of time and focus into their appearance, still it doesn't matter how beautifully decorated the facility is if the quality of care is poor. Families interact with the staff, not the furniture, so the personalities of the staff and the service provided to the residents are what should be most important. There are some issues are Arte, but there are issues in every assisted living facility so what you have to determine is the severity of the issues and whether or not the staff take the issues seriously. I can say that after speaking to the staff about the complaints I received from the residents, they seemed to quickly resolve the issues and I have followed up with every resident who had complaints and they all said that the staff took care of them. SO to sum everything up, I believe that Arte is a facility worth checking out and I believe that the staff do their best to cater to each resident.

August 31, 2011

By Emmyrose

I visited this facility

This a new facility one a half uears olf/ It is a gorgeous 3 story building set on eight acres. It appears as a beautiful resort with fountains and lush greenery, flowers, trees. Theu have walking trails,benches, patios. and shaded areas. The views are beautiful as well. It is not a secured facility therefore they only have independent and assisted with no memory care/dementia residents. As you enter the lobby there is wonderful statues, furnishing, and great paintings.There is a fountain in center, a chandelier, and a sky bridge. There are 15 assisted units that are studios with partial kitchens. They will decorate with choice of the silver or gold package. All are handicapped equipped with an emergency system.They are 450 to 550 square feet. There is an RN on duty 5 days and on call. Some doctors come in . They have an activities directer, certified caregivers, The staff is very nice and caring. They have transport to appointments. They offer housekeeping and laundry services. They have a beautiful formal dining room and a dining room on the assisted living as well. There is a variety of choices from a menu. They offer 3 meals and snacks.Food is delicious. The have a library, fitness room, beauty salon and activity room.They have a sports lounge with flat screen and billiards and a room for Bridge and cards. They have a heated pool. They have a large state-of-art theater room. They are big on axtivities offering exercise programs, current events, they have dances, socials, and many other activities. They go on outings for shopping, theater, restaurants, ball games and other events. I loved this facility and staff.
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Independent Living Reviews for Andara A Cadence Community

August 21, 2017

By Ron P.

I visited this facility

Andara was pretentious-looking inside. It was overly decorated in a way that I didn’t happen to like. They amenities were fine. The layout was peculiar. They had an underneath parking and they had two different buildings and you had to walk across the street from one to the other. It just wasn't laid out quite as nicely as I'd like. I didn't like it, but the person we met with was perfect and nice.

Provider Response

Ron, thank you for sharing your review of our community. While we're disappointed that Andara was not the perfect fit for you, we are so pleased that you enjoyed your visit with us!

February 26, 2017

By Arline123274

I visited this facility

Andara was beautiful. The people all appeared to be happy. The place itself was lovely. The staff member was very helpful and answered every question. She took us to model rooms, which were lovely. They are increasing the number of assisted living rooms. It was informative and pleasant. It was a Sunday afternoon, so they were reading, playing Mahjong, exercising, and preparing for the Super Bowl. They had a pool, exercise, and everything; you can do what you want to do.

October 04, 2016

By Brenda M.

I visited this facility

Andara has everything you could want. I saw a 1-bedroom apartment, and just like the others, there would be plenty of room for her.

October 28, 2014

By Caring94942050

I visited this facility

The one that I like the best was Andara. I like the facilities that were available to me. I like the fact that there was theater and some very interesting things that they do. It was as nice as the most elegant hotel that we ever walked into, and the whole setup was so beautiful. The apartments were beautiful. They had a magnificent patio, and they serve dinner out there when the weather is cool. All those little lights go on, and they have everything outside. It made me feel like I was in another country.

August 20, 2014

By Sally, Caring Daughter

I am a friend or relative of resident

My Mother moved to Andara this past yr after shopping around with her 3 children at various independent living centers in Scottsdale and Phoenix. She was too isolated living alone and didn't eat well. My mom fought moving from her beautiful condo, but after some coaxing, she finally agreed how nice it would be to make friends, and be more active. I'm writing this because Andara has been more than we ever hoped for. My Mother is SO happy, and has made numerous close friendships with many residents. The residents are lovely, kind and very welcoming. The entertainment is truly amazing several times weekly before dinner in Josephine s Lounge. Don't let the white table cloth dining room, and leather bound menus fool can dine on gourmet type dishes, or have a cheeseburger, which is wonderful! The continental breakfast served daily is incredible, with the best home made fruit pastries I've ever tasted! Staff is friendly, compassionate and bends over backwards to make everyone happy. The facility itself can be compared to a beautiful cruise ship, with incredible libraries, theater and beauty salon. I cannot recommend Andara more highly.Dancing, fun, Bingo, Wii Bowling, shopping trips and town car service is complimentary. Our family is so thankful to have found Andara. We know our mom is safe, happy, and honestly as active as her kids now!

August 06, 2014


I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother lived at Andara from March of 2013 until she passed away this past June. She ived independently for almost the whole time but moved to assisted living for about the last month of her life. She loved it there! She lived in a beautiful one bedroom apartment that was bright and could accommodate her baby grande piano! She had some concerns about making friends things to do etc but with the exceptional attention of the staff and their interest in making all of the residents feel welcome, safe and at home, she made friends immediately and told us many times how happy she was at Andara. When she moved to assisted living the Staff could not have been more kind, thoughtful and attentive to her needs. Andara is an excellent facility managed by professionals who not only know how to run a great operation but take the time to know each resident. They work hard to ensure all of the people who live there have a very high quality of life and are cared for and respected.

July 22, 2014

By Den1

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My wife is at Andara Senior Living. The facility is very upscale and a very nice place; great facility. They have outstanding staff, and they provide the kind of care that my wife needs. They are also very timely and responsive, which I really like. Her room is not spacious, but it's very nice with lots of windows, so it doesn't feel enclosed. It has a nice patio that she can go out onto. They have bingo, bridge, and get-togethers for current event discussions. They also have parties and happy hour three times a week.

May 10, 2014

By Tiger B

I visited this facility

I found a community to go to, but I'm not ready to go yet. The facility is called Andara. This is a very arty place, and I go in for art. This is also very contemporary, and I am very contemporary. I'm an old lady, and I am not interested in looking like I'm an old lady. The food gets an extra double A. The food is fabulous. I am a vegan, and I do not eat any animal products at all, and the chef came right up to me and said, "What do you want me to make for you?" and it was delicious, one of the best. They had a party a couple of weeks ago, and I went to that, and all the snacks fit into my diet perfectly, so that is one of the reasons I want to go.

May 09, 2014

By Caring82874350

I visited this facility

I had picked out Andara Senior Living for my mother, but then she decided not to move. That's where I was going to place my mother and my sister. They have very nice apartments. They have a very nice room for exercising. The prices weren't bad compared to two other places around. In fact, they've even dropped them. They have a pool, a crafts room, a pub, and a dining room. Each apartment has its own washer and dryer. All the appliances are stainless steel, granite counter tops. It was an extremely nice place. We looked at other places, and I thought Andara would make a better fit for her.
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Services and Amenities of Andara A Cadence Community


  • Rent Plus Care Fees
  • Entry Fee
  • Fee Structure Extra: Community Fee: $5000
  • Assisted Living Starting At: $4380/month
  • Independent Living Starting At: $4380/month

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Companion Suites: We Do Not Offer Companion Suites
  • Studio Apartments


  • Resident Capacity: 170
  • Minimum Age: 65
  • Pets: All Pets Allowed


  • Licenses: Assisted Living Certification
  • State Licenses: AL7963
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About Andara A Cadence Community

At Andara, a Cadence senior living lifestyle community, we’re committed to adding more to your life. Whether you choose independent living or assisted living, you’ll find more options and luxuries, more amenities and activities, more culinary choices and arts opportunities, AND more adventures than any other community in Scottsdale, Arizona.



(480) 451-1800



At Andara, a Cadence senior living lifestyle community, we’re committed to adding more to your life. Whether you choose independent living or assisted living, you’ll find more options and luxuries, more amenities and activities, more culinary choices and arts opportunities, AND more adventures than any other community in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Nestled in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains, you’ll be embraced by the breathtaking wonder of the Sonoran desert and the twinkling city lights. Yet, you’ll live conveniently close to Scottsdale’s best restaurants, shopping, entertainment and those world-famous events that are hosted at the renowned Westworld.

Come see for yourself and schedule a tour by calling us at (480) 451-1800.


Enter and you’ll wonder if you’ve stepped into the grand lobby of a resort hotel. And that wouldn’t be far from the truth. At Andara, you’ll enjoy an exceptional lifestyle, starting with expertly prepared cuisine in our elegant Casablanca dining room. But first, why not meet up with your friends for a happy hour at Josephine’s Piano Lounge and Patio? You’ve earned it — especially after a full day of exercise classes and life-enriching art, culture and intellectual pursuits. Later, you can take a dip in the pool or soak in the spa. Andara is life at its very best.


Thursday, March 5th | 2pm–4pm

Meet Cadence Living executives Eric Gruber and Tracy Colburn and learn about the inspiration that helps them create fresh and innovative programs for Andara Senior Living.

Tracy and Eric have over 20 years of experience creating vibrant living environments where residents thrive. Learn about some of the new programs and improvements planned for Andara.

Please RSVP by February 27th by calling (480) 451-1800 or emailing

Eric and Tracy



Moving to Independent Living means simplifying your life without compromising your freedom. Gone are the days of paying property taxes, worrying about unexpected repair bills or dealing with maintenance issues and expenses. Plus, you have the lock-and-go freedom to take off and travel without a second thought. All floor plans include kitchens for cooking meals when you feel like and delicious community dining in the restaurant when you don’t.


  • Weekly housekeeping, optional personal laundry services, as well as in-room washer and dryers
  • In-Unit washer and dryer
  • 24-Hour professional staff available
  • 24-Hour emergency call response
  • Utilities and Direct TV
  • Well-being checks
  • Full-size kitchens with gorgeous granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, upgraded cabinets


  • Personal care plan, including medication reminders, discreet in-room assistance with bathing and other needs
  • Weekly housekeeping, optional personal laundry services, as well as in-room washer and dryers
  • 24-Hour professional staff available
  • 24-Hour emergency call response
  • Utilities and Direct TV
  • Well-being checks
  • Full-size kitchens with gorgeous granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, upgraded

What Makes Us Special

Nestled in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains, you’ll be embraced by the breathtaking wonder of the Sonoran desert and the twinkling city lights. Yet, you’ll live conveniently close to Scottsdale’s best restaurants, shopping, entertainment and those world-famous events that are hosted at the renowned Westworld.

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Andara A Cadence Community

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