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Home Care Reviews for Right at Home – Little Rock, AR

November 10, 2021

By Ronald H_12

I am a current client of this provider

They take care of my needs. They are prompt and they take care of you quick.

Provider Response

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave an excellent review. We really appreciate your business. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future.

November 02, 2021

By Ellon Louise M

I am a current client of this provider

Everyone here has been well trained. The people that work here I like.

Provider Response

Thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about our quality care.

September 07, 2021

By Anonymous_5148

I am a current client of this provider

They could lower their prices. I like that the care I'm receiving has been of good quality.

August 11, 2021

By Rick

I am a past client of this provider

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Right at Home and its entire staff for the wonderful service and care they have provided to miss Brenda. Our special thanks to Mrs. Deborah, for the compassionate care she has shown and provided to Brenda.

August 08, 2021

By Louise

I am a current client of this provider

We're using Right at Home. It has been a great experience. The aides that they have sent out are very knowledgeable about the medical processes that they have to do and they are informed before they come out here of what my needs are. They always try to make sure they do the things that I need them to do for me. Their manager, Deborah, has just been fantastic about helping me with anything that I need help with. Basically, it's been a very good experience working with them. I highly recommend them. The people that they send out are aware of the things that the different medications cause and they are very good about helping me not to fall. I've not been really disappointed with anybody they've sent out. I have special ones that I like and love the best, but all of them has been more than adequate. Staff's communication with the family is fantastic, but with each other, sometimes it's not so great. I've had people show up for training and stuff like that that they haven't told me about and they haven't told my person that was here that day about. Those are just regular office mix-ups and they don't happen often, but as far as their communication with me, it is fantastic. If somebody is not going to be able to be here, they let me know. The replacement part of it has been really well handled. The homecare liaison was the first person that came out and she has been extra nice and above and beyond what she needs to do. I've had a wonderful experience with them.

Provider Response

Thank you so much for your kind words, Louise. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.

July 10, 2021

By Tyler D.

I am a current client of this provider

Right at Home takes care of my aunt. They have just been awesome. I am the main executor and caregiver for my aunt. They've just been a godsend to let her stay at home instead of going into a home. Deborah has been the main caregiver and she organizes and takes care of everything. She has just done a fabulous job letting her stay at home and not end up in a home. My aunt would not work well out in the home. Deborah is just doing great and is thorough with physical care and thorough with watching over her meds. They've done a great job. They provide in-home oversight for my aunt's well-being up to eight hours a day. They're always in her home watching over her meds, watching over her eating, making sure she's clean and doing all what she's supposed to be doing for herself, and whatever she can't do, they take care of. Communication is stellar. It is very good. There's constant communication. They always let me know what's going on and they're quick to get back. They're just fantastic. They're doing a great job.

June 22, 2021

By Anonymous_4287

I am a current client of this provider

They have made my experience positive by showing up on time. They have given me someone who has been consistent. I appreciate the same person coming every time.

May 24, 2021

By Pearl

I am a current client of this provider

Deborah came in and explained the program, and as of today they have followed through. I love my caregiver they set me up with. I would recommend their company.

May 18, 2021

By Louis S_4

I am a past client of this provider

They cooked and cleaned for him and they talked to him. We liked the ladies that came and sat with him.

May 10, 2021

By Jean G

I am a past client of this provider

They made my life easier by giving me time to do the things I needed to do. I would tell a friend that they do a good job. They provide good services.

April 22, 2021

By Minnie P_1

I am a current client of this provider

They help get me up and dress me. I can't bear weight on my left side so I need their help. They're on time, they take care of me.

April 06, 2021

By Brenda C_8

I am a current client of this provider

They are doing much better now. She has Alzheimer's so the main thing is having someone there to help her. I am busy with my own disabled daughter and wife with dementia to take care of. They could improve their accounting and billing process. I had some trouble with that in the past.

March 10, 2021

By Thomas R_4

I am a current client of this provider

I like that they're always there. I like that they're professional.

March 08, 2021

By Mary T_16

I am a past client of this provider

I liked the coordinator who came out and set up services for me.

February 08, 2021

By Debbie

I am a current client of this provider

This company helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. They went above and beyond duty to give us a smooth transition from the hospital to home. I literally could not have made it without them. The caregivers were well trained and do a wonderful job.

February 03, 2021

By Erma T

I am a past client of this provider

They were helpful to me getting Erma back from the hospital. I would recommend them because they did what they said they would and had good communication.

January 26, 2021

By Gregory

I am a current client of this provider

I had met with 3 other caregiver agencies. They sent out caregivers who didn't show up. Then I contacted Right at Home. They are on time and are taking good care of me and are very dependable and kind.

January 26, 2021

By Marcy

I am a past client of this provider

I had my Dad staying with us in Little Rock while he recovered from surgery. Your caregivers, supervisory staff and administrator exceeded my expectations in creating a safe, caring and professional service for our family. We are very pleased.

January 25, 2021

By Maeline

I am a current client of this provider

Deborah is a 5-star professional when it comes to in home care. I don't know what I would do without her. She is a God send!

January 25, 2021

By Raymond

I am a current client of this provider

All caregivers are respectful. Overall, good service.

January 06, 2021

By Dr. Thomas B_1

I am a past client of this provider

I had them coming at night while I was taking care of the client during the day. I liked that my husband and I were able to get some sleep at night. The scheduling worked really well.

December 19, 2020

By Maria

I am a current client of this provider

These comments are regarding Elizabeth. Very pleased with her help. She is pleasant, a hard worker, and does a thorough job on each task.

December 10, 2020

By Grif

I am a current client of this provider

Elizabeth is very candid and yet at the same time has a good sense of humor. I think we are getting to know each other better and this allows a greater degree of candor. Right at Home is lucky to have her.

December 08, 2020

By James

I am a current client of this provider

Very helpful. Always cheerful. Wants to make life better and easier for me. Very glad she is here and hope she will remain assigned to with me.

December 08, 2020

By Sheila

I am a current client of this provider

Elizabeth blew in the door like a fresh breeze on Saturday morning, 11/14. She stayed cheerful and helpful and caring the whole 4 hours she was here. I was VERY GRATEFUL as I needed someone like that, being in a lot of pain from a failed procedure. She caught on quickly and we even did a shower.

December 07, 2020

By Linda B_38

I am a current client of this provider

My mother has dementia and feels like she does not need the caregiver and my mother tries to make her leave. The caregiver needs to keep an eye on some things because there was mold on some food in the fridge. We had 3 different caregivers coming in and the caregivers do not have the best motivation.

November 25, 2020

By Denny B

I am a current client of this provider

I like the personal touch that the caregivers give to my mother. They are kind, thoughtful, and talk slow for her to understand. They need to make sure that their employees are available all the time and are not late.

November 17, 2020

By Julie G_2

I am a past client of this provider

In theory it was helpful, but we just couldn't get a stable caregiver. There wasn't anyone that wasn't unsafe or stole, but they were just lazy.

Provider Response

Hello June, We’re sorry to hear of your less-than-satisfactory experience with Right at Home Little Rock and hope you will accept our sincerest apologies. Being known for our great customer service we would like to make things right. We will reach out soon and you will get a call from us to determine how we can provide a solution that makes you happy. If you prefer, you can also contact us directly. We value our customers' opinions and would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. Yours sincerely, Drew Fuller Right at Home Little Rock Owner

October 08, 2020

By Jack J_5

I am a current client of this provider

She really helps us quite a bit with our activities. I like the person that is helping us out. I would recommend them if that is the type of personnel that they have.

October 08, 2020

By Nancy P_14

I am a current client of this provider

My loved one looks forward to her caregiver coming and she brightens her day and they give me the break that I need. They are responsive and so far we have had four or five caregivers who are all very nice.

September 16, 2020

By June

I am a past client of this provider

The girls were polite. They were helpful in many ways - cleaning, cooking. They made me feel better. Thanks.

September 09, 2020

By Roy W_5

I am a current client of this provider

He doesn't let them do too much for him. They help him with his shaving and stuff like that. The caregivers have been very helpful.

August 14, 2020

By Jarrell C

I am a current client of this provider

They help out and always get along well with my dad. I enjoy that I can trust them, knowing he is in good hands. I like that they care about the patient.

August 07, 2020

By Amy "Amelia" M

I am a current client of this provider

She was a cancer patient, so they did everything for her. They kept her clean and fed. They were helpful and concerned for her.

July 27, 2020

By Joan J_5

I am a current client of this provider

The most helpful part has been the flexibility in the schedule. I didn't realize how much I needed their help until I got it. I can basically sit back and heal. I like that they are flexible and the girl just knows what to do.

March 10, 2020

By Henry M_2

I am a current client of this provider

They help by taking care of the household chores that he doesn't do. It helps out the family a lot. I feel like the care manager is very friendly and easy to work with. They are very eager to please us. The caregivers are good.

February 21, 2020

By James C_15

I am a current client of this provider

They got things done that my parents couldn't always do themselves on a weekly basis. Everybody is very helpful and my parents feel the same way.

February 07, 2020

By Anonymous_3327

I am a current client of this provider

I have epilepsy so they monitor me and make sure that I'm okay. They are trustworthy and prompt in responding to me.

January 23, 2020

By Anita P_4

I am a current client of this provider

It's all about the caregiver, she does a great job. She is flexible and very caring. I like our care provider because she is just very good with my mother.

January 23, 2020

By Carlon W

I am a current client of this provider

I am just having problems with some of the people getting to work. They could try to manage their people with showing up to work.

December 17, 2019

By Shirley C_11

I am a current client of this provider

They do what I can't do anymore. I'm used to doing it by myself, but it takes a day or two to get done. I don't do it well. They do good work, but sometimes, you have to show the caregivers what you want.

December 14, 2019

By Janet M_8

I am a past client of this provider

They had caregivers that were good with housework but did not have the skills to do more for my loved one. We had good months, but then it changed. They had some good people and some not-so-good people.

December 09, 2019

By Lesasdale R

I am a current client of this provider

They are helpful to me and my mom. When I was still living in Memphis, they showed up and provided 24 hour care, which was very helpful. They were really good about calling and keeping me informed. It is a good service. Sometimes, I need a caregiver, but I may only need them for two hours a day. They require 12 hours a week, and that is hard for me because I don't want to pay for something I don't need. I can't really fill a spot for a caregiver for 12 hours.

November 20, 2019

By Anonymous_2729

I am a current client of this provider

They have mandatory minimum scheduling, and I can't afford to take a vacation every month. They could have better communication. Sometimes what I have outlined for the leaders is not explained to the employees.

November 12, 2019

By Scott G_3

I am a past client of this provider

It helped her bridge from her infirmity to functionality. They are very professional. They are customer friendly and follow through with what they committed to do.

October 11, 2019

By peaceuptoesdown

I am a current client of this provider

The staff at Right at Home have made the process of setting up elder care as painless as possible, and I can't thank them enough for the comfort they have provided myself and my family during this time. We look so forward to working with them! Their attention to detail and the way in which every member of the team makes themself available for even the smallest need or request goes above and beyond our expectations. We haven't been left waiting even once. You can really tell how dedicated everyone is to making sure you get the best available care without sacrificing the small things. I could go on & on, but suffice to say we are extremely happy with our experience so far...thank God for small miracles like Right at Home!

September 05, 2019

By Donnie H

I am a current client of this provider

It gives her independence and security. Their accounting could improve.

September 05, 2019

By Rheta L

I am a current client of this provider

At least those afternoons, I don't have to worry about her. They are taking care of her like they should. It would be nice if they did more home cooking for her.

July 18, 2019

By Dorothy G_5

I am a current client of this provider

I guess they could relate more to her. It depends on who is here because some of them are great and some are not as great. They could train their employees a little better.

July 02, 2019

By Lindsey R

I am a current client of this provider

They give us peace of mind. We're happy with them. It is very helpful.

March 05, 2019

By Gary S_7

I am a current client of this provider

I never have to worry about a thing when they are helping my dad. They've made every effort to help me as well. I like the way they are available whenever I call and how they call me to check on us. I like that when they are there with my father, I never have to worry about anything.

January 08, 2019

By Beecher P

I am a current client of this provider

The caregiver is very proactive; they help with whatever they see needs to be done. They make everything very easy and comfortable.

December 04, 2018

By Vallerie G

I am a current client of this provider

They assist me with taking me to my doctor's appointments and helping me here in the house, also taking me to the grocery store. This has all been a big help. The person that is helping me now is very helpful.

November 07, 2018

By Douglas G_3

I am a current client of this provider

She comes in and does whatever I need for the four hours she is here. They are very knowledgeable about everything they provide, and they will provide everything. The people they have are very nice.

October 03, 2018

By Ebissa W

I am a current client of this provider

They made it so I don't have to worry. They took care of my father.

October 02, 2018

By James C_8

I am a past client of this provider

I didn't have to lift him all the time, which made it easier on me. I liked that everyone was so nice and good. They knew what they were doing.

September 12, 2018

By Lavern S

I am a current client of this provider

It allows me to be comfortable while leaving. I am not always around to observe the care, but I have noticed a few problems.

July 12, 2018

By KenC130

I am a past client of this provider

When my wife and mother-in-law could no longer physically take care of my father-in-law who was in Hospice at the house, I called Right at Home late in the afternoon to try to get help. Mr. Fuller worked into the evening to ensure there was a caregiver at the house to help by 9 a.m. the next morning.

May 02, 2018

By Oris F

I am a current client of this provider

It's a good company. They've been persistent in trying to help me get my claim settled and get me some help. It was very hot, and I didn't feel well. My puppy dog was sick. My health care person took me to the vet to get some medicine and get her checked out. I can't drive anymore. When we got back, my house had flooded and everything was a mess. I had her bring up my musical records. I had gotten some coverlets to throw over my chair and couch, so she put them on the items for me. I haven't had any complaints.

August 21, 2017

By Herman R.

I am a current client of this provider

At present, very good. Fred has furnished good help.

August 25, 2016

By Mariell A

I am a past client of this provider

I appreciate the Fullers so very much. Their continued support, even after their job ended speaks of the company and the caregivers. Continuing to befriend Mr. Beadle and I well past what's expected. The help they provided sometimes went beyond what was required. I have and will continue to recommend Right at Home.

February 27, 2015

By Doug Terry

I interviewed this provider

The Right at Home staff was excellent. They didn’t waste any time me figure out how to help my friend. They follow up on our progress and are sincere in their desire to help me find ways to help my friend.

February 25, 2015

By Dennis Farmer

I am a past client of this provider

The staff was responsive and efficient in arranging the review of several caregivers when choosing the level of assistance desired. The caregiver was excellent. She was flexible in handling requests from my mother and provided through tender care for my father. After he passed, they were very caring and sensitive in closing the relationship.
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Right at Home provides in-home caregiving services for thousands of families across the nation. We offer companionship and help with everyday tasks that have become challenging for an aging person. This may include things like meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, hygiene and grooming. We also offer services for those with special care situations caused by numerous medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Call us to learn more about the specific services we provide.

Custom Care Plan

From the moment you call, we begin considering the specific needs of your loved one. We ask questions during the initial call or meeting to form a basic needs assessment. After discussing your particular situation, we will prepare an initial Custom Care Plan and then work with you to fine tune that Care Plan based on your loved one's specific needs. Once the plan is agreed upon, your local Right at Home team matches the right caregiver to implement the plan.

Caregiver Training and Care Supervision

Every Right at Home caregiver goes through an extensive interview process, including background checks. Once hired, caregivers are trained through Right at Home University to ensure that they're able to deliver the care set out in your loved one's Custom Care Plan. Before providing care, they're bonded and insured.

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