Does xango mangosteen cure cancer?

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Helemano asked...

Does xango mangosteen cure stage 4 cancer? My sister-in-law has 52 cancer tumors and is dying. Once the liver shuts down, she goes into a coma, correct?

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Jasons answered...

I've been doing lots of research on the mangosteen and it's effects on cancer because my uncle has a pretty bad case. I've concluded that it is rediculous for him to ignore the science on this and will be doing whatever it takes to get him to take mangosteen juice. I found the right company if you are interested and have spoken face to face with many cancer survivors who have used the product that will soon be saving my uncles life.

Vickiex313 answered...

Not sure how long ago this question was asked, but I have met someone in my organization Ardyss Intl that was stated to have stage 4 cancer and on the second time having it. She took LE'VIVE which has the top five antioxidants in the world (20% each of pure NONI, MANGOSTEEN, POMEGRANITE, ACAI, GOGI), CRANALOE(cranberry and aloe), ARDYSSPLUS(vitamins and minerals +antioxidents, TRIPLE LIFE LINE (omega 3,6,9). She became and still is cancer free and remains on these products. I would also add the 100% PURE NONI as well. I have stories of many others as well...the xanthones are the most powerful of antioxidants due to the fact that they build new good cells and eats bad cells and repair damaged cells. For me personally, I have cured my High blood pressure and severe edema, my son's eczema. I would highly recommend a "cleanse" to detoxify the body as well. If your loved one is still alive, and can take these supplements it's never too late. Please email me if you have further questions. God Bless

Bunny. answered...

That's terrible to hear, but I know a few people who have looked into the natural sources of medicine such as Chinese herbs and acupuncture and it has cured their cancer. I know someone who had bad returning tumors, and he has been cancer free for 3 years. I would listen to the first answer.

Jade1961 answered...

I am so sorry to hear that your sister-in-law is suffering from such an aggressive cancer.

However, after some research I found the following information on Xango Magnosteen.

1). The Mayo Clinic said in October 2005 that "there are no published clinical trials showing evidence that either the fruit or its juice "” marketed under the name XanGo juice "” is an effective treatment for arthritis, cancer or any other disorder in humans."

2). Dr. Ralph Moss, author of several books and newsletters on cancer research, has said of Mangosteen juice: "In my opinion, what we have here is simply an overpriced fruit drink. Fruit drinks are often healthful beverages. But the only reason I can see that the promoters of mangosteen can get away with charging $37 for this product is that they are playing on patients' hopes and fears in a cynical way. Without the health claims, open or implied, the product could only be sold for at most $5 or $6 (which, for example, is the cost of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice").

3). This link may be helpful to you as well:

My prayers are with you and your Sister-in-law. Please check out, it is a grassroots effort of the Lance Armstrong Foundation & there is a ton of information there as well as numbers you can call to get help. I am a LIVESTRONG Army Leader in PA as well as a two time cancer survivor. I truly hope you can get connected with an Army in your area so that you both can have the support that you need right now.

God Bless & LIVESTRONG! Jade

Fernandomp answered...

Dear, please try Salvestrols. Take a look at this website:,50825,0.htm

My prayers are with and your sister-in-law. Fernando

Joyfull12 answered...

Many of these posts are right on - great info ... I have another suggestion that can help you and others.

I was taught by two different holistic doctors (MD's) that only a 'Biological/Holistic Dentist' (NOT regular mainstream dentists) can detect exactly where a cavitation is in the jawbone, and once the bad bacteria in the cavitation is destroyed with ozone, the symptoms disappear within 24-hours or so ... and sometimes almost immediately. I went to one of these dentists (a two-hour drive away) and it worked. I follow up about once per year.

A 'cavitation' is deadly bacteria deep in the tubules or in the BONE surrounding the tooth, while a 'cavity' is decay in the actual tooth ... big difference.

A 'Biological/Holistic Dentist' can pinpoint exactly where the bacteria is and then administer a few 'ozone injections' right into the affected areas. The injection goes right into the gum-line and the pinch/prick only takes a few seconds. Costs vary from $60 - $300. Unfortunately, some dental insurance plans don't cover this effective treatment. Also, sometimes, they also have to remove any root-canals and mercury-amalgam fillings as they also cause a whole host of problems.

Anyway, the ozone shot/injection kills the bacteria instantly and the symptoms soon go away. Some of these dentists have said they can actually make a medical diagnosis just by looking at the results of the cavitation tests without the patient even telling them their medical diagnosis.

Every part of the mouth is connected to a Meridian in the body. Check it out -- it can save your life and that of your children and loved one ... and please pass this along.

You might have to travel to get to this kind of special dentist, unless you're fortunate enough to have one locally. DO NOT bother asking a regular mainstream dentist about this.


Every tooth, and the surrounding bone, is connected to a body organ and also a specific part of the body. Look up these dentists in your zip code. If you don't have one of these kinds of dentists locally, then it's worth traveling a few hours and spending the extra money it will cost. The majority of dentists do not practice 'Biological/Holistic' Dentistry which is exactly what you need. Good luck and God Bless.

Joyfull12 answered...

I forgot to say I had breast cancer and some problems with kidney stones and lots of digestive-stomach problems as well.

The test showed I had a line of bacteria near the bone in Tooth # 14 ...

this is specifically the Tooth Meridian associated with the stomach, breasts and kidneys.

I had no symptoms other than a positive biopsy, but as soon as this bacteria was removed by the Biological-Holistic Dentist I felt soooo much better right away ... and after not drinking the unpurified tap-water and making all of these dietary improvements my early-stage breast cancer was gone.

I also eliminated all sugar, including artificial sweeteners, and all white flour products, wheat and gluten and processed and fried foods from my diet ... and also got a reverse-osmosis water filter so I was drinking purified water and not tap water.

Naturalsource answered...

There are many studies about the medicinal properties of mangosteen as also many testimonials from people who have taken it. please go to Hope the best for your sister in law.

Healthyandhealed1 answered...

I was diagnosed with 4th stage ovarian cancer, considered to be one of the most aggressive, and given a terminal prognosis even if I took the recommended chemotherapy. I refused, stepped out on faith, and turned to Gods gift of raw foods and herbs. The cancer was completely gone within eight months, and has remained so for eight years. As a result of my journey back to health, I am now a practicing holistic health consultant and have worked with many cancer clients with both early and late stage cancer. Although each requires a different approach and level of intensity for healing of various cancers, I've found the underlying principle to be the same: toxicity and lack of nutrition creates the imbalance in the body. Give it what it needs to re-balance itself and the cancer (or disease) goes away Find a good practitioner skilled in detoxification of the body and nutrition to feed your aunt's body on a cellular level, and if given enough time, the body will heal itself. Given no further complications, a good protocol strictly adhered to rarely fails. It has worked for me and many others. Good luck to you and your loved one. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. I'm happy to help.

Healthy choice answered...

Do check out where the medicinal benefits of mangosteen was first discovered, with on going studies and real living proof of beyond last stage cancer survivors live to tell for over than 30 years

Omarojeda answered...

Hello Vickiex313

My father has prostate cancer and we have purchased all the products you mentioned. I wanted to ask what diet were you guys following during the process? I'd greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks.