Will the VA cover the installation and a ramp for a veteran's home?

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Will VA cover the installation and a ramp for the home where an elderly veteran live?

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Barbara Steinberg is the CEO and founder of BLS Eldercare Financial Solutions, which specializes in helping families pay for long-term care for their loved ones. A registered financial gerontologist, she speaks regularly on the topic of paying for long-term care and is a financial expert for Caring.com.

There is a VA benefit called the Specialty Adapted Housing Grant. However, this benefit is only available to veterans who have a permanent and total service connected disability. This means the veteran's disability is due to an illness or injury that occurred during his or her active duty. The VA determines eligibility using their disability rating system. If the veteran is eligible, the grant can be used towards the purchase price of an adapted home or the construction costs to adapt an existing home for the veteran's safety. Ramps are included. The grant is 50% of the purchase or construction cost up to a maximum of $63,780. To find out if a veteran qualifies for this program, contact your local agent who can be found at www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/sahagent.asp.