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Will Medicare pay for adult diapers?

9 answers | Last updated: Aug 18, 2015
jpapapia asked...

Will Medicare pay for adult diapers?


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Joseph L. Matthews answered...

Unfortunately, the answer is no, except while you are a hospital or skilled nursing facility inpatient, when all types of supplies are covered by Medicare Part A . But when you are not a hospital or skilled nursing facility inpatient, Medicare coverage is provided by Medicare Part B. This can include several types of outpatient "durable" medical equipment -- such as hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, and oxygen systems -- but it does not cover most medical supplies, including adult diapers or pads.


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Gina Flores answered...

My mom's a nurse and often sees patients who don't get Medicare coverage for diapers and such. They ask for her advice on where to buy diapers at affordable prices.

She is referring them to www.totalhomecaresupplies.com for incontinence products including diapers, pull-ups, underpads, and liners sold in bulk with free shipping and discreet packaging.

What a nice option to save money and time, reducing frequent trips to the store, where incontinence products are sold in smaller packs.


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POA for Moma answered...

Sams Club has the pull ups cheaper than anywhere else I have tried and you get 64 count on the type I buy which lasts a while.


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T76 answered...

Here in the state of CT adult diapers are covered by Medcare but you will have to go to a medical pharmicy and not somewhere like Walgreens or CVS


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vcaringformom answered...

We have found that the Dollar General stores have started carrying their own store brand. (9) s/m adult pull ups for $5.00 my Mother has used other brands but actually prefers the Dollar General brand.