Will life insurance pay you if you suddenly die from nothing or old age?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I would like to know if life insurance cover is just cover for people who have has terminal illness or if it can cover anyone from dying no matter if it is by being run over or a heart attack or old age

Expert Answers

Life insurance covers death from whatever causes the policy provides it will cover. Normally, life insurance covers death from almost all causes, including old age, heart attack, being hit by a car, etc. However, some life insurance policies exclude death caused by suicide. But, to repeat my initial statement, to know precisely what causes of death a life insurance policy covers, you must read the policy.

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Doc1 answered...

I see this is old but I read it so it may help someone else suicide is one of the most misunderstood words in life insurance If you take out apolicy for 20,000 with a accident death rider that doubles if it is an accident ,this is what happens You die heart attack,cancer old age whatever within first two years of policy there will be an investigation .If you have lied on the policy they will only pay the amount of premium you have paid on it,the beneficiary will not get 20,000.00 After two years of the date of the policy there is no investigation and the beneficiary will get 20,000.00 Now if you are killed ,ran over ,shot ,rock falls on your head within two years of the date of the policy there may be an investigation. If there is and they find it is an accident then the beneficiary gets 40,000.00 Last you have the same policy and at 1 year 11 months/23 months you commit suicide and lets say that premium was 25.00 a month .They are going to only give the beneficary 575.00 which is what you have paid on the policy . Now ,you commit suicide at 2 years/ 24 months 2 days they are going to pay the beneficiary 20,000.00 99.99999999 % of insurance policies written state that " within 2 years from the date this policy is accepted by the premium payer suicide will only have the total amount of premium paid will be refunded to the beneficiary after two years of date of acceptance then face value will be paid which is the 20,000.00 " I say I am quoteing the words I am close to what a policy states