Will Medicaid take my mom's mobile home to pay for nursing home care?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I've taken care of my mom since 2008 when my dad passed, I traveled from Ma. to R.I. everyday day. I spent more time at my moms taking care of her then I did at home since I am on SSI and was able to do this, if I wasn't there she would have been placed in a nursing home years ago but I totally devoted my life to the care of my mom's in her mobile home but at the same time I've always had an apt in Mass. I only live 5 minutes away so it wasn't hard besides the care. I have a Living Estate that goes back to August of 2009 leaving all my mother assests to me , the only thing I couldn't not do was make her leave which I would have never done anyway., all her doctors and her health care providers knew I was the one taking care of her from her doctors to the Pharmacy where I picked up her medications from 2008 and even prior to that! I also have POA. My mother recently entered a nursing home a month ago and I applied for Medicaid for her since she was incapable to do this and just about anything else. Now I am waiting for a decision from Medicaid but I still don't know if they are going to attempt to try and take what she has left me? If they decide to try I will be forced to take her out since she does not want to lose her assets to the government and I believe I have done everything in my power to take care of her for this long. Can you help me with this question since I am ready to go to the nursing homes Finacial office and try to have them find out since I've been told that I SHOULD BE ALL SET, but I don't like I SHOULD be for an answer I want to hear YOU ARE ALL SET! Thank you and anyone that could help me with is crazy nightmare!!! My mom has a 5,000 life insurance policy made out to me and her mobile home is valued at about 30,000, this is ALL SHE HAS and I have attempted to dump anything she has had since it's all mines anyway as far as property in the home! T'V's etc.etc.

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Caringdenise answered...

Hello, Thank you for reaching out for information, and sharing about your caregiving experience.

Here is more information that may be helpful to you:

A government health insurance counselor may also be able to answer your questions: State Health Insurance Assistance Program

Your local Area Agency on Aging may also be able to assist you: How to Contact Your Local Area AGency on Aging

I hope these resources are helpful to you.