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What causes a white ring around the iris?

8 answers | Last updated: Apr 05, 2015
An anonymous caregiver asked...

What could be causing a white ring on the top of my iris?


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Lylas Mogk, M.D. answered...

The white ring you see on top of your iris is most likely a deposit of cholesterol around the edge of your cornea, the clear dome that covers the iris. This cholesterol deposit is known officially as a pinguicula. If you are young, this could suggest high cholesterol; if you are a senior citizen, it may not, as it is fairly common in older people and not necessarily suggestive of high cholesterol. The white ring stays around the edges, like a halo, and does not cause damage to your eye or your vision.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

Is there a anything to make it go away and my full color eyes return?


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sweety3164 answered...

That is so true Dr. Mogk, I had my routine eye exam done today, and my optometrist told me that I had a white ring around the pupil of both my eyes. She said this is usually caused by Cholesterol problems...I am scheduled to see my Family doctor tomorrow to have my Cholesterol check..



maladar answered...

Looking it up at Medicinet.com, Pinguecula is the fatty yellow cholesterol deposits left in the white of your eye. The spelling Pinguicula is acceptable, but not widely used. Please make a note, that your eye doctor or GP might not know what the heck your talking about.


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Jimidriver answered...

I have had white rings around my pupils since a weekend of incredible stress 50 years ago. Only last month my new optometrist ASKED me if this had ever been. My eyesight has weakened normally and at last I have the correct diagnosis.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

It is called Arcus Senilis in elderly and is not caused by hypercholesterolemia.