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Where can I find someone to come to my home and cut my mothers hair?

1 answer | Last updated: Feb 22, 2012
An anonymous caregiver asked...
My mother is house bound and I am her caregiver. Currently, she can get around on my second floor where I turned one bedroom into a kitchenette including a refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, ect so she has ongoing access to food & drink. She also has a bathroom across from her bedroom. I need to find someone to come and cut her hair every couple months. Penn Hills Senior center was no help! The department of aging told me to call all the local beauty salons to see if someone would come. That is just not even reasonable to me. I need a reliable honest person who can do this after 3:30 in the afternoon or on a Friday. Noone accesses my home without me or my watchers there.

CaringDenise answered...

Hello anonymous, Thanks for your question.

If you're not interested in contacting the local beauty salons (who may have stylists willing to make house calls), you might try posting an

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ad in your local newspaper's jobs section. Professional in-home caregiving agencies in your area may also have some suggestions: https://www.caring.com/local/in-home-care You may want to reconsider the Department of Aging's suggestion though - as in some areas, there are stylists who make house calls for seniors, such as this one: http://www.beautyschoolnetwork.com/blog/traveling-beautician-cecilias-hair-care-caters-seniors

You'll find general information about hair care (and bathing) on Caring.com here: https://www.caring.com/bath-care

Thanks again for your question, and all the best in your search!


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