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What is the Procrit injection cost?

4 answers | Last updated: Dec 10, 2014
June_A asked...

What is the Procrit injection cost?


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NeilW70 answered...

The cost of the Procrit injection ranges in price from place to place, depending on where the prescription is being filled. The price will also change if the patient has insurance, which can cover the entire cost or a percentage of it, depending on the insurance company. The cost of the Procrit injection without insurance can cost up to $800 per injection. Someone that needs this shot a couple times a year can end up spending quite a bit of money just on the injection. With insurance, it can be as little as $0 or range in the hundreds for the shot.


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Dosco answered...

I am very greatful that my insurance covers my injections, which make a very big difference in my life. But I am very displeased that this drug is not easily available to many who need it because of the greed of the pharmaceutical company that makes it. It has been on the market for years and has certainly paid for itself by now.


Shyanna answered...

my shots which I take every month is $2975.00. It has gone up $800. a shot since Jan.2012. I wonder why! I would be glad to pay $800. Now that I am on Medicare I may not even be able to get them. I just pray I do not have to go without. what will happen? death! I think there should be a generic for this medicine.


olex answered...

Want cheaper medicine like anonymous? It isn't the development cost that drives the cost, it is the goofy tort practices in this country, enabling lawyers to make a fortune off the misery of others and at the expense of denying the very help that thost "that need it". Wake up.