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What is the difference between Risperdal vs risperidone?

2 answers | Last updated: Mar 27, 2014
TuchWyli3 asked...
What is the difference between Risperdal vs risperidone?

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A_Demas answered...

There is no difference between Risperdal and risperdone. Risperdone is a second generation atypical antipsychotic drug. It is sold in many countries under the trade name Risperdal.


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Crazymomma~ answered...

There is a BIG difference for many. My son CANNOT take Risperidone. It is as if he is on no meds at all. He has a fast metabalism so it goes thru his body fast. He takes 10 mg of Abilify in the am and 6 mg of Risperdal in the afternoon. When he was temprorarily on risperidone he was manic. It took 3 days for risperdal to completely exit his system. So when he started on risperidone it made no difference. We switched and within 72 hrs my child was back. He was calm. Not agitated. No swearing. No violent behaviour. So PLEASE do not keep saying it is all the same.


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