What is the cost of Lipitor without insurance?

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Usa73 asked...

What is the cost of Lipitor without insurance?

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Maricelal55 answered...

Depending on where you go to buy it without insurance, and the quantity of the drug that you need, there are varying prices for the drug Lipitor. Because there is no generic form of Lipitor just yet, it can be very expensive without insurance. The Costco price alone for 50 tablets of Lipitor is $230. There are ways to save money on this drug such as asking for samples from your doctor. Often doctors have far more samples than they need, so feel free to ask them. You can also sign up for a free 30 day trial on the Pfizer website, which is the company that manufacturers Lipitor.

Joyjohn answered...

30 tablets of Lipitor costs $36.30, but they are generic bio-equivalents and not brand.

We can save money with generics rather than brand ones.

120 Tablets of 10mg generic lipitor is $118 120 Tablets of 20mg generic lipitor is $140.40 120 Tablets of 40mg generic lipitor is $179.97 120 Tablets of 80mg generic lipitor is $214.92

You can find the details on the price of different quantities at International Drug Mart

Joyjohn answered...

Reference link: http://www.internationaldrugmart.com/lipitor.html

Samuel50 answered...

The cost of lipitor per unit

10mg - $1.21 20mg - $1.43 40mg - $1.83 80mg - 2.19mg

Reference link : https://www.globaldiscountdrugs.com/lipitor.html