What's the best diet for my diabetic father?

2 answers | Last updated: Nov 18, 2016
Ashu asked...

My dad has diabetes. Recently he had a blood sugar check up, and his was high: 330 mg/dL. What is the diet he should follow for his health? He eats a lot.

Expert Answers

You're not the first person -- and you won't be the last to ask about what kind of food a family member with type 2 diabetes should eat.  In brief, a healthy diet for a person with diabetes is the same as for those of us without the disease: lots of fresh fruit and vegetables along with some lean protein and wholegrain carbohydrates.

You should know that the notion of a special diabetes diet is a common myth. Find tips and advice about how you can help your father make good food choices from Caring.com expert Theresa Garnero, a certified diabetes educator, who's answered questions on diet and diabetes in the recent past.  And learn more about how you can help your dad follow these dietary recommendations and eat well.

Community Answers

Franpax answered...

There is little here that I have not been told before. But, in the presence of anything sugary I go nuts. I have to have a little but would rather have a lot. I have no self discipline at all.