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What does vision look like through cataracts?

2 answers | Last updated: Apr 06, 2015
silvertree asked...

What does vision look like through cataracts?


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HarriettD63 answered...

Your eyes work similar to that of a camera lens. The lens portion of your eye, which is composed of mainly water and protein, sends light to a part of See also:
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your eye called the retina which records whatever you are looking at. Your lens is also responsible for helping you focus on thing both near and far. Cataracts can cause a build up of protein in the eye resulting in clumping that causes cloudy spots of the eye. Over time, if the cataracts grows larger, that cloudy spot also grows causing vision to possible become more blurry and dull. As this progresses the lens of your eye changes color possibly even causing a brownish tint to your vision. Over time reading and other normal daily activities as simple as picking out matching colored clothes can become very difficult.


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jrbean answered...

iv heard people say it looks like your looking through a plastic bag, just really cloudy, iv been having eye problems recently from years of not taking care of my diabeties and had to have retina surgery on my left eye in june, now im starting to have problems with really bad cloudyness in that eye, iv been told it sounds like a cateract so if it is then it looks like really cloudy and brownish, kinda grainy / gritty looking and i cant even see my hand in front of my face, the only thing i can tell is between light and dark, not really any pain just anoying and causing a headach from straining the vision in my other eye to try and compinsate. the only thing is it was fine this morning and litterly took less the half an hour for it to get like this, iv also been told by a friend of mine that has had it before that at first it seems to come and go with the blurryness