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What does a light blue ring around the iris of the eye indicate?

5 answers | Last updated: Aug 17, 2015
Marsha1947 asked...

What does a light blue ring around the iris of the eye indicate?


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Lylas Mogk, M.D. answered...

If the light blue iris ring you are seeing is at or near the margin between the iris (colored part of your eye) and the sclera (white part) and forms a large ring around that margin it is likely to be a deposit of cholesterol. It does not damaging to the eye and does not interfere with vision. This is very common in older individuals but if you are a young adult it may suggest high cholesterol. If the ring you are seeing is anywhere else on the iris other than following the outside margin, it should be checked.

Lylas Mogk, MD


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CREAM85 answered...

I have the same thing on both of my eyes. but i have several rings. not just one. i was diagnosed with high cholesterol. its a little high. wow im glad to know there is nothing wrong with me...lol.


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Marybeth717 answered...

I'm fairly young 42, & I have a blue ring around both eyes, however my cholesterol total is about 94 very low. Would you suggest I get this checked out for something other than cholesterol deposits?


Prickles answered...

I have a beautiful blue ring around my brown iris which developed about two years ago. My cholesterol level is low 3.0 what could be the cause of mine