What Device Can I Use to Disconnect the Phone if My Mom Forgets to Hang It up?

2 answers | Last updated: Sep 13, 2016
Kelfltn asked...

My mom has leukemia and has had a mild stroke and has difficulty using the telephone which makes her more nervous. I have researched information to purchase her a voice activated phone but is there anything that can disconnect the phone line if the other party hangs up and she forgets to. I contacted the phone company, radio shack and tried online and cannot come up with any ideas. It makes me nervous because if her or my father needed 911 they can't call out if the phone is off the hook. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Community Answers

Iwuscott answered...

I don't believe you will find an answer, especially if it is a land line. the circuit was opened on her end and can only be closed from that en. Sort of like a deadbolted door. If you leave home and do not lock the bolt ehen you leave, no one else can relock the bolt unless they are inside the house. The operator could cut in........but would have to make an awfully loud noise for you mother to hear it and realize it was coming from the phone.

I would suggest explaining the issue to a trust-worthy neighbor, friend or care giver you could contact, who would be willing to stop over and remind your mother about the phone.

A fellow caregiver answered...

I think ther is a device called Fone Sitter that will either hang up the phone after a certain time or it will make a big alert. There was at one time an idem through the Alzheimer's Store, so I'm sure different low tech adpative equipment and electronic store must carry this type item.