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What are the symptoms of internal shingles?

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Heart5 asked...

What are the symptoms of internal shingles?


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MRizzi50 answered...

As with so very many ailments, apparently internal shingles, or shingles which develop on the internal organs of your body will at first cause a series of flu-like symptoms such See also:
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as headaches, chills, body aches, nausea and fever. Internal shingles are a rare result of a somewhat common viral infection, chicken pox of all things, and can lie dormant for long periods of time before manifesting any symptoms. More advanced indications of internal shingles include painful swelling of the lymph nodes and oral blisters and although internal shingles can also lead to encephalitis or brain swelling, the symptoms are all fairly common and the ailment is in fact very rare. If you are concerned that you might have internal shingles ask a medical professional about it as quickly as you can because the ailment is treatable with steroids but brain swelling can cause long term damage.


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Sargo answered...

In my upper 70s, Caucasian, female. Had vaccine to prevent/control shingles a year ago. Began having pain on upper left back, left shoulder, and left upper arm. The eruptions were fairly small and pain more akin to sunburn or pins sticking. Many episodes of intense itching. Enlarged lymph nodes under arm and collar bone.Headaches, indigestion, diarrhea, and flatuence continue. Could this be/have been internal shingles? Had medical attention to confirm; however, was told too late to have the antiviral treatment. No mention of internal shingles. Self treated with Pepcid, Ibuprofen, benadryl at night,& alcohol wipes or Aquaphor ointment when itching.


sade widow answered...

My husband was dx with internal shingles..he was in so much pain, actually writhing in pain on the floor...the dr would only give him hydrocodone, which didn't even touch the pain. After a year, it was finally diagnosed as stage 4 lung cancer. Welcome to a small town & faith in small town doctors!