What are the statistics of caregiver stress?

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What are the statistics of caregiver stress?

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Eboni green answered...

There have been a number of studies investigating the causes and impacts of caregiver stress. Caregiver stress is a physical, psychological, financial or social pressure placed on a caregiver. Here are some statistics that I found particularly relevant:

At least half of caregivers work while providing care, according to a 2010 report from the Center for Health Research. Caregiver, employee, parent, spouse"‚ÄĚcaregivers juggle many demanding roles. When caregivers are overwhelmed by these roles (called role fatigue), the first role they drop is usually their jobs. This relieves the role fatigue, but increases stress related to financial stability.

Caregivers spend an average of $5,500 out of pocket for caregiving needs each year, according to a 2008 update from the AARP Public Policy Institute. The amount is even higher ($8,700) for long-distance caregivers. This money usually comes out of caregivers' savings for their own futures.

One in three caregivers reports feeling depressed, according to a 2009 MEDSURG Nursing article. Depression is a serious psychological condition and can lead to caregiver burnout.

The impact of social isolation on caregivers' health is comparable to the biomedical risk factors of smoking, according to a 2006 article in The Gerontologist. Many caregivers report feeling they are alone. Feelings of isolation and reduced social interaction increases mortality.

Caregivers have higher mortality and other adverse health outcomes than non-caregivers, according to a 2006 article in Psychological Bulletin. When you look at the facts about the stress and challenges caregivers face, this isn't surprising.

There is a lot that you can do to take care of yourself and counteract the stresses of caregiving. It is not healthy to be everything to everyone else and nothing to yourself. Make time to pursue an activity you enjoy on a regular basis to reduce your risk. If you feel isolated or depressed, talk about how you feel and seek support from online caregiver chat groups, friends, family and counseling professionals. Learn more about relieving caregiver stress.

Caringdenise answered...

Hi, Adding to the information you've already received...

Caring.com periodically surveys family caregivers in this online community, and questions about stress are asked. In one survey, 69% of respondents reported that caring for a loved one is the number-one source of stress, ahead of the downturn in the economy and other family medical problems: Family Caregivers Face Major Financial Burdens, Increased Stress, and Work Struggles

Caring.com also found that Depression Levels Among Caregivers Are More Than Two Times The National Average.

Please visit the Caregiving Research Center on Caring.com for more information like this.

Resources for stress relief include:

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