What weight-bearing exercises are good for osteoporosis?

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What weight bearing exercises are good for osteoporosis?

Expert Answer

Julie Kardachi is an occupational therapist, and Celeste Carlucci is a professional dancer and fitness expert. With more than 60 years of combined experience in the field, they created and run Fall Stop"¦MOVE STRONG, a joyful, dance- and education-based fall-prevention and strengthening program that keeps older adults active and safe at home and in their communities. They have been teaching this program since 2004, and the program DVD has been sold since 2008.

Any exercise that uses extra weight, or where your feet are in contact with the ground helps build bones. Walking, marching, and other such exercises are good weight bearing exercises. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

In our program, while the focus is fall prevention, we incorporate several good bone-building exercises. Here are two examples:

  1. High Marches:

    a. Place one hand on kitchen counter or other stable surface for support. Stand with the counter at your side.

    b. Back straight, abdominals lifted.

    c. Raise your knees to march, keeping your knees pointing forward (do not twist).

    d. 20 times, rest, repeat.

  2. Upward Row, using weights (choose a weight you can work with while maintaining a good posture. Increase the weight as you gain strength. If you are swinging your arms, or bending backwards, your weights may be too heavy.):

    a. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, with arms at sides, palms facing thighs, holding weights.

    b. Lift the weights to shoulder height, elbows out to the side.

    c. Gently lower to starting position.

    d. Exhale as you lift.

    e. Inhale as you lower.

    f. 15 times, rest, repeat.