Can I go to any hospital in an emergency with veteran's medical benefits?

Devildog asked...

I go to the VA clinic for regular check ups. However, if I was in dire need of medical attention, could I go to any hospital and still be covered?

Expert Answer

Rita Files, LPN, VSR, a nationally recognized expert on the elderly, has more than 30 years of experience in the health care industry, with 20 years focused on eldercare. She has developed programs for many leading providers in the senior living industry. Accredited through the V.A. in veterans' benefits, she is an advocate and powerful resource committed to educating veterans and their families about the nonservice connected pension benefit and providing them with accurate information. She is cofounder and COO of Aging with Grace.

According to the VA web site, urgent and limited emergency care services are available to enrolled veterans at VA health care facilities or non-VA health care facilities at which VA has a sharing agreement or contract. Veterans with special eligibility may obtain emergency care, at VA expense, in a non-VA facility where VA does not have a sharing agreement or contract. For more information, please contact the VA nearest you. To find the nearest facility, visit the facility page click on your state, and the VA medical centers will be listed along with phone numbers.

There are many ways that a Veteran may qualify to receive top-notch VA health care at over 1,400 medical centers and clinics across the nation. If you are a Veteran, and you want low-cost, high-quality health care, please take a moment to see if you qualify