How we transfer Medicare when moving my uncle from one state to another?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 13, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

My uncle who is disabled, is on Medicare and is moving to Florida form North Carolina to live with his son. He is on oxygen and does not know what to do. He will have to apply for Medicare in Florida before he can get a supply of it locally and he will run out before that happens. Please advise what steps he can take in advance so that he has oxygen here.

Community Answers

Pat stemmermann answered...

The best thing to do is to call your uncle's current oxygen supplier and tell them about the situation. They should be able to give you a recommendation for a new supplier in Florida to help your uncle make a seamless transition. At very least, the company should be able to give a few names of potential suppliers in the area. You can also find Medicare-approved oxygen suppliers near your uncle's new home through Medicare's online supplier directory[].

Updating your uncle's Medicare coverage should be just as easy. Contact Medicare[] (1-800-MEDICARE) prior to his move and simply have them update his account with his new address. Though Medicaid requires that recipients re-register if they move to a different state, Medicare does not.