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How can I stop the skin around my fingernails from peeling off?

12 answers | Last updated: Jul 30, 2015
dermy asked...

Tiny strips of skin just below my fingers nails start to peel off and it can get a little painful when that skin is rubbed against a surface of some kind. What problem I have and what should I do to get rid of this.problem. Please advice. Thanks in advance.


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Jessica Krant answered...

Peeling skin around the fingernails can mean a range of possible causes, from excessive hand washing without good moisturizing, to infection, to a more complex internal disease situation. Without knowing See also:
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your medical history or more about the exact description of what is happening (and without seeing it) it is hard to be precisely sure what is wrong.

If by "below the fingernails" you mean, on the tips of the fingers under the white, detached part of the nail, you may have a condition known as "dyshidrosis" which means the moisture balance in your skin is wrong. For this you need a thick hand cream to use at least 5 times per day, and to minimize water exposure.

If by "below the fingernails" you mean, by the cuticle, there could potentially be a low level chronic infection caused by yeast and moisture.

Either way, if you are uncomfortable, it would be a good idea to see a board-certified dermatologist in person to help identify what is wrong and to help you fix it.


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peroo answered...

Calcium is very good for that peeling around fingernail ....but i am sure also this is not the exact thing ,i feel this is something about Food Poverty...eating more cow meat,and liver better than any Tablet can help us,all the tablets also the natural one are have heavy side effect on body.


peroo answered...

The overall result for peeling around fingernails: eating cow meat,eating Calcium in a natural thing look like milk, sea Vegetables,Lying in the sun.


Gadjett63 answered...

My sister had this problem as a child, and it turned out she was allergic to chalk! (she was a piano virtuoso, and her fingers would actually bleed from playing too much - when they figured out about the allergy to chalk, and she quit using it, - never had a problem again!


jackiesh answered...

My fingers are doing that right now. I handled starfish for 10 minutes a week ago. They burned slightly for a couple of days and are now peeling like crazy. Like the chalk allergy, I would assume it's a starfish allergy.


Raisa123 answered...

Try not to fidget with your nails but keep care of them. I don't know how to get rid of it but if you want the pain to go try getting a bowl of water with some olive oil and sugar in it usually helps. Make sure the waters warm.


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Sugarlumps answered...

I had this problem for years until a few weeks ago when I noticed that the skin suddenly looked perfect. There is only one thing that I have changed in my lifestyle that could have cured it... I stopped eating processed meat completely (ham, bacon, salami) and only eat fresh red meat 2 or 3 times a month. This has vastly improved my general complexion and skin tone too. I believe the cause is the acidity in your system and red meat and processed meat increase acidity, your body combats and neutralised the acidity with minerals such as calcium, even tapping into the reserves in your skeleton which ultimately makes your bones weaker and you become susceptible to diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. So balance out your diet.


CoolSocks answered...

I don't think this has anything to do with what you eat. Peeling just under the nail happens to everyone. Reasons why can vary from excessive hand washing to poor nail habits. Everyone I have encountered deals with this. If you go to a doctor about it they'll probably laugh. I'm dealing with a painful fingernail myself. Clip the dead skin, put some antibiotic ointment and a bandaid on it and call it a day. Moisturizing your hands often helps especially in the cold temperatures!


Nailpolish answered...

Use cuticle oil, I do nails and the same thing happens to me from the acetone drying out my skin. Cuticle oil really hydrates it.


Durgesh kumar answered...

If really you are facing the same problem for a long period then you should definately go with HONEY and minced cucumber added warm water for providing moisturization to your skin, while you will have to avoid too much hand washing.


UnbeatableSquirlGirl answered...

Dude, I know exactly what you're talking about. It's like the skin just under (as in, not under the actual fingernail, but in the space under where your cuticle starts) your nail turns tomato red and starts peeling back in these little strips of dead skin and it hurts like heck.