My father needs thickened foods - where can I find recipes?

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Young daughter asked...

My father needs thickened foods - where can I find recipes to make for him?

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Many people have conditions that make it difficult to swallow and need to eat thickened foods. You can find thickened foods and beverages at most medical supply stores. These stores are easy to find with an internet search (simply use the search term “thickened food”) or in the telephone directory. There may be local stores near your parent, but if not, don’t worry. Many medical supply stores do business via the phone or internet, and ship to you. These stores also sell thickening powder that you can stir into other foods such as soups and stews. I was surprised to even find thickened coffee!  If you do an internet search, you’ll find some thickened foods are sold at major national retail stores as well.

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Peggy kandle answered...

My daughter-in-law gave me a great cookbook that is for babies, but the recipes are very good. Books can be purchased at online book sellers. Just "google" baby/toddler recipes.

I need to puree most foods to help with her swallowing problem (dysphagia)


Child8 answered...

We puree foods using a Braun product that is a workhorse (Multiquick3). We mix frozen wild blueberries (Costco) and 1/2 kiwi into yogurt (adding All Bran will make it thicker). For lunch we puree soups that are made out of stock, vegetables and protein. If the consistency is too thin, we add 'Thick-It' which is a product that will thicken foods. We stay away from acidic foods (tomatoes) which tend to give Mom a rash. == I like the idea of the baby recipe book.

~ Mary

Gratefulchild answered...

Typically I have pureed food with a handblender for savory and sweet recipes that I have used, but because I now have home care watching my parents, I sometime find it convenient to use pre-packaged foods. Not the baby food but actually food. I have used the Hormel and now my parents like this Smoothe Foods Hope this helps