The hospital wants to release my mom but there is nowhere for her to go

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Dmd0705 asked...

My almost 90 year old mother has been in a nursing home since Sept. She is currently in the hospital after contracting 2 serious infections in the facility. The hospital wants to release her but I don't think the nursing home wants her back because Medicaid has denied her. They denied her because of money I had put in her name many years ago. I need that money to survive since I lost my job 4 years ago. Medicaid refuses to listen to the fact that it's not her money. The hospital basically said that I need to take her because there's nowhere else she can go. I can't care for her. I'm physically unable to lift her, the house isn't wheelchair friendly, there's no full bath on the main floor, and nowhere for her to sleep. I have nowhere to turn, and I've called every agency I can think of. I don't know where to get help and we're out of time.

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Caringdenise answered...

Hello, Sorry to hear about the situation you described. Your local Area Agency on Agency may be able to assist you in finding low-cost or free senior care resources offline. Additionally, we offer information about 10 Organizations Every Caregiver Should Know. Local home health agencies may also be able to connect you to care resources. This website also has information about addressing concerns about hospital discharge and optimizing the hospital-to-home transition. I hope this is helpful to you.