Can I stinging feeling by my heart indicate a heart problem?

A fellow caregiver asked...

For approximately two weeks I have experience a stinging feeling over and around my heart. Could this be related to the beginning of heart problem?

Expert Answer

Carolyn Strimike, N.P. and Margie Latrella, N.P. are cardiac nurse practitioners specializing in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. They have over 40 years of nursing experience in Cardiology between them. The main goal of their work is to counsel, motivate and empower women to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

A stinging feeling near the heart could potentially be a sign of a heart problem. Everyone experiences chest pain or chest discomfort differently and there are a multitude of causes of chest discomfort but we believe it is best to always rule out heart problems first. We would recommend you contact your healthcare provider and get this checked out.