Can we report someone stealing medication?

A fellow caregiver asked...

My step-mom was put on hospice care eight months ago for dementia. The nurse that comes to her house to care for her is stealing pain medication every time she comes. My step-mom does not even need them but the nurse keeps ordering and stealing. She has even stopped by on her days off to "count the pills". I told my dad that he needs to call her company but he is afraid of telling on her. What should we do?

Expert Answer

Dan Tobin, M.D. is the author of books and articles focused on the practical and positive aspects of family caregiving.


If you know that someone is stealing pain medication then it is important to do something to change the situation. Your Dad canĀ  ask for another nurse to visit his home if he does not want to directly address the issue. He may think of another approach if you speak with him. It is most important to be sure that your Stepmother is getting the right amount of medication and not missing her pain medication treatments.

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Dan Tobin