What can be done for sore hands and feet as a result of chemo?

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Corky asked...

What can be done for sore hands and feet and swelling of the hands as a result of chemo?

Expert Answers

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If you experience pain, sensitivity, and swelling in your hands and feet after chemotherapy, it's likely a condition called hand-foot syndrome, also known as palmar-plantar toxicity. Hand-foot syndrome is a reaction that occurs with certain chemotherapy drugs when they leak into the tissues of the hands and feet, causing irritation and inflammation of the tissues. If it becomes serious, it can lead to peeling and blisters and can be very painful. If you have this condition, it's important to tell your doctor right away. Your doctor may choose to decrease your chemotherapy dosage or postpone a chemo treatment if you're having a severe reaction. Icing your hands and feet can help; also avoid washing dishes in hot water or putting pressure on hands by squeezing tools. There some small studies that suggest that taking vitamin B6 at a fairly high dose (50 to 150 mg) can help, but again you should discuss this with your doctor.

This condition is not the same as neuropathy, which is nerve damage (also from chemo) and causes tingling, numbness, and a pins-and-needles type of pain.

Community Answers

Earthy answered...
i dont have an answer only the question lhow to get rid of numness of finger tips and feet after chemo

Kazlou answered...

I have the same symptoms. my fingers are agony. I cannot in button a top, pop tablets from a packet. Hot water or cold water is excruciating . I have had bright red blistering areas on my top of my hands. the doctor just told me to use moisturiser and pain killers. I need to take pain killers to sleep. The only relief I have had is to visit the local hydrotherapy pool and exercise. This seems to have increased my circulation and the swelling has gone down a bit. Although still agony I have found movement is the best. One more treatment out of 4 treatments. Looks like I could loose my nails as well though.

Chattybaby52 answered...

I'm also getting ready for #4, but going to ask if could rest from it for couple weeks, have mouth sore, eyes infected, metal taste so bad can't eat, now have hands and ball of feet hurting real bad. I drink jello to help with fingernails and warm jello and teas is all that taste good. God bless u all