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Can smoking pot trigger Alzheimer's?

8 answers | Last updated: Feb 25, 2015
portlandblues asked...

My mother battled Alzheimer's for years and I tried very hard to not admit it, but I am scared for myself. Sometimes I forget things and put things away in strange places and then later can't find them. I have to write notes where my car is parked. I am very leery of parking my car or locking my keys in the car. I wonder if I will be like my mom. Also I wondered if smoking pot is bad and brings it on faster?


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mseve answered...

I don't know if smoking pot could trigger alzheimer's but you might need to see your Dr. about your forgetfullest..ask them to do a cat scan on you to be of the safe side


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Lisbeth answered...

Actually, there is a growing body of research showing that substances found in marijuana can block the toxic effect of beta amyloid proteins, thought to be one of the likely causes of Alzheimer's. I will never understand why alcohol and cigarettes, which are so incredibly harmful and have caused so much illness and death, are legal, but marijuana (from which no one has EVER died of an overdose and has such potential to fight one of the most horrible diseases out there) is illegal. Actually, I guess I can believe it - lobbyists and special interest groups control this country's policy on the matter, and the average person's well-being suffers for it.


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CAROLYNA answered...

Let's face it: America is a GREAT country to be a part of, but our laws and justice system have got to be the least effective and considerate (for mankind) than anywhere else in the world. Why hasn't pot been legalized? Because there's too much money to be made from fines, etc. Almost EVERYONE nowadays working at our Nation's capital are from the 60s--"the acid generation". I'm not implying that most of them regularly smoke pot, but I'll bet 3/4 of them have!!! Just look at the number of people who are currently being prescribed prescription marijuana. Have you ever known anyone to be prescribed alcohol or tobacco? Thank you.


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Dave K answered...

Alzheimer's disease is another neuro-degenerative condition for which cannabis and cannabinoid therapies show promise, both for treating the symptoms and the underlying disease according to Americans for Safe Access.

Alzheimer's disease is widely held to be associated with oxidative stress due, in part, to the membrane action of beta-amyloid peptide aggregates. A laboratory study published in 2004 indicates that one of the cannabis plant's primary components, cannabidiol (CBD), exerts a combination of neuroprotective, anti-oxidative and anti-apoptotic effects by inhibiting the release of the toxic beta-amyloid peptide.

Another cannabinoid, THC, has also has been shown to reduce the agitation common to Alzheimer's sufferers, according to findings presented in 2003 at the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists' 34th annual meeting. Agitation is the most common behavioral management problem in patients with Alzheimer's and affects an estimated 75 percent of people with the disease. It may lead to a variety of symptoms ranging from physical and/or verbal abusive postures, physically non-aggressive conduct including pacing and restlessness, as well as verbally disturbed behaviors such as screaming and repetitive requests for attention.

This study and the Institutes of Medicine report also show THC to be effective in combating the anorexia or wasting syndrome common toAlzheimer's sufferers, since food refusal is a common problem in patients who suffer from Alzheimer's-type dementia. The appetite-stimulation properties of cannabis are some of the most well established in clinical research.

This new research on cannabis and Alzheimer's disease, coupled with the extensive work done on other neuroprotective qualities of cannabis and its components, indicates that cannabis may become the source of the most effective treatments for battling the Central Nervous System diseases that afflict millions of elderly Americans.


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n2nitevisz answered...

My Daughter is 38 years old and she is getting so forgetful, I'm noticeing it more everytime we talk. That is my reason for coming to this site on Alzheimers. She smokes po daily and has for years. I was thinking that might be leading to early Alzheimers, but after reading the information on this site, I am finding just the opposite! She has always had a remarkable memory, but something is changing rapidly. I guess I will have to on other topics besides the smoking pot theory. If anyone has any comments, please email me. n2nitevisz@aol.com


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Hempangel answered...

Believe it or not,but the government has known for decades that cannabis oils cures over 300 illness's.Since the before the 30's.Cancer research has been trying to duplicate thc forever so that they can make money off of it.This is why they classified it a schedual 1 narcotic which it is not.If they would legalise it they couldn't make any money off of it.I really don't think helping people help themselves is one of their big strong points.There is millions of dollars being made off cancer and alot of other illness's and they are not going to give this up,so they just keep telling the people that there is no medicanal propertys to marijuana.This is all a lie to keep us thinking there is no magic bullet,but there is and it is cannabis oil.It has to be injested.It won't get you high but it will cure you and without a doctor.Go to you tube and watch"What if marijuana cures cancer" and you will see who heped keep this such a big secret.Almost every president we have had for a very long time.