Should people taking chemo drugs stay away from babies?

1 answer | Last updated: Dec 03, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

Is it true that people taking chemo drugs should stay away from babies?  My mother-in-law just started chemo treatments.  A friend told me that it could be dangerous for our 6-month-old grandchild to be around her while she's on the chemo drugs.

Community Answers

Pandora answered...

My father is undergoing chemo and I have two children one and two. My fathers oncologist told me just to make sure the baby s never come into contact with his waste. Urine, feces, tissues. Chemo is mainly released from the body in urine and feces, so otherwise you are safe, however, your baby could affect her chemo outcome with what shots he she is given, ask your pediatrician if the shots they will recieve is a live virus. A live virus can be caught by someone in contact with the baby, with immuno suppression such as chemo. For instance my children havent recieved their chicken pox shot, bc my father would have to not see them for 60 days to make sure that he doesnt get shingles...hope this helps Jenn