Is there financial help available for a retired veteran and spouse for elder housing or a retirement community in MA?

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Is there financial help available for a retired veteran and spouse for elder housing or a retirement community in MA?

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There is a home loan program through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that might be able to provide you with a loan guaranty for the purchase of a residence. The VA loan guaranty program includes condominiums and residential coops, so it should also apply to purchase of a residence in an elder housing or retirement community. The guarantees often make it possible to purchase a home with little or no down payment.


There are a number of eligibility requirements that have to be met in order to qualify for such a loan guaranty. First, the veteran must have served for a specific period of active duty, the length of that period depending on when that active duty occurred. The veteran must also have a good credit rating and sufficient income. To find out more about the program and its eligibility requirements, you can look online at Chapter 5 of the VA's book  Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents. You can find additional information on the program on the  Home Loan Guaranty Services pages of the VA web site.

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A fellow caregiver answered...

You might look into the Veterans Aid & Assistance program. Its for those vets that served during a war and its not an easy thing to apply for, but its very helpful. You could rec'v 2000.00 a month (max.) towards care.