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Is there any financial aid for a child to quit their job and care for their parent?

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gramma46 asked...
If a child has to quit their job to give full-time care to an aging parent - who has no major diseases besides old age - is there some kind of financial support that child can apply for?

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Even though your parent has no major diseases, it sounds like she needs help with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc.) If your parent has See also:
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the financial resources, she can pay you for the care you are providing. This would help replace the income you are giving up. If she doesn't have liquid assets, but owns a home or other property, another possibility is that you can request that she can leave her house to you in exchange for her care.

One other option: if your parent is a veteran or the widow of a veteran, she may be eligible for a little known benefit from the VA that helps pay for long term care. This benefit is called the Non-Service Connected Improved Pension. The benefit can pay up to $998 per month for a widow, $1,554 per month for a veteran, or $1,842 a month for a married veteran. There are qualifications to meet, but it's intended for people over age 65, who have high ongoing out-of-pocket medical expenses (non-medical home care also counts as a medical expense.) So your parent can pay you as her caregiver and get reimbursed for this expense by the government.


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