How do I find providers for Medicare glasses?

Artigas asked...

How do I find Medicare eyeglass providers for prescription eye glasses in the Jacksonville, florida area ?

Expert Answer

The first problem is that, in general, Medicare doesn't cover eyeglasses at all. Medicare Part B only pays for eyeglasses following cataract surgery in which a new lens is implanted in the eye. If you have any other kind of eye problem, or simply have poor vision, Medicare does not pay for glasses. If you are treated by an eye specialist physician -- as opposed to just getting glasses from an optometrist -- for medical condition related to the eyes, Medicare Part B can pay its share (80 percent of the Medicare-approved amount) for that doctor's services, but not for the glasses themselves.

If you are looking for Medicare-covered glasses following cataract surgery, you can get a referral to a Medicare eyeglasses provider from the office of the doctor who performed the surgery on you. Or, you can get a list of Medicare-participating providers in the Jacksonville area by going online to the Medicare web site's Physician and Other Health Care Professional Directory page