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I am POA but my brother has basically taken control of mom's house. What can I do?

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As the agent for your mother pursuant to her Durable Power of Attorney, you are in a position to exercise control over the real estate on her behalf. I am See also:
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assuming that your mother owns the home and therefore you are authorized to act on her behalf in regard to this home. You indicated that your brother is not "actually a tenant." Although there may not be a lease, he still may be considered a tenant under an oral tenancy. If he is not a tenant under either an oral agreement or a written lease, he is only a guest and does not have any continuing rights in the home. He certainly does not have the right to change the locks. I suggest that you contact your brother and inform him that as your mother's agent under her Durable Power of Attorney, you are asking him to give her financial information that he has to you and also to vacate the premises for your mother's benefit. You can let him know that if he refuses to do so you will file a criminal violation for trespass. Ultimately, if he continues not to be cooperative you may need to hire a lawyer, but the threat of a criminal complaint may be sufficient to get him to leave.


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miska answered...

I do agree with the answer given, but I would also want to know why the son has taken such an extreme stance? Is he trying to deal with his mother's decreasing health? Was he included in the health decisions for his mother, was he interested? It is unfortunate that when the siblings should be coming together to care for their mother there are so many negative feelings. Threats of legal actions is one way to go however it sounds like a lot of assertive give and take communication needs to occur. Good luck to all parties involved in this most difficult situation.


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sexy52 answered...

Last week I just got rid of the exact situation. My neice have been living in my MOM's home and has been refusing to leavbe or pay rent. So one day I went to the Constables office and started the eviction procedure. I am the P.O.A.THe judge ruled I have all the power over everything from financial to medical Now is she is GONE Thank- God She was trying to bully everybodyI showed her,