Does having a pacemaker make you uninsurable for long-term...

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Does having a pacemaker make you uninsurable for long-term care insurance? I had a pacemaker put in 3 years ago. Does this automatically disqualify me from getting long term care insurance?

Expert Answer

Duane Lipham is a certified long-term care (CLTC) consultant who writes extensively on long-term care insurance issues. Lipham has also been a caregiver for members of his own family.

Just having a pacemaker implanted does not automatically result in a decline of an application for long-term care insurance.

While underwriting guidelines vary from one insurer to another, most carriers will require that at least a period of 3 - 6 months go by after the installation to make sure that everything is working properly.

After this period is over, if there are no major cardiac or circulatory problems in evidence, your application has a good chance of being approved.