Are there any organizations that will act as an executor for a senior?

A fellow caregiver asked...

Are there any organizations to which I can go that will act as executor for a "solo" senior? If so, what legal papers would I need to do this? These are my main legal circumstances: My financial assets are all in banks, mainly in CD's or money market or savings accounts, all of which are ITF (in trust for) or POD (payable on death) to charitable organizations. I assume, correctly or incorrectly, that upon my death, these charitable organizations would have to acquire a copy of my death certificate to send to the bank to receive the funds in the specific accounts applicable to each of them. I apparently need an executor to get the death certificate. Is there an organization that I can name as an executor to serve this purpose?

Expert Answer

I do not know of any organization that will act as an executor for a solo senior (or indeed, for anyone). I suggest that you contact one (or more, if need be) of the charities you are leaving money to, and ask that charity if it would agree to be your executor. Hopefully, one of your charities would be wiling to serve as your executor. After all, doing so would facilitate it obtaining the money you left it as quickly and efficiently as possible.