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What can I do if my parent refuses to receive medical treatment?

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marknascar asked...

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It is a difficult situation when a parents refuses medical treatment . It will be helpful to try and get someone that your Mom trusts to evaluate the situation See also:
What do you do with a stubborn old man who won't take care of himself?
and see if she is competant. How is her mental status? Will she allow "Certified Home Care" to visit her. If she will , Medicare covers those services and her doctor will be willing to request it.

Most of all, try and get a handle on this difficult situation by getting her nursing or medical care in the home if possible.

Step one will be to contact her doctor and ask for advice. Then be sure to get support for yourself and the stress. Try and find a way to get Mom to see the importance of basic treatments. You need to get local ,credible and individual advice to solve a very difficult situation.

Take care,

Dan Tobin


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marknascar answered...

Thank you for your quick response.My mom's Dr. has released her from her care.So now she don't have a Dr. at all.I can't get her to a Dr.I have thought about calling adult protective services but I don't know if they can do anything.Thanks Alot,Lori


An anonymous caregiver answered...

we are having the same situation here with my sister. her heart is congested. she is refusing care. they want to put her in a nursing home because we cant take care of her the way she is. bed ridden. WE AS A FAMILY HAS TRIED TO HELP. MY BROTHER IS COMING TO TALK TO HER. IF THIS DOES NOT WORK THEN WE WILL ASK HER WHERE SHE WANTS TO BE BURIED. AND THATS IT. I AM NOT GOING TO BEAT MYSELF UP WITH SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO KILL THEMSELVES. you tried and she does not want your help. I know it is your mother. blood is thicker than water. in other words, like it or not and for what ever reason your mom is very important in your life. she brought you into the world. when I buried mom 4 years ago, I came apart at the grave. my brother and I buried her. but that's life. you live and you die. only faith in god keeps hope for ones gone in death. god bless you in your endeavor