My mother has Massachusetts health insurance. Will they pay for burial when she dies?

A fellow caregiver asked...

my mother is in a home and she is 75 not doing well at all, will her something when she dies? She has no life inc and no one els,,I am her daughter and I am on a fixt income,,,were can I go for help too place her at rest,,,I live in Mass

Expert Answer

Rebekah Peoples, CFSP, CPC, Is a licensed funeral director and embalmer. She is passionate about serving others and believes that giving clients honest, accurate information empowers them to create tributes and services that are meaningful and appropriate.

Unfortunately, MassHealth no longer contributes to burial or cremation expenses. You mentioned that she is in a home. You may remember that part of the process of getting her admitted there, was meeting with someone at the home who talked to you about how her care there would be paid. That person also typically talks to you about any assets and explains that a funeral or burial account should be opened if there are any funds to deposit into it.

If your mother's care at the home is being paid by social services, (sometimes called public assistance) she may be eligible for funds to pay for her burial or cremation. Call a local funeral home and explain your circumstances and they'll tell you about this and any other financial assistance that is available in Massachusetts.