My husband wants my mom to move out and I dont

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Mommesq asked...

My mom has been living with our family since 2011, when her home burned. She retired and moved three states away to live with us. I am an only child. A few months after she moved in, her and my husband were at each others throats. He said either she left or he did, so she left. It was very tenuous and stressful for me, because I felt like I was in the middle. My husband had a horrible relationship with his mother at that time (and no relationship or contact at all now) and a family counselor told us that my husband was transferring his hate for his mother onto my mother and that he was upset because I was so close to my mom. To make a long story short, we worked through everything and my husband asked my mom to move back in with us after our 2nd child was born. Its a huge help for me to have her around especially since I work full time. She does laundry and keeps the kids. We even had an apt built for her in our home. Well recently they have been getting into little spats and taking jabs at each other. Last night it all came to a head and my husband asked my mom to move out. He said he feels like she jabs at him constantly and doesnt respect him. Some times I notice the jabs and will same something to her, but sometimes I dont see the jab...I feel like he is looking for something. He has no contact with his family at all because they all had a fight two years ago. My mom has no where to go and cant just move out. Also, he still wants to have her keep our kids but have her move out. She cant afford to live where we live. Im so frustrated. I dont know what to do. My mom said she can stay here Mon-Fri, take a flight out Friday afternoon and not return home until Sunday night or Monday am to give us more space. She is most upset about being away from our three kids....and I know they will be devastated too. I feel like there has to be some sort of middle ground here. Her intention was to move out once the little one is in school, which is still three more years. I dont know what to do...Im sad, mad, frustrated, and all sorts of other