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What could be causing my husband to sleep so much?

8 answers | Last updated: Jun 17, 2015
12barb asked...

My husband will sleep 10 hours at night, take a 3 hour nap in the morning and then sleep all afternoon. What could be causing him to sleep this much?


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Reading through your letter, I will try to answer this question the best I can without knowing how old your husband is, what kind of medical problems he has, or See also:
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how much he used to sleep. That being said, if your husband never used to sleep this much and is otherwise healthy, the first thing I would do is to take him to his health care provider for an evaluation. From what you say, he is getting at least 13+ hours of sleep a day, and that would be especially signigicant if he used to sleep 5 hours a day. Depression, sleep apnea, medication side effects (including pain meds, muscle relaxants, antihistamines), chronic pain, fibromyalgia, lupus, anemias, autoimmune disorders, infections, heart problems, or neurological problems all need to be thoroughly ruled out as a possibility for his increased need to sleep. He should have an extensive physical examination and labwork at the very least to see if anything is wrong. You should schedule this appointment as soon as possible, as many of these problems can get worse if left untreated.

Now, if your husband has been very ill and sleepy for some time, it sometimes takes a while for people to build back up their strength, so sleeping alot is not abnormal. If your husband has dementia and has been slowly declining over time, this may be a sign of progression of the disease. Again, I would check with your health care provider, as they would know if this is something to be concerned about. Hopefully, this answer has helped to give you some guidance on how to help him. Good luck!


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HandiAnn answered...

How old is he? My dad slept a lot in his final years. He died in December at 92. He'd always been a sleeper but in the last few years, he slept more. I think he was losing interest in life and maybe had some mild depression, despite the fact that he still was engaged in other ways (like watching the stock market). If you asked him, he'd just say he liked to sleep. He had a stroke 10 years ago, so maybe that had some effect on him too, I'm not sure.

Have you asked your husband why he sleeps so much? Has his doctor examined him for some underlying medical condition? Does he seem depressed -- like he's lost interest in what's going on around him? I'd start with those questions and try to get some answers from him and his doctor to start. Good luck!


albert answered...

my husband lost interest in everything, he use to work so hard,and he love to drive,we went so many places all over usa,but when he stated to lose his memory,i took him to the myu alzheimer reserch,they all kinde of test and they said he had cognitive imperment, but every year has advance,and one year the doctor,me and my kids said no more driving, and that made him so deprece that hi will not talk to mi,it not easy ,i know that everybodi have hardships,but ,now he sleps in the afternoon and he goes to sleep early.i starded to send him to a day care were the do activities , he sims happy everybody loves him , i see that wen hi laids in bed he moves his legs and thas not fill comfortable he takes zanak to go to slep,and he is obsesive.he thas not remember to much but that he thas not forget.thank you mirta


matthewsnana answered...

This sounds like my 26 year old daughter. She has a mitral valve prolapse and the blood flow is flowing back and a small amount is going into her lung. For now there is not a whole lot that can be done except keep a watch on it with echo-cardiograms to make sure the situation doesn't get any worse.


kduncan answered...

Does your husband snore? Does he stop breathing when he is sleeping? This sounds so much like my husband. He was evaluated at a sleep clinic. They have him using a C-Pap machine. He sleeps great all night and now is awake ALL day 16-hours!! What a HUGE difference!!!


Thuli answered...

This could sometimes be a sign that you are pregnant and you need to check with your health provider.you have to know before it gets out of hands cause it may affect his perfomance at a work place.


Austin Mom answered...

Same with my husband. Exact same story. I did some research and asked him to ask his doctor about testosterone. His doctor poo-poo'd it but tested him anyway since "his wife requested the test." Turns out, wifey was right. His levels were very low. He is on testosterone now. He sleeps a lot less and is much less moody. Those were the issues I was seeing in him (I had always associated testosterone with sexual issues, which isn't always the case). He still sleeps a lot (can sleep in all of the time). But he's not taking 3 hour afternoon naps and then going right back to bed at 9:30 pm. He was only 40 when all of this happened. He just turned 43. Lastly, I suspect he has sleep apnea too! Sigh. That will be the next thing we investigate. He snores. Not the worst in the world but some nights it's very annoying to me (who doesn't sleep well). I have been awake and heard him stay very quiet and then gasp. Doesn't happen often but the snoring is pretty often. He probably needs to lose 20 lbs first. Anyway, good luck!


Andi Sue answered...

I am really worried about my husband. He is 56 years and in very good health from what I can tell. He can go to bed at 9:00 pm and sleep until noon the next day if I don't wake him. And waking him is crazy hard. It takes three times at least of pushing him around to get him out of bed in the morning. He does snore and sleeps so soundly that nothing can wake him. If given the oppourunity he will nap on the couch after work and on the weekends. He doesn't seem depressed at all and is always in good spirits, but he does lack motivation most days in getting things done around the place. He is tall and slender, eats well, gets physical exercise at work and sometimes we take walks or work in the garden together. Looks like I will have to approach him on getting to the doctor. We have only been together for 5 months, so I am not sure of his history with this issue. When I tell him that I wish I could sleep like that, he just smiles and say's "it's a gift." haha, but I'm not laughing...I'm worried.