My Grandfather Doesn't Like the Taste of Water? What Are Some Tips to Keep Him From Being Dehydrated?

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I was reading this post and someone mentioned something very interesting. My grandfather as difficult as is to get him to want to take a bath(not his fault, and I understand the disease, the progression of it and the reality that we can't control our minds:(. One thing that concerns me, is that he dislikes water, to the point he won't even take more than a couple of sips without giving non-verbal cues through his face, along with grunting sounds after a couple sips. Could this indirectly correlate to his dislike of water because of baths, showers? I'm very interested as reading that post seems that it could potentially be a reason, albeit each individual is different in life, why he is disgusted by water? Or, could water taste differently(metalic for example to him? He eats well, drinks other things(chamomille tea, pedialyte which I'm not sure that could be substitute for water) so I wouldn't seem to think that water in and by itself has a differing taste. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Monica is an occupational therapist and designer of adapted dementia products through her company MindStart. Activities for Persons With Memory Loss. In addition, she works with the Minnesota-North Dakota Alzheimer's Association and the University of Minnesota on dementia issues. MindStart provides age-appropriate and stage-appropriate dementia activities, such as games, puzzles, and books. The items are simplified to meet the needs of various stages of dementia while remaining dignified and familiar in appearance

You are right to be concerned that your grandfather does not like to the taste of water, as you do not want him to become dehydrated. In my experience, his dislike of the taste of water likely does not correlate to his dislike of the feeling water during a shower. But is not completely out of the question, if he perhaps had some past traumatic experience with water, like a near drowning or being thrown into water unexpectedly. It is good that he will drink tea. You might also try water flavored with lemon, cucumber, strawberry, or watermelon. Just put a few slices/chunks of the fruit into the water. I find all of these to be very tasty! Hope that provides some help to you.