What is causing my mom to talk nonstop?

Sdwaters52 asked...

My 91 yr old mother's mind is in continual motion. She just loves to keep talking and asks questions, but I don't think she is senile or suffers from dementia. She says at times that her mind is "racing". She takes blood pressure meds, and heart medications, but I don't think she is over medicated. She interrupts other people's conversations, and when I tell her that she is being rude, she thinks I am the one being rude. What could be causing this?

Expert Answer

Jennifer Serafin, N.P. is a registered nurse and geriatric nurse practitioner at the Jewish Homes for the Aged in San Francisco.

There were several thoughts that ran through my head as I read your question. First, I am wondering if this continued talking is a change in her previous behavior. If the answer is yes, than this can be a sign of anxiety, stroke, or frontal temporal dementia. My other thought is that some medications can be overstimulating, so even if you don't think she is overmedicated, I would have her health care provider look over her medications to make sure that none of them are giving her too much energy. You could also talk to her health care provider about it and see if they think her talking and "mind racing" is an issue. They may want to send her to a neurologist for a more in depth evaluation of her speech and memory function.

Now, if your mother has always been talkative, this may be a sign that she is bored or lonely at home. Perhaps she doesn't get out much, so that when she does, she lets all that pent up energy out. Ways to help this are to get her more active, like getting her involved with her local senior center. Good luck!