Is there coverage of Medicare transportation services for dialysis patients?

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Peggy sue asked...

If you need help lifting & transporting your parent from home to dialysis treatment and back, does Medicare cover transportation services?

Expert Answers

The only transportation help that Medicare pays for is an ambulance. Medicare can pay for some non-emergency ambulance service from home to a medical treatment such as dialysis, but only when a doctor has prescribed it because any another form of transport wouldn't be medically advisable. If there's no medical need for an ambulance, Medicare won't pay. And if an ambulance isn't necessary, Medicare won't pay for any other transportation help.

But there may be local transportation assistance services that you can call on. Local senior transportation services often have specially equipped vans and personnel to help transport a frail elder to and from a medical appointment. An excellent resource to find such transportation help is the web site of Eldercare Locator operated by the U.S. Administration on Aging, or you can call them toll free at 800-677-1116. You can also look for transportation assistance at the National Council on Aging's web site called BenefitsCheckup.

Community Answers

Cabcah answered...

When a resident of a SNF is in a Part A medicare stay, and requires transportation to or from dialysis, the facility has to incure the cost if they are have Traditional FFS Medicare. This is all part of the Consolidated Billing/PPS regulations that state the facility incures the cost of care except for those certain exceptions that are unbundled. Transportation is not unbundled except for those who meet the Ambulance qualifer for coverage. You cannot ask the patient to pay nor the family nor medicaid to pay for the transportation services in a Medicare Part A stay.

Ammedtransport answered...

If you have medicaid you are entitled to non emergency transportation there are several company's whom do this, check with your government website there are many options available . I run/ own American Medical Transportation. we are in Indiana

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