Can Medicare help me find a psychiatrist who accepts Medicare?

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Opiegirl asked...

Can Medicare refer you to a psychiatrist who accepts Medicare?

Expert Answers

Yes, the Medicare web site has an interactive service called theĀ Find a Physician page. Click on it and you can find a psychiatrist near you who accepts Medicare patients. Or, you can get the same information by calling Medicare toll-free at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bear in mind, though, that getting from Medicare the name of psychiatrists who accept Medicare patients doesn't guarantee that a particular doctor will accept you as a patient. Many doctors limit the number of Medicare patients they will accept, and many doctors simply have a full patient roster and do not accept any new patients. The fact that a doctor accepts Medicare doesn't mean he or she is required to accept you as a patient.

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A fellow caregiver answered...

Be aware that the web-based system Medicare provides to help you find a doctor is quite poor. The database which contains provider information is notoriously full of incorrect information. Pulmonologists are listed as gynecologists. Dentists are listed as psychiatrists. You also may wind up with a list of providers meeting your search criteria (the software allows very few search criteria), and when you call any of the numbers given for them, you will be told that provider has never worked there and they know nothing of him.

The web interface is also quite badly designed, and makes it very hard to get down to the contact data you need. It is slow, and is also designed such that, if you need to restart your browser, all your search data will be lost and you will have to begin all over again. Contact information is not displayed until you drill down to it with many clicks. If you take too long, your session will time out and your data will be lost. You cannot force the system to simply give you all the information at once, so you can save it and examine it later. There is no way to print out all the information from a list of hits so you can take time and research providers at your own pace. There is a feature to print out data to PDF, but, surprise!, it's just a list of names! The site withholds all contact information from such a print out.

The telephone service is even worse.

It's not clear if Medicare deliberately has chosen to make it nearly impossible to find a provider, so as to minimize the services delivered to Medicare beneficiaries and thus program outlays, or if Medicare's badly designed systems are just another example of inept government, but in any case, prepare yourself for a long, arduous search if you attempt to find any kind of provider using the methods provided by Medicare.

A fellow caregiver answered...

There are few Medicare treating Doctors but they no longer accepting NEW patients. Medicare doesn't know what they are doing or who is in or out.GOOD LUCK there. most of all physicians are ignoring their "OATH" they took in being doctors over MONEY, and politics... In 2011, 70% of the Doctors in the state of Texas dropped out of Medicare to protest Obama's cut backs on payments to doctors from Medicare. "Medicare has become the new Medicaid " was the statement made a Doctor said to me. I was also told that I had to make separate appointments for each issue because that way Medicare will pay for each issue. But that also means different days and co-pays for each "Issue. ". MONEY that's all it is. A doctor will have to take $60 from medicare vs $120 from cash. It is a contract within all the insurance companies, but with Medicare it is political. The AMA has gone to war with Obama's Medicare cut backs that are paying for his big "Health care disaster insurance" . America gives aid to other countries, for the oil industry, for weapons and various other things most people would shrug to know, yet the system that was solvent in Reagen administration until the government used it to balance a budget or so it was stated. Americans get "fed" more B.S... By our Goverment than most all countries in the world. So now the baby boomers are coming to the age to collect from the system they paid taxes into all their life...and the government in such a mess and can't pay back the money they borrowed. Due to our current administration's lack of functioning to recover the economy by get worker back to work, find ways to lower taxes to business to bring them back to the US, for work and the medicare taxes will add money back into the program for Medicare to get back the funds to bring Doctor back to working with it. This President does not act like he cares about the country! He was raised in an anti-American environment with communist ideals. Medicare doctors are few and far. What is the most depressing is that oath Doctor took is just empty word. As it is said " money talks" is sad true..........,.

A fellow caregiver answered...

I also tried to use this website to find a doctor who accepts Medicare. I contacted every doctor on the list and none of them accepts Medicare. This website is useless. The government has given these doctors an "out". They do not have to accept Medicare patients how nice for them. What are we the ones who are paying for this supposed to do? It doesn't do any good to gripe, I know, but like these greedy doctors and governments I am going to do I want to!!

A fellow caregiver answered...

The website is not current. I called drs who were listed on Medicare and they either don't anymore or never did. Why do we have to take Medicare by law if it doesn't work.