Does Medicare pay for cataract surgery and glasses afterwards?

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Grandmol asked...

Does Medicare pay for cataract surgery and glasses afterwards?

Expert Answers

Yes, Medicare Part B can pay for one pair of eyeglasses or one set of contact lenses after you've had cataract surgery. This coverage only applies if the surgery implanted a new lens in your eye (as is done in most cataract surgeries). If you get glasses covered by Medicare, it will pay for the lenses and frames, but only basic frames. If you want any other kind of frames, you'll have to pay out of pocket for the difference between the standard amount Medicare pays and the amount your frames actually cost. You'll also have to pay a coinsurance amount, which is 20% of the amount Medicare approves for the lenses and frames, or for the contacts.

Community Answers

Neorican answered...

You are allowed glasses and frames after each surgery as long as there a reasonably lengthy time period --all depending on your vision after each surgery --- there are faciliities that accept medicare and  do all the paperwork  and you pay only what  is above the medicare allowance ---Very easy?  You don't need to get invold with Co-pays , etc -- --

The info provided by  Mr. Matthews is  much too basic --This is the info that you get from Medicare--- What we need to know is what is a basic frame --- I believe the number is up to $67  and for a lens , it is  whatever the store charges for a basic plasstic  lens -- You pay for Poly carb  or any extra --


It would be very nice if Mr. Matthews  could elaborate on the details ---Talking to medicare does not help as they just read something from a book  and what they say is not clear--

Thanks,,,,,Ralph Edrich





A fellow caregiver answered...

I agree, the info provided is much too basic. What if you wish to go to your own eye doctor but he is not a medicare provider? Is there a form which can be provided to the patient to fill out in order to receive the medicare allowance ?