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Will medicare pay for dental implants?

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Will medicare pay for dental implants?


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Probably not. The only way that Medicare might pay for dental implants was if they were part of a larger reconstruction of the mouth or jaw, following an injury or disease to the tissue or bones of the mouth or jaw. If it's simply the replacement of bad or lost teeth, then Medicare will not pay anything. Medicare Part B can cover some treatment that involves a problem with tissue or bones of the mouth and jaw, if that care could be considered "medical" rather than "dental." This is true even if the procedure is performed by a non-physician oral surgeon, if it's the kind of treatment that physicians (M.D.s) also perform.

If you are in the process of scheduling treatment with an oral surgeon, ask the oral surgeon's office if the treatment might possibly be covered by Medicare, and if so ask them to request in advance that Medicare cover the procedure. If the oral surgeon's office receives approval from Medicare, you will know ahead of time that the care you receive will be covered.